Version History

New in EssentialPIM 12.0.4

Jul 16, 2024

  • Message preview in mail now works correctly under any circumstances.
  • Improved the situation with opening some types of file attachments in mail.
  • Fixed an issue with disappearing subject lines in email messages.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.

New in EssentialPIM 12.0.3

Jul 10, 2024

  • A new option allows you to disable editing the subject of email messages.
  • It is now possible to import data into custom fields in Tasks from CSV files.
  • Quick search in Notes now works as expected, without losing focus.
  • Fixed error messages in Mail and message previews not showing content under certain circumstances.
  • Addressed the access violation error that occurred when switching to the Tasks module in some rare cases.
  • Other small bug fixes and improvements to accessibility, performance, and stability.

New in EssentialPIM 12.0.2

Jul 2, 2024

  • Custom sound notifications for new mail (assignable in Tools -> Options -> Mail -> Notifications).
  • Optimized Mail module loading/opening speed.
  • Crop and choose the specific area to display for contact pictures (add/edit).
  • Originating folder displayed for messages in the root account folder in Vertical View (In Groups) in Mail.
  • Fixed issue with Reply, Reply to All, Forward buttons not always working in Mail.
  • Default reminder settings applied correctly to existing calendars.
  • Text encoding fixes for table views on Windows 7.
  • Other experience optimizations and bug fixes.

New in EssentialPIM 12.0.1

Jun 11, 2024

  • Order of contact initials will now be adjusted based on sorting (People view in Contacts).
  • Automatic participant addition for events and tasks (existing contacts) as related items.
  • Email message size displayed in properties.
  • Alt+C shortcut restored for marking tasks as 100% complete in the task editing dialog.
  • The yellow bar on top of emails asking to load external images should now always be displayed (when needed).
  • Download links for free tools (EPIM Synchronizer, EPIM Archiver/DupRemover, EPIM-Outlook Sync) and for previous EPIM versions added to the Help menu.
  • Fixed display issues with contact details in Contacts (People view) for large fonts.
  • Fixed a problem related to receiving new mail for users with regular permissions (Pro Business).
  • Fixed task list printing error.
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements.

New in EssentialPIM 12.0

May 29, 2024

  • New default contacts view featuring a list of contacts with initials or pictures for easier identification.
  • Redesigned contact details window for a comprehensive overview.
  • Enhanced email efficiency with quick actions (follow up, mark as starred, mark as read/unread, delete) by simply hovering over a message in the redesigned message list. Available in the default layout: Vertical View (in Groups).
  • Revamped email preview window with an emphasized subject and convenient action buttons.
  • Updated Tag Explorer for streamlined tag management and assignment.*
  • Quick add functionality extended to events, contacts, and passwords for faster data entry.
  • Tasks: Ability to save individual list filtering settings and calculate parent task completion based on child tasks.*
  • Transition to the Chromium engine for faster and more efficient rendering of HTML emails.
  • Numerous performance optimizations under the hood.

   *Only in EssentialPIM Pro

New in EssentialPIM 11.8.4

Mar 12, 2024

  • Optimized rendering of the calendar’s Weekly view when many events are present.
  • Improved synchronization with Android EPIM when only the attached files to items were updated.
  • The duration for completed tasks will now be correctly calculated.
  • Fixed an issue with the conflict resolution window appearing during various types of synchronizations, even when it’s not supposed to.
  • Fixed selected events losing focus in calendar views under some circumstances.
  • Many minor changes and bug fixes.

New in EssentialPIM 11.8.3

Feb 26, 2024

  • Highlighting of complex quick search results (using the AND, OR, etc. operators) now functions across all modules.
  • Numerous enhancements related to handling mail on MS Exchange accounts.
  • Synchronization with CalDAV servers includes improvements related to synchronizing events for the specified period.
  • Improved synchronization with EPIM Cloud and iCloud services.
  • Fixed the inability to sync category colors with Google for events in the local EPIM calendar account.
  • The "Match ANY of the following" condition in Advanced Search should now perform as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where undeleting a repeating task sometimes failed to restore it to its original state.
  • Various general technical and visual improvements.

New in EssentialPIM 11.8.2

Jan 24, 2024

  • Enhanced the process of assigning tags to items using keyboard shortcuts.
  • Resolved the Access Violation error during CalDAV synchronization.
  • Changing the location of contact groups in the list via drag-and-drop should no longer produce an error.
  • The export of all-day recurring appointments will now function as expected.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when scrolling through months in the Calendar.
  • Implemented various minor fixes to enhance stability and optimize performance.

New in EssentialPIM 11.8.1

Jan 18, 2024

  • Inviting participants for tasks should now function as expected.
  • A day of the week can now be included in the custom date format (adjust in Tools->Options->General).
  • Improved synchronizations with Family calendars on Google and with iPhone calendars.
  • The Chinese lunar calendar has been adjusted to display correct values (enable in Tools->Options->Calendar).
  • Fixed an issue where double-clicking on an event for editing created a new event instead.
  • Some adjustments have been made regarding the advanced search feature.
  • Fixed how the list with messages is displayed in Vertical View (in Groups) in Mail.
  • Fixed version history for notes.
  • Various bug fixes and optimizations.

New in EssentialPIM 11.8

Dec 19, 2023

  • Meeting Invitations: Effortlessly invite participants to your appointments and tasks. Let EssentialPIM automate the processing of received responses for seamless event management.
  • Google Meet Conferences*: Integrate Google Meet conferences seamlessly into your schedule. Link conferences to appointments effortlessly, enhancing your virtual collaboration experience.
  • Synchronization Period: Take control of event synchronization across all supported services and platforms. Set specific time frames to streamline and optimize your workflow.
  • Navigation With Keyboard: Navigate your email list swiftly by pressing a letter on your keyboard. Jump to the section containing that letter, applying to the fields messages are sorted by.
  • Advanced Search Enhancements: Refine your searches by category, mail account, and mail folder. Search for notes and tasks by path, empowering you with precise and efficient search capabilities.
  • Email Grouping: Tailor the grouping of emails for each folder according to your organizational preferences. Customize your email layout for a more intuitive and organized workspace.
  • Last Used Options: EssentialPIM now remembers your last used options for the Adjust Dates dialog window for events and tasks.
  • Image Handling in Notes: Experience improved handling of inserted images in notes, especially when the window changes size.
  • Recurring Patterns in Tooltips: Gain a quick and comprehensive overview with recurring patterns now included in tooltips for events and tasks.
  • Email Collection Optimization: Streamlined the Collected Addresses group by preventing the automatic collection of emails already present in contacts.
  • Conflict Resolution: The conflicts resolution window for synchronizations is now resizable. Enjoy a better overview of proposed changes, ensuring smoother synchronization experiences.
  • Various Improvements: Benefit from numerous smaller improvements and bug fixes, enhancing your overall user experience.

   *Only in EssentialPIM Pro

New in EssentialPIM 11.7.4

Nov 24, 2023

  • Reminders now accurately display previously set times.
  • Enhanced synchronization with online services like Microsoft 365 and iCloud.
  • Addressed task attribute loss when copy-pasting tasks in Calendar.
  • Various minor bug fixes and stability enhancements.

New in EssentialPIM 11.7.3

Nov 15, 2023

  • Add Yahoo mail accounts into EPIM with enhanced security through now-supported OAuth authorization.
  • Improved synchronization of contacts with iCloud and events with Google Calendar.
  • Fixed a rare error when retrieving new mail for accounts.
  • Implemented other experience optimizations and bug fixes.

New in EssentialPIM 11.7.2

Oct 17, 2023

  • Improvements related to synchronization with Google Calendar, Google Drive, iCloud (contacts), and Android EPIM.
  • Grouping emails by statuses, availability of attachments, follow-ups, and stars should now function as expected.
  • Fixed the issue of moving emails into different mail folders when Conversations are enabled for IMAP accounts.
  • Numerous other minor fixes and UI improvements.

New in EssentialPIM 11.7.1

Sep 26, 2023

  • EssentialPIM category colors for events will now synchronize with event colors in Google Calendar.
  • The path to a note will now appear in the title bar when the item is opened in a separate window.
  • Improvements have been made in importing events from iCal (ics) files.
  • Several visual enhancements have been made to the Vertical View (In Groups) in Mail.
  • It is now possible to search for tasks (Ctrl+Q) using their path field.
  • Smart Lists in Tasks should now function as expected.
  • Tasks grouped by due date now belong to the correct groups.
  • Several enhancements have been implemented regarding direct WinEPIM – AndroidEPIM synchronization.
  • The "Precondition Failed" error for iCloud synchronization has been resolved.
  • Various other minor issues have been fixed, and stability has been improved.

New in EssentialPIM 11.7

Sep 11, 2023

  • Swiftly add new notes without the need to open a separate dialog window.
  • Choose the optimal location for your list of notes: integrate it within the same column as Smart Lists and Lists, or position it adjacent to them.
  • Seamlessly group emails using a variety of available variables, conveniently located on the right-hand side of the Quick Filter bar.
  • Enjoy enhanced usability with events and tasks dialog windows, which now remember their last-used state, offering you a more personalized workflow.
  • You now have the option to backup your EPIM database file simultaneously locally and on any online services, including EPIM Cloud.
  • Effortlessly switch between comprehensive or streamlined options for tasks and events within their respective dialog windows.*
  • Take control over the preservation of event durations when adjusting their date and time settings.*

   *Only in EssentialPIM Pro

New in EssentialPIM 11.6.6

Aug 21, 2023

  • The date for events and tasks added in the Today module will now be set to the day you right-click on.
  • Quick searching (Ctrl+Q) now hides lists in Notes and Tasks without any found items for smoother navigation.
  • Easily rearrange columns by right-clicking on them and selecting Customize.
  • Streamlined backup process for EPIM database files to EPIM Cloud.
  • Improved support for instant retrieval of new messages in IMAP mail accounts.
  • Enhanced synchronization of recurring events with Outlook and iCloud.
  • Fixed issue with double-clicking a reminder not taking you to the selected item.
  • Fixed the problem where related items weren't consistently visible after adding them.
  • Resolved tags disappearing for emails in specific scenarios.
  • Various stability improvements and bug fixes.

New in EssentialPIM 11.6.5

Jul 25, 2023

  • The Letter Bar in Contacts and Passwords has been moved to the left, allowing for more natural navigation.
  • When creating new tasks via the "Add a task" method, you can now switch to and fill nearby fields quickly using the TAB key.
  • The "Find previous" option is now available in the Find dialog for notes.
  • Notes will automatically be exported into DOCX format when using drag&drop.
  • You can now import EML files into EPIM via drag&drop.
  • A new option has been added to enable hierarchy lines for contact groups.
  • Selected colored calendars/lists are now visually indicated better.
  • An issue preventing EPIM from being assigned as the default app for opening iCal (ICS) and EML files has been resolved.
  • Improved synchronization of notes with EssentialPIM for Android and EPIM Cloud.
  • Enhanced export of recurring events into EPIM files.
  • Stability improvements, along with various minor fixes and enhancements.

New in EssentialPIM 11.6

Jul 4, 2023

  • Enhanced support for multiple accounts: Enjoy seamless syncing across various online services for contacts and notes, making it easier to manage your data.
  • Streamlined and updated dialog windows: Adding and editing appointments and tasks is now more user-friendly and intuitive, allowing you to stay organized effortlessly.
  • Conversation view in Mail: The updated Conversation option combines incoming and outgoing messages, providing a natural and intuitive way to view and follow email conversations.*
  • Customizable font size in sidebars: Personalize your viewing experience and improve readability by adjusting the font size of sidebars according to your preference. You can find this option under Tools->Options->Appearance.
  • Flexible synchronization options: Choose between creating separate accounts or synchronizing with local accounts for all types of synchronizations, including EPIM Cloud.
  • Export email messages: Easily export all email messages from a specific mail account and have them organized into corresponding folders for convenient retrieval.
  • EPIM Cloud backup option: Safeguard your data by selecting EPIM Cloud as a backup option. This ensures the security and integrity of your information. You can find this option under Tools->Options->Backup.
  • Task hierarchy support in iCal: Experience enhanced task organization across platforms with the support for task hierarchy in iCal export/import and synchronizations.*

   *Only in EssentialPIM Pro

New in EssentialPIM 11.5.3

May 23, 2023

  • EPIM should now be more responsive while a search is still running in the background
  • Synchronization with iCloud has been improved
  • Improved highlighting of search results in plain text emails
  • Fixed the issue where the order of calendar and tasks accounts was not being remembered between EPIM restarts
  • Detailed view in tasks will now display the grouping of items as expected
  • Various optimizations and bug fixes have been implemented

New in EssentialPIM 11.5.1

May 2, 2023

  • Added "Paste as Plain Text" option for Canned Responses
  • Improved synchronization of recurring events with Microsoft 365 and recurring tasks with Toodledoo
  • Quick-created tasks via "Add a task" method now follow default template settings
  • Enhanced the way of adding recipients to email messages (including the use of spaces and brackets)
  • Resolved several synchronization issues with Android EPIM
  • Other bug fixes, stability enhancements, and interface improvements

New in EssentialPIM 11.5

Apr 17, 2023

  • Smart Lists that automatically categorize your tasks based on importance, flags, and completion status
  • Backup your database to popular cloud storage services such as Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox*
  • Navigation pane can now be temporarily or permanently expanded (pin it for permanent extension)
  • New way to display recipients for email messages (drag&drop them between To, Cc, and Bcc fields, quicker removal, better indication of incorrect addresses)
  • Quickly add new tasks without opening a new dialog window (also available in Sidebars)
  • Visual improvements when using quick search in any of the modules
  • Set notes as favorites by hovering the mouse cursor over them
  • Search for tasks in sidebars (enable by clicking on Menu->Search)
  • Create new entries by right-clicking on the EPIM icon on the taskbar
  • "Insert canned response" button is now available in the email toolbar for easier interaction

   *Only in EssentialPIM Pro

New in EssentialPIM 11.2.5

Mar 13, 2023

  • Faster synchronization with EPIM Cloud
  • Improved synchronization with iCloud, CardDAV, Toodledoo and with EPIM for iOS
  • Improved printout of events from Today
  • Improved export of email messages for IMAP mail accounts
  • Fixed an error when dragging and dropping multiple emails between folders/accounts
  • Lots of minor bug fixes and other improvements to improve your experience

New in EssentialPIM 11.2.4

Feb 2, 2023

  • Buttons on the main toolbar now act as expected if changing size of the EPIM’s main window
  • Improved synchronization with EPIM Cloud, Google Calendar, iCloud and ownCloud services
  • Customizations for bulleted lists in Notes will be saved and applied to new lists
  • Fixed exporting of tasks from different lists into available export formats
  • Fixed an issue with Reply All in Mail
  • Bug fixes and other minor improvements

New in EssentialPIM 11.2.3

Jan 16, 2023

  • Consolidated view for tasks is back
  • Category button on the main toolbar for quick and easy assign of different categories to items in Calendar, Tasks, and Mail (enable by customizing the toolbar)
  • New sorting option “As in Tasks Module” for Sidebars and Today
  • Improved synchronization with Toodledo
  • You can now apply filters for Follow Up column in Tasks and Mail
  • Flagged tasks respect “Enable “Show in Calendar” by default” option
  • Fixed AV error in Tasks after switching to Kanban Board
  • Fixed many other known issues

New in EssentialPIM 11.2.1

Jan 5, 2023

  • Ctrl+D shortcut in tasks for Consolidated view works again
  • Improved synchronization with Google Calendar, NextCloud and EPIM Cloud
  • Opening of EML files attached to email messages is now possible
  • Fixed inability to open tasks sorting menu in sidebars and in Today in some cases
  • Fixed tasks with set date but no time not showing up in Calendar
  • Fixed “Field "25" not found” error when previewing previous versions of tasks
  • Fixed couple of errors when trying to print notes
  • Various other bug fixes to provide you with an even smoother organizing experience

New in EssentialPIM 11.2

Dec 28, 2022

  • Translation of email messages (settings are available in Tools->Options->Mail->Translation)*
  • Flag email messages to remind you to follow up with them*
  • Support of multiple accounts for tasks
  • Customize buttons on the main toolbar (right click on the toolbar to select this option)
  • Ability to set up default reminders for calendars (individually or in general)
  • Automatically assign categories to certain emails through message rules
  • More precise weather forecast from local weather providers (USA and Germany)*
  • Option to not strikethrough completed appointments and tasks
  • UI improvements for the Options dialog window
  • Ability to export only selected items from calendar
  • Bug fixes and adjustments

   *Only in EssentialPIM Pro

New in EssentialPIM 11.1.11

Nov 19, 2022

  • Improved NextCloud/ownCloud synchronization
  • Fixed inability to add Office 365/Exchange mail accounts due to the authorization issues
  • Fixed some other known issues

New in EssentialPIM 11.1.10

Nov 2, 2022

  • Fixed an issue with new mail not being displayed for some Gmail accounts
  • Several other stability improvements and bug fixes

New in EssentialPIM 11.1.9

Oct 30, 2022

  • Improved synchronization with Google and Exchange / accounts
  • Fixed some other known issues

New in EssentialPIM 11.1.7

Oct 17, 2022

  • Improved one-way synchronization with Google Calendar
  • Better handling of long signatures in mail
  • Tasks in Kanban Board view now inherit sorting from other task views and vice versa
  • Improved handling of multiple Exchange mail accounts if they belonged to a single domain
  • Tabs in Notes and Tasks can now be renamed without hitting Enter first
  • Fixed Access Violation error when dragging and dropping events in Calendar
  • UI tweaks and other minor bugfixes

New in EssentialPIM 11.1.5

Oct 4, 2022

  • Improved authorization and synchronization with Google services
  • Fill Color button is back in Notes
  • Ability to change order of contact fields through the Edit Fields dialog window
  • Double clicking on a date in Sidebar’s calendar will bring you to that day in Calendar
  • EPIM will no longer ask for your location if weather service is disabled
  • Couple of fixes regarding synchronization of tasks with NextCloud
  • Fixed an issue with EPIM settings not being correctly stored between sessions
  • Other stability and performance improvements

New in EssentialPIM 11.1

Sep 19, 2022

  • Improved the global Sidebar feature: choose what comes first – calendar or tasks, close either of the sections instantly without going through menus, additional horizontal calendars (if width allows), a list of upcoming events for calendars
  • Zoom in/out embedded and attached pictures in emails to their original size
  • Ability to add any number of weather locations (including option to use your current location) and switch between them (right click on the weather icon)
  • Introducing rulers in Notes (enable by clicking on View->Ruler)*
  • EPIM now remembers last used quick search scope between restarts
  • More compact, better looking text formatting toolbars in Mail and Notes (switch back to the legacy style by right clicking on them, if needed)
  • Change the look of anchor lines in Notes (Tools->Options->Notes, Anchor line properties)
  • You can now easily create duplicate leaves (tabs) in Notes by using copy-paste
  • Clear all formatting function for notes and email messages
  • Visual indication about how to add files (as attachment, inline or as link) when dragging and dropping them into notes, emails and other EPIM items
  • Statuses for notes (public/private, favorite, read-only, etc.) are now displayed on the right for cleaner and more understandable look
  • Improvements related to synchronizations with EPIM Cloud and iCloud
  • Improved import of events from CSV files
  • Fixed issues with sending out mail for some email services
  • Other fixes of known bugs and various improvements

   *Only in EssentialPIM Pro

New in EssentialPIM 11.0.4

Aug 3, 2022

  • Choose which calendar to use for direct synchronization with Android EPIM
  • Improved synchronization of calendars with Google and tasks with EPIM Cloud
  • Couple of improvements related to synchronization with iCloud (including support of calendar colors)
  • Better stability for EssentialPIM Pro Business edition
  • Shortcut for showing tasks in calendar now also works as in Sidebar as in Calendar (alter it in Tools->Options->Shortcuts, if needed)
  • A new Body column for mail in Related Items (available in the Mail module, as well)
  • Fixed a few inconsistencies for recurring tasks
  • Various other minor fixes

New in EssentialPIM 11.0.3

Jul 27, 2022

  • Improved synchronization with Google Calendar
  • Go to date dialog now allows you to manually set dates more than 9'999 days from now (convenient for setting up family events, for instance)
  • Better handling of multiple reminders when synchronizing with iCloud
  • Fixed AV error in some cases when trying to edit appointments

New in EssentialPIM 11.0.2

Jul 22, 2022

  • Added many new spell-checking dictionaries (manage in Tools->Options->Spelling)
  • Changes in visibility of calendars will also be reflected on the sidebar calendars
  • Some improvements regarding EPIM Cloud, iCloud and ownCloud/NextCloud synchronizations
  • Spell checker now works in Newsletter
  • OAuth authorization should work correctly now when setting up synchronization with Google
  • Fixed other known issues

New in EssentialPIM 11.0

Jul 5, 2022

  • Support for multiple calendars
  • Global Sidebar for showing tasks and calendars (accessible via View->Sidebar)
  • Emoji support (works in Windows 10 and newer)
  • Enhanced indication of new mail
  • Many visual improvements and design updates (including a slimmer Navigation Pane)
  • Improved Status Bar with ability to quickly access reminders
  • Plain text formatting option for Newsletter*
  • Quick filter of tagged and categorized email messages (make sure the Quick Filter toolbar is visible)
  • Completion percentage for tasks is now shown on Sidebars
  • Lots of other smaller improvements, tweaks, and fixes

   *Only in EssentialPIM Pro

New in EssentialPIM 10.2.1 (Pro & Free)

Mar 30, 2022

  • Some improvements regarding conversion of notes into contacts and events into tasks
  • Couple of fixes for sticky notes when they’re used in a group
  • Fixed an issue when mail contents weren’t always shown in a separate preview window
  • Images embedded into email will not be saved as attachments when using a corresponding message rule
  • Fixed some other known issues and optimized the user experience

New in EssentialPIM 10.2 (Pro & Free)

Mar 21, 2022

  • Convert contacts into notes, tasks into events and vice versa*
  • Sort tasks directly on Task Bar
  • Group sticky notes (drag-and-drop them onto each other)*
  • Advanced Go to Date dialog in Calendar
  • New actions for message rules in Mail that allow you to save email attachments to selected folders and to prevent notifications for certain emails
  • Improvements in synchronizations with EPIM Cloud, EPIM Server, Google Calendar and Google Contacts
  • Updated native Dropbox integration to include latest service developments*
  • Insert date and time into sticky notes using a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Space)*
  • You can now choose not to show folders from particular mail accounts at all for the Messages section in EPIM Today
  • Fixed inability to print tasks on the whole page width in some cases
  • Fixed Access Violation error upon exiting EPIM for CalDAV and CardDAV synchronizations
  • General fixes and improvements

   *Only in EssentialPIM Pro

New in EssentialPIM 10.1.2 (Pro & Free)

Feb 18, 2022

  • Better handling of recurring floating tasks
  • Choose whether to bring up the Insert Date & Time dialog window or to insert date&time in the last used format using a shortcut
  • More expected behavior of the Reminders window when it appears
  • Improved synchronization of appointments with Outlook for Microsoft 365
  • Improved conversion of emails into notes (right-click on an email message and choose Convert to->New Note)
  • Moving between table cells using the Tab key is now possible in Sticky notes
  • Added missing Assignee and Tags scopes to quick search in Tasks
  • Fixed an issue with inability to receive new messages for Yahoo and AT&T mail accounts
  • Fixed couple of specific issues related to and Zoho mail accounts
  • Performance and stability improvements

New in EssentialPIM 10.1 (Pro & Free)

Feb 2, 2022

  • See the total number of email messages for mail folders (enable by clicking on View->Total Number of Emails)
  • Convert tabs from notes into new notes (right click on a tab and choose Convert to Note)*
  • Insert current date and time quickly in last used format using a shortcut (Ctrl+Space by default)
  • Copy path or clear browsing history by right clicking on the navigation toolbar in Notes
  • Availability of your recent search history in the quick search bar
  • Weather in EPIM Today*
  • New layouts in Mail: Class view (in groups) and Wide view (in groups)
  • More accurate list of connected users for EssentialPIM Pro Business*
  • Improved synchronization with / Outlook for Microsoft 365 and OneDrive*
  • Horizontal and vertical grid lines in Passwords
  • Several improvements for the floating feature in Tasks*
  • Much faster handling of large email messages (>= 100 MB)
  • Text formatting works again when creating Labels and Envelopes*
  • Couple of improvements for the Send Newsletter feature*
  • Fixed horizontal scrolling in notes with the Word Wrapping option disabled
  • Couple of fixes regarding synchronization of mail with MS Exchange
  • Fixed inability to delete message rules in Mail after filtering them
  • Many other performance improvements and bug fixes

   *Only in EssentialPIM Pro

New in EssentialPIM 10.0.2 (Pro & Free)

Dec 27, 2021

  • The Float option for tasks can now be saved in templates
  • Attached files are automatically added to email messages converted from notes
  • Float column in tasks for better overview and one-click changes
  • Reminders will not be stealing current focus anymore
  • Fixed all inconsistencies with the Float option in tasks
  • Text in notes should now be rendered correctly when scaling size is set to lager than 100% in Windows
  • Fixed a warning about opening the same EPIM database file twice
  • Bug fixes and small improvements

New in EssentialPIM 10.0.1 (Pro & Free)

Dec 20, 2021

  • Option to show week numbers in calendar's Month view
  • Improved readability of some system fonts (i.e. Arial) in notes
  • Shortcuts for favorite, recently viewed/modified notes now work as toggles (a single shortcut i.e. Ctrl+E now toggles between all and favorite notes)
  • Save to Dropbox feature works as expected now
  • All previously set reminders for appointments and tasks will start working again
  • Better integration for email accounts with custom domains hosed on
  • Further optimizations and bug fixes

New in EssentialPIM 10.0 (Pro & Free)

Dec 13, 2021

  • Quickly zoom in or out of a note
  • Floating tasks that move to next day if not completed*
  • Archive emails manually or via auto archive settings for mail folders*
  • Version History (check or revert to earlier item versions)*
  • Weather in calendar*
  • Icons for individual password entries with ability to fetch icons from the web sites*
  • Kanban Board in Tasks*
  • Native support of Microsoft Exchange*
  • Location field for events and tasks automatically returns information about places as you type
  • Categories in Mail
  • Select to view only favorite, recently viewed or recently modified notes
  • See snoozed reminders in the Reminders Window
  • User-defined date and time formats in Insert Date and Time dialog windows
  • Page color in Notes
  • Many other less significant optimizations and improvements

   *Only in EssentialPIM Pro

New in EssentialPIM 9.10.8 (Pro & Free)

Nov 3, 2021

  • Support for virtually an unlimited number of simultaneous iCal (online calendar) subscriptions
  • Much quicker synchronization with Google Contacts
  • Improved overall performance (including search) for the Notes module
  • EPIM will not hang upon start or when switching to the Mail module for the users with these problems on earlier versions
  • Changing sync interval with Google Calendar will not produce duplicate entries anymore
  • Couple of optimizations related to the data file structure (for performance improvements and to better prepare it for the upcoming 10.0 version release)
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

New in EssentialPIM 9.10.7 (Pro & Free)

Oct 20, 2021

  • Better looking active tabs for tasks and notes
  • Optimizations regarding synchronization with and Google services
  • Improved quick search speed in Contacts
  • Couple of improvements about how email messages having different encodings are handled
  • Fixed an issue with the recurring icon not always visible for recurring tasks
  • Drag and drop of events within Calendar now works as expected for users with regular rights connected to EPIM Pro Business
  • Fixed a problem with EPIM not responding upon start in some rare cases

New in EssentialPIM 9.10.5 (Pro & Free)

Sep 22, 2021

  • Easily distinguishable active tabs for notes and tasks
  • Quick print option is now in the Today module, as well
  • "Send later" in mail will now show the correct date/time to the recipient (when the message was sent, not when it was created)
  • Some improvements related to synchronization with Google Contacts and Outlook 365
  • Improved intelligent detection of mail server settings when adding new email accounts
  • "Show number of unread items" option for email folders will also be applied to subfolders for quicker changes
  • Fixed automatic synchronization with EPIM Cloud in EssentialPIM Free
  • A few other fixes and improvements

New in EssentialPIM 9.10 (Pro & Free)

Aug 31, 2021

  • Ability to set up email reminders for appointments and tasks (available in advanced reminder settings)*
  • Schedule email messages to be sent later at specific date/time*
  • Under the hood changes that will make adding new mail accounts significantly easier and simpler
  • Improved how email messages with pictures included are saved as PDF files
  • Default notifications for appointments form Google Calendar will now be synchronized correctly
  • Couple of improvements about behavior of sticky notes when they're close to the screen edges
  • Synchronization improvements related to Google Contacts and to EPIM Cloud
  • Fixed Access Violation error when switching to calendar in some rare cases
  • Other optimizations, improvements and minor bug fixes

   *Only in EssentialPIM Pro

New in EssentialPIM 9.9.7 (Pro & Free)

Jul 21, 2021

  • A new criteria in Advanced Search for tasks: List of origin
  • Mark all email messages as read at once for All Inboxes (context menu item)
  • F1 key is now able to act as a custom shortcut (set it up in Tools->Options->Shortcuts)
  • Improved synchronization with EPIM Server and Google services
  • Speedy performance improvements when switching between different EPIM modules
  • Other minor fixes

New in EssentialPIM 9.9.6 (Pro & Free)

Jun 29, 2021

  • Improved synchronization with Google and OneDrive
  • Paste text without any formatting into appointments and tasks (Ctrl+Shift+V)
  • More precise detection of encoding for email messages
  • Using the "@" symbol in notes for linking to other items in EPIM should now be fully operational
  • Fixed an issue when in some cases EPIM databases couldn’t be uploaded to Dropbox
  • Printing of contacts shouldn’t produce the Abstract error anymore
  • Improvements regarding user experience and fixes of minor known bugs

New in EssentialPIM 9.9 (Pro & Free)

Jun 11, 2021

  • All Inboxes feature in Mail
  • Keep your data always in sync with EPIM server for EPIM Pro Business edition even when working out of the office (set up here: File->Synchronization->EPIM Server)*
  • Synchronize your notes with OneDrive*
  • Paste as Quotation option in Mail for selected and copied text
  • Enable line numbers in Notes
  • See total and free space for IMAP mail accounts (right click on an account name and choose Properties)
  • Created and modified times in the status bar for Notes (click to switch)
  • See full hierarchy for matches in quick search for Notes and Tasks
  • Filtration of appointments in Calendar’s Table view by Duration and Date range
  • Advanced "Bullets and Numbering" dialog in Notes
  • More secure authorization for Office 365 mail accounts (through OAuth)
  • Set up custom message headers as condition for message rules in Mail
  • Integrated the very latest changes introduced by Google for better, faster and more reliable Google Contacts sync*
  • Ability to resize a dialog with filtration options when the Filter feature is turned on*
  • UI improvements
  • Couple of improvements related to correlation of start/due dates and reminder times in Tasks
  • Easier and faster authorization for Dropbox related sync*
  • Fixed known bugs

   *Only in EssentialPIM Pro

New in EssentialPIM 9.8 (Pro & Free)

Apr 22, 2021

  • Drag&drop files (supported types) into and from the notes tree
  • Settings to not quote the text of the original email messages and to include only selected text when quoting text in replies or forwards, if any
  • Auto scaling of hours grid in Calendar's day and week views now works better than ever before
  • Letter bar in Passwords
  • Word count for multiple (selected) notes
  • Extended tooltips in the Calendar's month view with additional information about non-fitting events
  • EPIM now respects the "Change how many lines to scroll" Windows mouse setting
  • Improved printout in Advanced Search for results from only the selected modules
  • Fixed duplicate entries in Notes for some specifically added related items
  • General improvements and bug fixes

New in EssentialPIM 9.7.5 (Pro & Free)

Mar 9, 2021

  • Ability to change a leaf in Notes a PDF file preview is shown on
  • You can now drag&drop words and phrases in Quick Reply section in Mail
  • Increase/decrease indent shortcuts now also work in Sticky notes
  • Improvements related to event reminders set on specific date/time
  • Couple of fixes with quick search in Notes
  • Fixed issues with tasks and events reminders not always working correctly
  • Sorting now works in Advanced search if found items were from a selected module
  • Many other minor improvements and bug fixes

New in EssentialPIM 9.7 (Pro & Free)

Feb 15, 2021

  • Add several related items at once through the Insert Hyperlink dialog window*
  • Set up reminders at specific date/time for events in Calendar (Reminder->Custom…)
  • Create tags by typing # directly from sticky notes*
  • You can now choose not to show number of unread messages for any mail folder (right click, Properties)
  • Specific set of columns in Advanced Search depending on the type of searched item
  • Common keyboard shortcuts to increase/decrease idents in Notes (Ctrl+M & Ctrl+Shift+M)
  • Call up Google Maps for addresses in Contacts
  • Select default background color for HTML emails
  • EssentialPIM can now be set up as default application for handling vCard (*.vcf) files
  • Choose if to embed attachments into iCal files for events and tasks when sharing them via email*
  • Tooltips and ability to open items from the “Select parent tasks/notes” drop-down lists*
  • Faster quick search feature in Mail and in Notes
  • Improved synchronization with 365 accounts*
  • "Copy Format" in Notes now also works for background color of cells in tables
  • Various improvements for Advanced Search shortcuts (Alt+ combinations)
  • Fixed “concurrent transaction number” sync errors right after start of EPIM
  • Improved export of appointments into another EPIM databases
  • Fixed custom sorting in Notes when moving back and forth through the records
  • Fixed minor inconsistencies in Week Agenda and Month printouts
  • Couple of improvements for Adjust Date dialog window in Tasks and Calendar
  • Lots of minor fixes and performance enhancements

   *Only in EssentialPIM Pro

New in EssentialPIM 9.6 (Pro & Free)

Dec 22, 2020

  • Bulk change dates and times for appointments and/or tasks*
  • Filter tags in Tags Explorer by their colors*
  • Indication of the last event in the series
  • Match whole word only + Match case options in Advanced Search
  • Improvements related to synchronization with Android EPIM and EPIM Cloud
  • Arrange tags in the Tags field either alphabetically or by using drag&drop*
  • Customize toolbar (hide/show icons) in Notes
  • Use F3 hotkey to redo the last search
  • Add multiple related items at once through the Insert Hyperlink window*
  • Return to your custom sorting order for tasks (third position when clicking on the column name)*
  • Custom sorting for notes, contacts and password trees*
  • Notes and Tags columns (including search by their contents) are now available in the Tags Explorer window*
  • Hide main toolbar in all modules to increase available screen estate
  • "Go to item" option in the context menu for items in the Calendar’s table view
  • Double click on an anchor in the Anchors window to open up a note with focus on the selected anchor
  • Filter anchors in Notes by their names
  • Set last used icon as default one in Notes
  • Move or copy email messages quickly into the last used folders
  • Sort all day events by their name in Day and Week calendar views
  • Adaptive spam filter optimizations
  • Change note tree background color in Notes
  • Choose whether to show tasks without dates when grouped by Due or Start dates at the top or at the bottom of tasks list
  • Some improvements of how quick-linking by using the “@” symbol works for anchors in notes*
  • Better UI compatibility for high DPI displays
  • Clicking on links inside text using a mouse’s wheel will now work in all modules*
  • Fixed couple of inconsistencies with styles in Notes
  • Better handling of tags assigned to email messages and their synchronization with mail servers*
  • Applying a set of columns to other mail folders should now work as expected
  • Tags will not lose their color attribute anymore on password protected databases*
  • Fixed couple of minor issues with iCal (Calendar) subscriptions*
  • Forwarding of emails according to the message rules now works
  • Improved and fixed lots of other smaller issues

   *Only in EssentialPIM Pro

New in EssentialPIM 9.5 (Pro & Free)

Nov 2, 2020

  • Filter tags in Tags Explorer*
  • Choose a default icon (or no icon as the default) in Notes
  • See the number of total and completed sub-items in Tasks, Notes and Contacts (enable this feature in Options for the latter two)
  • And / Or filter logic for tags*
  • Preview of attached PDFs in Notes will only be shown on the leaves the attachment was added into
  • Option to save lists and parents for tasks in templates*
  • "Go to Item" option in the context menu for appointments and tasks in Today
  • Reset grid lines and alternate lines colors in Options to default
  • Typing the "@" symbol in Sticky Notes will now allow you to quick link to other EPIM items*
  • Choose custom font colors for styles in Notes*
  • Alt-Click in Tags Explorer and Attachments Manager equals to the "Go to Item" option*
  • Hierarchy will now be completely preserved for recurring tasks*
  • Click on links in Notes with your mouse wheel to open them
  • Subscribe to password protected iCal calendars*
  • Improved highlighting of found items on the dark theme
  • Resetting the colors of leaves/trees in Notes and lists in Tasks will now work correctly
  • Fixed AV error when copy-pasting tasks
  • Other general bug fixes and improvements

   *Only in EssentialPIM Pro

New in EssentialPIM 9.4.1 (Pro & Free)

Oct 13, 2020

  • Improved synchronization with EPIM Cloud
  • Some optimizations regarding UI responsiveness in contacts
  • Fixed quick search and lots of other minor issues in notes
  • Switching the sender address in mail will now result in correct signature changes
  • Fixed an issue related to shared tasks in EPIM Business
  • Installation of new spell-checking dictionaries should now work correctly
  • Improved calendar data import from CSV files
  • Access violation error fixed when copy-pasting tasks
  • Many other minor bug fixes

New in EssentialPIM 9.4 (Pro & Free)

Sep 30, 2020

  • Preview of PDF attachments in Notes*
  • Zoom settings for email messages will now be remembered in between EPIM restarts
  • Option to change day-order in Week Agenda view*
  • Increased quick search speed for notes and emails
  • Improved contacts and calendars sync with Google*
  • Couple of adjustments to the dark theme that improve visibility
  • Improved handling of PGP/Inline signed and/or encrypted mails*
  • Improved synchronization of tasks with iOS version of EPIM
  • Faster and easier authorization with Google services upon creating new sync
  • Better date fields handling options for CSV import of tasks and events
  • Improvements related to EPIM Cloud sync
  • Fixed all known Gmail and message rules related issues
  • All known problems with styles are fixed in notes
  • Other minor fixes and tweaks

   *Only in EssentialPIM Pro

New in EssentialPIM 9.3 (Pro & Free)

Aug 19, 2020

  • Set shortcuts for creating any type of new items (some users prefer to use Ctrl+N instead of the default “Ins” one, for instance)
  • Ability to set up default duration for new appointments through Templates*
  • “Save & New” button for easier and faster creation of all types of items in EPIM
  • Quicker and smoother transition from hours to minutes when typing in time for appointments and tasks (no need to use a separator symbol)
  • Use space bar in calendar to mark events as completed
  • Ctrl+Click and Alt+Click actions now also work for links in note names*
  • Completed events will now be easily distinguishable on all Calendar views
  • Improved synchronization of contacts and tasks with EPIM Cloud
  • Couple of optimizations regarding Advanced Search
  • Contact groups will now be correctly synchronized with Google*
  • Visual improvements for the dark theme
  • Synchronization of contact pictures with iCloud works again*
  • Fixed import of Unicode vCard (*.vcf) files into contacts
  • Printout of events from Today should work correctly now
  • Fixed issue with background color in mail
  • Several other improvements and minor bug fixes

   *Only in EssentialPIM Pro

New in EssentialPIM 9.2 (Pro & Free)

Jul 21, 2020

  • Synchronization with Microsoft To Do*
  • Text formatting shortcuts (bold, italic, bullets, strikethrough, etc.) for sticky notes*
  • Delete multiple recurring appointments with a single click ("Apply to all" checkbox)
  • Support of the latest vCard 4.0 format
  • "Show in Calendar" option will now be included in the task templates*
  • Improved Vertical View (In Groups) in mail
  • Advanced Search should now work much faster when searching for events
  • Filters applied in Table view will also work in all other calendar views*
  • Same column layout as the parent folder for newly created subfolders in mail
  • Better visibility of categorized events in calendar
  • Improved synchronization of notes with Google*
  • Custom order of all-day events will be correctly reflected on printouts
  • Fixed couple of issues related to iCloud sync*
  • Import of Unicode iCal (*.ics) files should now work correctly
  • Fixed missing reminder when dragging and dropping appointments
  • Various other improvements and fixes

   *Only in EssentialPIM Pro

New in EssentialPIM 9.1 (Pro & Free)

Jun 23, 2020

  • Option to change background color in notes (available in Tools->Options->Notes)
  • You will now be able to rename anchors in notes
  • Spam filter logic adjusted for more intelligent detection of junk mail
  • Print tasks in groups (by due and start dates)
  • Link to anchors through the Insert Hyperlink dialog window for easier and faster interaction*
  • Ability to delete multiple anchors in notes at once
  • Improved authorization and synchronization with Office 365 accounts*
  • Additional formatting options for multiple note names (Bold, Italic, Underline)*
  • Duplicate events should not appear for iCal subscriptions anymore*
  • Fixed issue with incorrect printing of Today on dark theme
  • Other stability improvements and known bug fixes

   *Only in EssentialPIM Pro

New in EssentialPIM 9.0 (Pro & Free)

May 27, 2020

  • Dark theme
  • Colorful tags and ability to assign individual shortcuts to them*
  • Anchors in notes
  • Mail rules significantly extended - new actions
  • New type of a custom field for contacts and tasks – Check box*
  • Ability to print from Tags Explorer*
  • Improved Insert Symbol dialog in notes
  • Option to auto delete old email messages for each mail folder
  • You can now sort message rules in mail by their modified date
  • Better handling of conflicts (when an item is changed on both sides) during synchronization
  • Path column for tasks to show their location during search*
  • Set background color for note names*
  • Ability to show vertical grid lines in all list views
  • New algorithms for processing attachments (smaller database size, faster access)
  • Improved highlighting of tasks shown in Calendar*
  • Display of attachments for items in Trash*
  • Many other smaller improvements and optimizations

   *Only in EssentialPIM Pro

New in EssentialPIM 8.66 (Pro & Free)

Apr 3, 2020

  • Import from Outlook improved (including correct import of nested mail folders)
  • Improved synchronization with Google Calendar
  • Couple of fixes related to the user access rights in the Business edition
  • Full contact address will be copied to clipboard by double clicking on the field's name
  • Undo option for notes now works more consistently
  • EPIM should now handle its window position correctly on the systems with 3 monitors
  • Fixed the "MESSAGEHASPARENT" error in mail with conversation option enabled
  • Other fixes and speedy performance improvements

New in EssentialPIM 8.65 (Pro & Free)

Mar 3, 2020

  • New tasks and notes will now be correctly created under the selected lists/trees
  • Ability to exclude read-only Google Calendars from synchronization
  • Authorization works again for Dropbox and Office365 accounts
  • Improved synchronization of appointments with iCloud
  • A shortcut to mark events and tasks as 100% complete when editing them is back (Alt+C)
  • Improved synchronization of addresses with Google Contacts
  • The number of opened EPIM databases in the recent files list increased to five
  • Regular and exclusive events are now visually distinguished in Day and Week calendar views
  • Export to Outlook should now work without issues
  • Fixed preview for newsletter when working with previously saved projects
  • Fixed white on white text color in some cases for items listed in EPIM Today
  • Other minor bug fixes, performance and usability improvements

New in EssentialPIM 8.64 (Pro & Free)

Feb 11, 2020

  • Improved authorization for some CalDAV/CardDAV servers and for Microsoft services
  • Ability to change Paste as Plain Text shortcut to your liking in Tools->Options->Shortcuts
  • Synchronization of tags with Toodledo
  • Alt+D shortcut for quicker deletion of entries in edit mode
  • Couple of improvements regarding synchronization with Android EPIM
  • Active list for tasks will now be remembered after switching to another module
  • Additional shortcuts added to Advanced Search (Alt+Letter)
  • Editing of mail subjects from the list view will now work as expected through long click
  • Improved tags assignation in notes
  • Fixed problem with inability to create new synchronizations with Google on some systems
  • Fixes for the number of connected users on EssentialPIM Pro Business
  • DNS errors when manually checking for new version should be gone
  • Fixed exception error when copy-pasting notes
  • Better handling of attachments in mail
  • Cannot connect to Microsoft Store error fixed
  • Many other minor fixes and improvements

New in EssentialPIM 8.63 (Pro & Free)

Dec 19, 2019

  • Improved quicker rich text formatting of note names from the context menu (short left click on the name of the selected note and then right click)
  • Changed shortcut combination for Paste as Plain Text to most common one (now Ctrl+Shift+V)
  • Improved sending out notes and their attachments by using Send via E-mail function
  • Fixed custom sort order for tasks not being preserved in some situations
  • Fixed copy-paste of hierarchical trees in tasks
  • Various minor bug fixes and performance improvements

New in EssentialPIM 8.62 (Pro & Free)

Dec 4, 2019

  • Get new email messages instantly for IMAP accounts (IDLE support)
  • Add multiple attachments at a time when creating newsletters
  • Improved CSV import of appointments
  • Improved handling of identities when using reply all on messages from the Sent items folder
  • Improved printing out of envelopes
  • Fixed Ctrl+F not working for plain text emails
  • Couple of UI fixes for high DPI displays
  • Other fixes found since the last version release

New in EssentialPIM 8.61 (Pro & Free)

Nov 7, 2019

  • Adding links to folders feature will now work as expected
  • Setting up new mail notifications on Windows 10 now works through system notification settings
  • New ability to edit notes simultaneously without any conflict as in the main view as using a separate dialog window
  • Improved how changing number of lines for tabs in notes works
  • Improved synchronization with Google Calendar and iCloud services
  • Improved selection of found notes after clearing up search phrase
  • Improved sorting by received date in mail
  • Fixed empty tags field when printing tasks
  • Fixed couple of issues with mail accounts
  • Fixed some missing information about attachments in detailed view
  • Fixed other minor issues and omissions

New in EssentialPIM 8.6 (Pro & Free)

Oct 15, 2019

  • Global search and replace feature in Advanced Search*
  • Export notes into multiple individual files in one operation*
  • Dialer in contacts has been completely revamped to be compatible with VoIP apps*
  • Manually adjust locations of the to/from address areas for envelopes*
  • Auto checking of hyperlinks for broken ones within EPIM database*
  • Automatic capitalization of the first letter in sentences (can be turned off in spelling options)*
  • Option to auto create tags on double hash (##) only*
  • Select multiple appointments in calendar (Ctrl/Shift + click) and move them simultaneously*
  • Ability to delete all existing synchronizations at once*
  • New editable shortcuts to quickly make items Read-only (on and off) and Private/Public*
  • Hierarchical structure of contact groups in the Membership dialog when assigning groups to contacts*
  • Choose which email address to use when selecting the Send E-Mail option in contacts*
  • Business version offers extended information about items and users that have access to them*
  • Import tasks and appointments from CSV files
  • Manage and pin autosaved subjects in mail
  • Increase/decrease font size using toolbar icons for mail and notes
  • Import of iCal files now respects time zone settings
  • See by how much the database file size is reduced after manual optimization
  • Display of additional recurrence info for appointments and tasks
  • Finding the right folder in mail is now easier
  • Additional months column in the Year view in calendar
  • Today should now be much more noticeable in all calendar views
  • Filter mail folders when creating message rules
  • Drag and drop files into Quick Reply in mail to add attachments
  • Empty subject warning when sending mail
  • Full WYSIWYG printing for monthly and yearly views in calendar
  • Notes are now stored in an archived form making the database file smaller and faster
  • A single installer for the Desktop and Portable versions
  • Other numerous improvements and fixes

   *Only in EssentialPIM Pro

New in EssentialPIM 8.56 (Pro & Free)

Sep 26, 2019

  • Improved synchronization with iCloud
  • Calendar appointments can now be edited directly again (without opening the appointment window)
  • A client PC will be able to automatically reconnect to server upon waking up from sleep for EssentialPIM Pro Business
  • Better synchronization with Google Calendar (for recurring events)
  • Fixed issue with getting focus on the various fields on the contacts preview screen
  • Fixed incorrect overdue dates when printing tasks from EPIM Today
  • Fixed printout of Unicode calendar events
  • Other minor bug fixes and stability improvements

New in EssentialPIM 8.55 (Pro & Free)

Aug 18, 2019

  • Better integration with Dropbox (if you still get the "Dropbox file changed. Overwrite?" message, please sync your database over to the new one using EPIM Synchronizer)
  • EPIM Today UI improvements
  • Couple of minor fixes in synchronization with Google services
  • Improvements with Android synchronization
  • Inability to delete text in notes in rare circumstances
  • Send e-mail option now works for any types of contacts
  • Fixed missing notes for contacts after copy-paste
  • Problem with Unicode characters in mail should be fixed
  • Custom fields in contacts now store their updated values
  • Various minor bug fixes and improvements

New in EssentialPIM 8.54 (Pro & Free)

Jul 9, 2019

  • Improvements related to synchronization and authorization with Google services (Calendar, Drive, Gmail, etc.)
  • Improved import of complex vCard (*.vcf) files
  • Opening of large emails for replying or forwarding should now happen faster
  • More consistent and anticipated behavior when altering tags from the Tags Explorer window
  • Reminder date will now be correctly displayed for events and tasks in all cases
  • Fixed task notes not always being saved properly with filters enabled
  • Better support of database files from legacy EPIM versions (prior to 7.x)
  • Fixed issue with adding new related items to appointments
  • Fixed AV error when copying-pasting tasks in EPIM Today if Consolidated view was enabled
  • Some adjustments made to the database for its better preparedness to the upcoming EPIM 8.6 version
  • Other minor bug fixes and product improvements

New in EssentialPIM 8.53 (Pro & Free)

Jun 19, 2019

  • Improved synchronization of tasks hierarchy with Android EPIM
  • Ability to re-arrange icons for notes is back (along with the recent icons section for more productive flow)
  • Double click anywhere within the Related Items tab to add a new link
  • Improved contacts and mail synchronization with
  • Better management of simultaneously connected users for EssentialPIM Pro Business
  • Option to auto lock the database when minimizing EPIM will not affect switching in between the modules anymore
  • Fixed error during installation in some rare cases when updating EPIM
  • Fixed annoying issue with the rightAlt+C shortcut for Polish users
  • Other minor fixes and improvements to make the program faster and more reliable

New in EssentialPIM 8.52 (Pro & Free)

Jun 7, 2019

  • Improved synchronization of dates with Google Tasks
  • Faster search in table views in different modules
  • Synchronization of child notes with Android fixed
  • Improved links formatting for passwords
  • Copy-paste of bulleted lists in the notes field will work correctly
  • Size of the Notes module will now be correctly calculated in Database Management
  • Fixed inability to start synchronization wizard under certain conditions
  • Better shortcuts integration for Polish users
  • Switching in between Offline/Online modes works correctly for encrypted databases
  • Small improvements to the UI and other minor bug fixes

New in EssentialPIM 8.51 (Pro & Free)

May 27, 2019

  • Mark appointments/tasks as completed using Alt+C shortcut directly from the editing dialog window
  • EssentialPIM remembers your last choice when adding attachments to items either as links or as files
  • Improved synchronization of tasks with Android EPIM
  • Saving of email messages into PDF files improved
  • It is now possible to print out tasks and appointments (table view) with as many columns visible as required
  • Better EPIM compatibility with 4K monitors and systems with multiple monitors
  • Fixed inconsistency with start/end dates in tasks
  • Import of vCard files into contacts works as expected now
  • Export of large number of events into iCal files will not produce the “Out of memory” error anymore
  • Drag&drop of pictures into notes and text within notes should work flawlessly now
  • No more errors during EPIM database encryption
  • Other bug fixes, crash fixes and overall improvements

New in EssentialPIM 8.5 (Pro & Free)

May 3, 2019

  • Save filters as templates in all table views*
  • Vertical layout added to Calendar’s table view*
  • Create and print return envelopes*
  • Assign tags to email messages via message rules*
  • Save tasks and appointments as notes*
  • Assign shortcuts for styles in Notes*
  • Import tags from CSV files for contacts and password entries*
  • Add links into custom fields for items from any module*
  • Adjustable number of lines for tree tabs in Notes*
  • Add new fields in Contacts near first/last name section
  • Custom sorting of contacts and password entries via drag and drop
  • Option to automatically save email messages as they are being written
  • More compact and informative printing via Quick Print option
  • Remove hyperlinks easily via right click
  • Page numbers can now be included for printing
  • EssentialPIM can be set as a default app for EML and ICS file types
  • Zoom in/out email messages content form View menu
  • Simplified and easier approach to adding email accounts
  • Sort icons in Notes by using drag and drop
  • Print contacts as address cards
  • Option to keep search applied when switching folders in Mail
  • View tasks in Mail by enabling tasks bar
  • Install check spelling dictionaries from within EPIM’s options
  • Sorting of message rules in Mail
  • Notes column in table views for appointments, tasks and contacts
  • Live preview of changes in Tools->Options->Appearance
  • Option to return to main view in Mail after deleting a message
  • Message rules in Mail now include carbon copy (Cc) field as a condition
  • Right-click on an image in Notes will allow more advanced options
  • Exclude dubious characters in passwords generator
  • Incremental improvements in synchronization with Android devices and Google services
  • Lots of other optimizations, improvements and minor bug fixes

   *Only in EssentialPIM Pro

New in EssentialPIM 8.15 (Pro & Free)

Mar. 19, 2019

  • EPIM Cloud, Google Calendar and iOS synchronization improvements
  • Couple of fixes regarding Toodledo and SyncML synchronizations
  • Better automatic optimization of database files for the Business edition
  • Improved import of iCal files
  • Fixed vertical view layout in Tasks
  • Fixed couple of connection errors in Mail
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

New in EssentialPIM 8.14 (Pro & Free)

Jan. 30, 2019

  • Improved support of multi-monitor configurations
  • Optimized export of notes
  • Search and replace function in notes now works correctly for hyperlinks
  • Fixed grouping of tasks in EPIM Today
  • Fixed AV error when printing Calendar’s week view
  • Couple of other minor fixes

New in EssentialPIM 8.13 (Pro & Free)

Jan. 21, 2019

  • Right clicking on an email address within message body allows you to add it straight into contacts
  • Optimized handling of complex email messages
  • Improved paste as plain text feature in Notes
  • Fixed couple of inconsistencies with Vertical view in Mail
  • Text background color in Notes will now be synchronized with Android EPIM
  • Fixed couple of minor issues with iCloud sync
  • Better performance of Advanced search
  • Improved printout of short calendar events
  • Read/Unread feature now works as expected in Mail
  • Overall stability improvements

New in EssentialPIM 8.12 (Pro & Free)

Dec. 17, 2018

  • Quickly add mail folders to EPIM Today by right clicking on them in Mail
  • Optimized exporting of emails into PDF
  • Improved synchronization with iCloud, Google Calendar and Google Tasks
  • Much better scaling of email messages for high resolution monitors
  • Improved operation of EPIM in offline mode
  • Filtering of tasks by date now works as expected
  • Adjusted spell-checking feature in mail for better results
  • Improved movement of tasks and notes within trees using keyboard shortcuts
  • Fixed couple of issues related to quick filtering of email rules
  • Ability to jump to the results section in Advanced Search using the Tab key
  • No more visible source code when printing out items with bulleted or numbered lists
  • Fixed couple of issues in notes specifically related to inserted pictures
  • Fixed all other known minor issues

New in EssentialPIM 8.11 (Pro & Free)

Nov. 10, 2018

  • Improved integrated into Windows Action Center new mail notifications
  • Better EPIM handling on systems with 2 or more monitors
  • Synchronization of formatted text in notes field for different type of items with Google services
  • Year view in Calendar now works correctly if more than 12 months is shown
  • Fixed couple of issues with service synchronization
  • Sending out workbooks via email directly from MS Excel should work as expected now
  • Couple of "mailto:" type of links improvements if called outside EPIM
  • Improvements with regards to synchronization of Google's read-only and shared calendars
  • Fixed other minor issues and omissions

New in EssentialPIM 8.1 (Pro & Free)

Oct. 25, 2018

  • Database Management window shows more information about size of data stored
  • It is now possible to use bullets/numbered lists in notes field of any module
  • Improved filtering on tags
  • Offline mode is now a property of database, not EPIM instance
  • Copy-pasting tags now works better
  • More convenient filtering on date column by choosing data range
  • It is possible to send item by email straight from Advanced search
  • It is now possible to compose newsletters in HTML
  • It is now possible to select which Google calendars to synchronise with
  • Synchronization of shared Google calendars is fully supported, including read-only ones
  • When deleting categories, it is now possible to delete all appointments/tasks
  • Table view in Calendar now has filter possibility
  • Birthday events have own category
  • It is now possible to change number of months shown in Year view in Calendar
  • Tasks panel in Calendar can now have grid and alternate lines
  • It is possible to filter appointments and tasks separately by categories in EPIM Today
  • Now it is possible to quick-reply to email
  • Advanced notifications about new mail in system tray, also in Windows Action Center
  • New additional view in Mail
  • It is now possible to export mail into PDF*
  • Showing pictures inside emails (inline)
  • It is now possible to export/import mail rules*
  • It is possible to change subjects for mail messages
  • It is possible to change order of fields for groups in Contacts
  • During import of contacts, it is possible to omit duplicates
  • Other minor changes, improvements and fixes

   *Only in EssentialPIM Pro

New in EssentialPIM 8.05 (Pro & Free)

Sep. 19, 2018

  • Fixed issue with EPIM not responding for some IMAP mail accounts
  • Other stability and performance improvements

New in EssentialPIM 8.04 (Pro & Free)

Sep. 2, 2018

  • Made improvements related to Gmail and mail accounts
  • Other bug fixes and stability improvements

New in EssentialPIM 8.03 (Pro & Free)

Aug. 15, 2018

  • Optimized synchronization with iOS devices for faster speeds
  • Improved synchronization of recurring events with Google Calendar
  • Quick search now filters items correctly based on the selected criteria
  • Converting email messages into notes works as expected now
  • Search by tags is fixed in Notes
  • Improved the auto scaling feature for Calendar
  • Sorting of all day events by drag&drop in Calendar's Week view now remembers its order
  • Fixed issue with incorrect occurrences of recurring tasks
  • AV error in Newsletter is fixed in some rare occasions when trying to change font
  • Fixed canned responses in Mail as they were not always saved right after creation
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements

New in EssentialPIM 8.02 (Pro & Free)

Jul. 23, 2018

  • Tooltips and copy-paste functionality are back for tags
  • Ability to search for tags in the Select Tags dialog window
  • Select Tags window can now be changed in size, it also remembers its last position on the screen
  • Improvements in synchronization with Google services (Calendar and Tasks)
  • Couple of adjustments to the adaptive spam filtering mechanism
  • Optimizations for EPIM Cloud sync
  • Improved synchronization with Android EPIM for EssentialPIM Pro Business users with limited rights
  • Select Parent Item window for tasks and notes can now be made smaller or bigger
  • Improved sorting in Tasks with applied filters
  • Added ability to use the Split Cells feature for previously merged table cells in Notes
  • Fixed handling of email signatures containing links and pictures
  • Improved sorting of email messages by subject (for "Re: ", "FW: ", "Fwd: ", etc., prefixes)
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes

New in EssentialPIM 8.01 (Pro & Free)

Jul. 3, 2018

  • Improved linking of items and their availability under the related items tab
  • Due date for tasks should be working as expected in all cases now
  • Fixed issue with EssentialPIM sometimes starting outside monitor borders
  • Couple of tweaks regarding adaptive spam filtering mechanism
  • Reminders should now be correctly shown when EPIM starts up
  • Fixed couple of issues related to EssentialPIM Pro Business
  • Other fixes and improvements

New in EssentialPIM 8.0 (Pro & Free)

Jun. 27, 2018

  • It is now possible to delete any EssentialPIM item (appointment/contact/password entry, etc.) while having it open*
  • Tags explorer is a new powerful way to see all items that are tagged*
  • Search inside notes of each item (Ctrl+F)*
  • Copy text from read-only records*
  • Appointments/tasks templates can be renamed*
  • Week Agenda scrolling by a single day is added*
  • New info for contacts: Last contacted (received)/Last contacted (sent) picked up from email*
  • Create new tasks straight from Calendar*
  • Proper synchronization of deleted events in recurring series with Google Calendar*
  • Ability to select parent items when creating tasks and notes via shortcuts*
  • Style management improvements in Notes*
  • Improved conversion of email messages into other EPIM items (appointments, tasks, notes)*
  • Edit "Location" field
  • Add current date to most printouts from EssentialPIM
  • Copy, paste, cut commands added to toolbar in Notes
  • In Week/Week Agenda/Month/Year view now it is possible to manually drag events to place them in your custom order
  • Rule creation in Mail is made simpler right-click on a folder and select "Create Rule for Folder"
  • Setup individual SMTP servers for identities
  • Select custom sound for new mail
  • EssentialPIM's own adaptive anti-spam filter
  • Long-awaited advanced features to work with tables in Notes
  • Heavy improvements to Find and Replace dialog in Notes
  • Add custom fields for password entries
  • Create additional fields for the "Address" section in Contacts
  • Better display of recurring appointments in advanced search results
  • Better handling of attachments in mail
  • Better sorting of email messages (Re, Fw not taken into account)
  • On printing emails, a list of attachments is added
  • It is possible to insert links in email using right-click context menu
  • Month view easier viewing of all events for a day
  • New shortcuts to mark mail as Read/Unread, Synchronize All
  • Improved drag and drop of items in between the folders in many cases
  • Better search in most modules
  • Tag storage is moved into *.epim database (as opposed to storing it in *.ini files)
  • Improvements to modifying shortcuts
  • Numerous other improvements in all modules

   *Only in EssentialPIM Pro

New in EssentialPIM 7.66 (Pro & Free)

Jun. 9, 2018

  • Improved synchronizations with Android EPIM and
  • iCal subscription should work as expected for Airbnb feeds
  • Optimizations regarding handling and opening of attachments from email messages
  • Improved dragging and dropping of exclusive events within calendar
  • Tags field can now be printed out for appointments and tasks
  • Internal links within email messages will now work as expected
  • Fixed sending out formatted notes via email
  • Better integration for systems with 2 or more monitors
  • Fixed couple of rare AV errors when closing contact dialog windows containing some specific data
  • Other minor bug fixes

New in EssentialPIM 7.65 (Pro & Free)

May 8, 2018

  • Improved contacts synchronization with
  • "Leave messages on server" option now works as expected for the POP3 type of mail accounts
  • Fixed couple of minor issues for IMAP accounts when receiving mail
  • Rich text signature will always look ok for plain text mail messages
  • Fixed rare synchronization issue with EPIM Cloud
  • Coupe of other fixes and stability improvements

New in EssentialPIM 7.64 (Pro & Free)

Apr. 18, 2018

  • Improved synchronization of tasks with Toodledo
  • Much faster import of huge iCal files
  • Better EPIM handling on systems with multiple monitors
  • Improvements related to synchronization with EPIM Cloud and to synchronization of Android EPIM with WinEPIM (running on Chinese Windows)
  • Fixed lots of problems in Mail module
  • Other minor bug fixes

New in EssentialPIM 7.63 (Pro & Free)

Mar. 7, 2018

  • Ability to clear the search box by pressing the ESCAPE button
  • Roll up/down sticky notes by double clicking on the title bar
  • UI improvements
  • Improved printing of appointments
  • Fixed synchronization of tasks priorities with Android EPIM and several other rare sync problems
  • Fixed issues with setting up shortcuts in the program’s settings
  • Couple of fixes and improvements for IMAP mail accounts
  • Other minor bug fixes

New in EssentialPIM 7.62 (Pro & Free)

Feb. 1, 2018

  • Many improvements regarding how EssentialPIM looks like on high resolution displays
  • Much faster synchronization with Android EPIM (especially noticeable if you synchronize attachments)
  • Ability to copy only a part of the email address in preview
  • EPIM will now check if there's similar shortcuts in use when setting up new ones in options
  • Improved import from Outlook and synchronization with
  • Sync speed optimizations and sync algorithm improvements for EPIM Cloud
  • Improved drag and drop support of recurring events in calendar
  • More intuitive handling of fields in contacts
  • Changes in email signatures will now be reflected immediately
  • Minor improvements about how reminders are handled (now similarly to Android EPIM)
  • Couple of calendar printing improvements
  • Tags field can be switched on/off in any module
  • Fully functional PGP key management feature in mail
  • Unicode text in iCal (.ics) files is fully supported now
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

New in EssentialPIM 7.61 (Pro & Free)

Dec. 6, 2017

  • Ability to hide customized view line
  • Quickly delete mail from spam folders using right click and the "Empty Spam" option
  • Drag and drop of iCal (*.ics) files into calendar now works as expected
  • Option to exclude attachments from synchronization with Android EPIM (make sure you use the latest 5.3.2 version of AEPIM)
  • Dynamically adjusted title bar based on the subject line for email messages
  • Passwords groups hierarchy can now be synchronized through Google
  • Added printing of the detailed view in tasks
  • Stability improvements in EPIM Cloud, Google, and iCloud synchronizations
  • Implemented optimizations regarding synchronization of attachments with Android EPIM
  • Fixed option to start EssentialPIM with pre-selected module
  • Fixed issue with inability to log into Dropbox in order to use the built-in Dropbox support feature
  • "List of origin" column will not be printed for the Tree view in tasks anymore
  • Fixed recurrence pattern for tasks that fall on the last day of each month
  • Lots of other minor fixes and improvements

New in EssentialPIM 7.6 (Pro & Free)

Nov. 7, 2017

  • Send mass-mail newsletters with rich-text
  • A special yellow line at the top indicates if something’s filtered in the view
  • Tags and attachments are synchronized with EPIM Android
  • The reminder window has a new setting to "stay on top"
  • To/From addresses in email now have features to copy/add to address book/compose email/create rule
  • Ability to use AND/OR operators in quick search
  • "Show in Calendar" default option for tasks
  • Forward tasks and appointments as iCal and contacts as vCard via email
  • Message rules now have additional parameter "is/isn't in Contacts"
  • Forward multiple emails at once
  • Regular/Detailed views for "by due/start date” in tasks
  • Import iCal file by dragging and dropping it into calendar window
  • Limit Google Calendar and Android EPIM synchronizations by date range
  • Task templates now remember dates, as well
  • It is possible to convert contacts to tasks or appointments
  • EPIM Today can now show tasks for up to 99 days in advance
  • Tasks import from iCal improved
  • Improved copy/pasting from browser to notes
  • Improved synchronization with Android EPIM
  • Improved moving of recurring events on the calendar's grid
  • Improved advanced search
  • Improved drag and drop of contacts and passwords into the groups
  • iCloud synchronization fixes
  • Fixed synchronization to

New in EssentialPIM 7.54 (Pro & Free)

Sep. 19, 2017

  • Undo feature now works for a tasks pane in calendar view
  • Improved synchronization of notes with Google Drive
  • More secure option to hide private items
  • Some optimizations for CalDAV type of synchronization
  • Auto lock feature will also work if minimizing the main window to taskbar
  • Better integration of recurring events in advanced search results
  • Some improvements to synchronization
  • Even easier sing in for Google Apps mail accounts
  • Copy-paste of tasks into calendar now works as expected
  • Calendar (iCal) subscription feature stability improvements
  • Support of password length up to 255 characters in mail
  • Filtering mail messages by their statuses works as expected now
  • Spell check will not be active in Sticky notes anymore if disabled in options
  • Other minor performance and bug fixes

New in EssentialPIM 7.53 (Pro & Free)

Aug. 9, 2017

  • Many optimizations and improvements in synchronization with EPIM Cloud
  • Ability to simultaneously open mail templates multiple times
  • Synchronization with iPhone and iPad devices is improved
  • Fixed couple of issues related to synchronization with Google services and
  • Better integration with Dropbox, speed improvements
  • CSV export now works as expected for contacts
  • Smoother integration of the drag and drop feature for attachments in notes
  • Improved the "Leave message on the server" option for POP3 mail accounts
  • Changing a note's properties to "read only" will not alter its contents
  • Moving mail messages in between folders works correctly now even with applied filters
  • Improved import of tasks into EPIM from iCal (ics) files
  • Some other minor bugfixes and updates

New in EssentialPIM 7.52 (Pro & Free)

Jul. 12, 2017

  • Adjusted the iCal subscription feature, to make it better compatible with the iCal providing services
  • Couple of fixes and improvements regarding synchronization with
  • Synchronization of custom recurring patterns for tasks with Android EPIM
  • Starred labels for email messages will now be correctly synchronized across other mail clients
  • Event invites from Outlook should now be correctly handled in mail
  • Improved synchronization with Google Drive
  • Insert date and time directly into a sticky note using shortcut
  • Drag and copy (holding Ctrl-key) of events now works as expected in calendar
  • Improved handling of custom fields in tasks
  • Better integration of sticky notes with multiple monitor systems
  • Faster loading times of the Insert Hyperlink dialog window for database internal items
  • Better handling of pictures when copy-pasting data from browsers into EPIM notes
  • Fixed and improved many other minor issues

New in EssentialPIM 7.51 (Pro & Free)

Jun. 5, 2017

  • Fixed AV error message in mail
  • Couple of other minor fixes and optimizations

New in EssentialPIM 7.5 (Pro & Free)

Jun. 1, 2017

  • Synchronization with Office 365/
  • Secure password items synchronization with Google Drive
  • Offline mode, whereby EPIM suppresses all attempts to use Internet and works autonomously
  • It is now possible to subscribe to iCal calendars
  • Request read receipt for all outgoing messages
  • Properties of each item, showing when item was created and last changed
  • Export/import selected data into/to another EPIM database file
  • Canned responses in email
  • Feature to apply the column setup to different views
  • Alt+click on an item’s link to open it in a new window
  • Mail (IMAP and especially Gmail) support significantly improved - faster, better recognition of folders
  • Related items tab and hyperlinking heavily improved for better display of recurring events
  • Improvement for OAuth Gmail setup
  • Envelope printing remembers templates
  • Major UI improvements for Sticky Notes
  • Improved items export/import
  • Improved Calendar behaviors
  • Category synchronization improvement for compatibility with Android EPIM version
  • Moved to new Dropbox API and improved authorization
  • Improved changing dates for Calendar Appointments and Tasks

New in EssentialPIM 7.24 (Pro & Free)

Mar. 30, 2017

  • Better integration with Gmail accounts (IMAP)
  • Copy and paste from Excel into EPIM's email now works correctly
  • The "Auto Type" feature in Passwords should work more consistently
  • Optimization of the mail removal process
  • Synchronization of Unicode characters will work correctly with all CalDAV services
  • Improved letter bar in Contacts
  • Fixed issue with EssentialPIM.exe process staying in memory, preventing automatic program's updates
  • Other bug fixes and stability improvements

New in EssentialPIM 7.23 (Pro & Free)

Feb. 21, 2017

  • Reminders for recurring tasks function like they used to in 6.x series
  • Improved consistency when working with Google Mail
  • Optimized synchronization of custom contact fields with Android EPIM
  • Insert key for adding attachments works flawlessly again
  • No more phantom (dismissed) reminders for appointments and tasks
  • Better integration with Yahoo mail service
  • Fixed a rare Access Violation error when switching between EPIM views or modules
  • Undo for deleted tasks will not accidentally switch active lists
  • Copy-paste of special characters from notes to email now works correctly
  • Couple of other minor fixes

New in EssentialPIM 7.22 (Pro & Free)

Jan. 20, 2017

  • Improved Calendar's UI for high-resolution monitors
  • Only visible tasks in EPIM Today will be printed out
  • Copying and pasting appointments will not trigger their reminders
  • Fixed inability to print labels using certain fonts
  • Fixed a UI glitch when dragging and dropping mail folders
  • Changes made to tasks reminders and completion percentages will stay
  • Passwords synchronization with Android EPIM now works as expected
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

New in EssentialPIM 7.21 (Pro & Free)

Jan. 3, 2017

  • New ability to drag and drop tasks in between lists in the Calendar and EPIM Today views
  • Optimizations and fixes for the Related Items tab
  • UI adjustments for the high-res monitors
  • Templates editing for Labels and Envelopes now works as expected
  • Changing font size in settings will be reflected in the calendar
  • Tasks printing should work correctly for all filled in fields
  • Fixed couple of Google Contacts and Toodledo sync related errors
  • Links for EPIM items from outside the program should now be fully functional
  • AV error message in mail when dragging and dropping text is no more
  • Fixed coupe of minor security issues

New in EssentialPIM 7.2 (Pro & Free)

Dec. 13, 2016

  • Notes module now has Back/Forward/History navigation buttons
  • You can now add multiple reminders to Calendar and Tasks events*
  • Additional Contacts fields view- new tab "All fields"
  • Navigation page can be minimized but still be functional
  • On demand, attachments can be now viewed in a separate tab
  • Grid lines can be assigned alternate color
  • You can now choose, which folder on Google Drive to synchronize with EPIM Notes
  • Now "Related items" tab also shows the outgoing links, not only incoming
  • To Do items have new custom field types*
  • You can now insert multiple images into emails in one go
  • CSV import scheme can now be saved and re-used*
  • Appointments and Tasks now have additional completion status "None"
  • Numerous UI improvements (including Calendar module and handling various font sizes)
  • Numerous bugfixes

   *Only in EssentialPIM Pro

New in EssentialPIM 7.13 (Pro & Free)

Oct. 5, 2016

  • Performance improvements and bug fixes related to Android EPIM synchronization
  • Better adoption to different DPI settings in Windows
  • Styles in Notes can now be assigned to tables
  • Fixed couple of issues related to and mail accounts
  • Sorting of tasks by completion date works as expected now
  • Visibility feature for IMAP mail folders is fixed
  • User rights related issue is fixed in EPIM Pro Business
  • Shift+Home shortcut works correctly now
  • Fixed other minor issues found since last version

New in EssentialPIM 7.12 (Pro & Free)

Sep. 13, 2016

  • Option to turn off displaying date/time for tasks in EPIM Today and for Tasks bar in Calendar for more compact views
  • Shortcut to paste as plain text in email messages
  • Ability to choose custom reminder times in the reminders window
  • Improved logic for showing same day tasks in EPIM Today and in Calendar
  • Additional coloring of the weekends and more saturated colors for better visibility in Calendar
  • Checkboxes feature in Notes now works as expected
  • Couple of fixes regarding synchronization with Android EPIM
  • Many other minor improvements and bug fixes

New in EssentialPIM 7.11 (Pro & Free)

Aug. 23, 2016

  • Optimized UI for faster rendering
  • Option to turn on alternate line colors in table views
  • Ability to create pre-filled notes from email messages*
  • Custom reminder times for appointments
  • "Now" and "Clear" buttons in quick time selection dialogs for appointments and tasks
  • Improved coloring of grid lines
  • Option to set time to "none" by default for due and start dates in tasks
  • Individual attachments bar height in each module*
  • Fixed couple of problems in Google, Android EPIM and OneMediaHub synchronizations
  • Fixed other minor issues founds since last version

   *Only in EssentialPIM Pro

New in EssentialPIM 7.1 (Pro & Free)

Aug. 3, 2016

  • Numerous UI improvements (among others, we changed almost all icons, more colors now, as requested)
  • Option to change UI font size in many places (Tools-> Options-> Appearance)
  • Right-click on email to convert it to a Task or an Appointment*
  • "Vertical View” in Contacts and Password modules (View-> Layout menu)
  • EssentialPIM now understands Outlook and Google Calendar invites sent over email
  • "Related items" tab now have custom set of fields
  • oAuth support for Gmail. Now the "proper" way to create Gmail accounts is here
  • Right-click on email to create a message rule from it
  • Now you can mark the whole folder in Mail as read (right-click on Mail folder)
  • Add jpg, png, gif and other files as icons for Note names
  • You can export and import photos to and from vCard format
  • "Delete Conversation" in Mail (right-click on a thread)
  • Improved time selection dialogs in Calendar and Tasks
  • You can "Paste as Plain text" in Mail now
  • Lots of bug fixes

   *Available in EssentialPIM Pro only

New in EssentialPIM 7.0 (Pro & Free)

Jun. 15, 2016

  • Added: Tags. Assign a tag to any EssentialPIM item and easily find all related items*
  • Added: Ability to password protect any module and/or any item marked as private*
  • Added: Quick hyperlinking feature for items within EPIM environment by typing the "@" sign
  • Added: Option to turn off automatic image loading for email messages
  • Added: Contact birthdays in Calendar are automatically linked to a contact itself
  • Added: Shortcut to insert date/time anywhere (Ctrl+Space)
  • Improved: Completely redesigned UI that offers a modern and functional look
  • Improved: Mechanism for quick-selecting time for appointments and tasks
  • Improved: New email account creation wizard to reflect latest security trends
  • Improved: Scaling of email messages (Ctrl+mouse wheel)
  • Improved: Related Items dialog*
  • Improved: Logic behind treating "Re:" in the subject line when replying to mail (no more complex constructions)
  • Fixed: Lots of fixes and other smaller improvements

   *Available in EssentialPIM Pro only

New in EssentialPIM 6.58 (Pro & Free)

Apr. 4, 2016

  • Improved: EPIM Cloud synchronization
  • Improved: Contacts synchronization with CardDAV servers
  • Improved: "Do not sync" feature for IMAP folders
  • Fixed: EssentialPIM not responding when changing settings of IMAP accounts
  • Fixed: Minor sync errors with Google Calendar and Google Drive services
  • Fixed: Couple of issues related to sticky and regular notes

New in EssentialPIM 6.57 (Pro & Free)

Feb. 12, 2016

  • Added: Start time and End time columns into Advanced Search for easier identification of events and tasks
  • Improved: Some performance optimizations for EPIM Cloud synchronization
  • Improved: Synchronization of Unicode items with CardDAV servers
  • Improved: Print range selecting algorithm for different print styles
  • Improved: Opening of PGP encrypted attachments in Mail
  • Improved: Drag&drop of email messages for IMAP accounts
  • Improved: Printing of large number of appointments (30+) for a selected period of time
  • Improved: Inbox folder position for IMAP mail accounts
  • Fixed: Couple of issues related to synchronization with iCloud
  • Fixed: iOS sync minor problems
  • Fixed: Rare AV error when synchronizing with Google services (Calendar, Contacts)
  • Fixed: Copy-paste of data from web sites into Notes
  • Fixed: Synchronization of completed events with Android EPIM
  • Fixed: Selecting multiple contacts from a Group as email recipients at once
  • Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements

New in EssentialPIM 6.56 (Pro & Free)

Nov. 18, 2015

  • Added: Quick export of email messages into Windows Explorer using drag&drop
  • Improved: Synchronization speed and accuracy with Android EPIM
  • Improved: Keeping of to do hierarchical structure when copying tasks using Ctrl+mouse
  • Fixed: Inability to enter contact's birthday without providing a year
  • Fixed: Bug with auto-type feature in Passwords
  • Fixed: Couple of issues related to Google and Toodledo synchronizations
  • Fixed: Internal hyperlinks when saving EPIM database under different name
  • Fixed: Couple of EPIM Cloud related issues
  • Fixed: Printing of completed appointments
  • Fixed: All other minor issues found since last version

New in EssentialPIM 6.55 (Pro & Free)

Sep. 22, 2015

  • Improved: The way the Related Items tab works for email messages and notes
  • Improved: Android synchronization
  • Improved: Search and Replace feature in Notes
  • Improved: Undo/Redo actions in Calendar, To Do, Passwords
  • Fixed: EPIM Cloud synchronization error
  • Fixed: Inability to add more than 8 keywords for checking missing attachments in Mail
  • Fixed: AV error message when double-clicking on column separators in To Do
  • Fixed: Couple of minor problems with the Print Labels feature in Contacts
  • Fixed: Ctrl+Q shortcut for quick search in Mail
  • Fixed: Problem with attachments if using rules for outgoing mail
  • Fixed: Synchronization of contacts birthdays with Outlook
  • Fixed: Newly created contacts not being correctly assigned to groups after synchronization with Google Contacts
  • Fixed: Many other minor issues found since last version

New in EssentialPIM 6.54 (Pro & Free)

Aug. 11, 2015

  • Improved: Synchronization with Google Calendar. Google Calendar colors will now be synchronized, many sync inconsistencies were fixed, as well
  • Improved: Synchronization with Google Drive (notes will now be created in the Drive’s native format for better compatibility)
  • Improved: Mail signature adjustment when changing mail accounts and message format (rich text HTML or plain text)
  • Improved: Export of contacts into vCard (*.vcf) file format, especially when exporting different contacts with similar names
  • Improved: CardDAV synchronization of contacts with OwnCloud 7.0 server
  • Fixed: Issue with inability to drag and drop text when composing mail messages
  • Fixed: Click on the new mail icon in the system tray
  • Fixed: Incorrectly working hyperlinks in between EssentialPIM items created in older EPIM versions
  • Fixed: Outlook synchronization of recurring events with some sophisticated recurrence patterns
  • Fixed: Notes not being always shown in Related Items tab
  • Fixed: Copy format feature in Notes
  • Fixed: Couple of minor problems related to the request read receipt feature in Mail
  • Fixed: Other minor bugs found since last version

New in EssentialPIM 6.53 (Pro & Free)

Jul. 13, 2015

  • Added: Readiness for Windows 10
  • Improved: Speed and responsiveness when working with threads in Mail
  • Fixed: Synchronization of deleted items with Google Calendar
  • Fixed: Quick search in Notes
  • Fixed: Issue with saving mail as draft
  • Fixed: Text drag and drop in Notes
  • Fixed: Problem with Mail preview window on systems with DPI set over 100%
  • Fixed: Couple of iCloud sync errors
  • Fixed: Chinese encoding related issues in Mail
  • Fixed: All other bugs found since last version

New in EssentialPIM 6.52 (Pro & Free)

June 4, 2015

  • Improved: Synchronization with all Google services
  • Improved: Calendar printing
  • Fixed: Numerous Mail module bug fixes

New in EssentialPIM 6.5 (Pro & Free)

May 21, 2015

  • Added: A new "Related Items" tab for any item that allows you to see hyperlinked/related items*
  • Added: Ability to drag and drop attachments in between EssentialPIM windows
  • Added: New automatic update feature for easier, faster and hassle free updates
  • Added: Option to select which module to start EssentialPIM with (General-> Start with)
  • Added: Custom format for dates (General-> Date and time formats)*
  • Added: Threads aka conversations in Mail*
  • Added: Email templates*
  • Added: New vertical view in Mail
  • Added: Ability to delete future events from the series/recurring items
  • Added: Extended appointment/to do reminder window functionality (Go to Item/Show Item)
  • Added: Calendar’s year view printout
  • Added: Ability to create lists with checkboxes in Notes
  • Added: "Filter" functionality in Contacts (same as in To Do or Mail modules)*
  • Added: Ability to set message rules for outgoing mail
  • Added: Feature to process incoming email calendar invitations (ics)
  • Added: Ability to sort and move IMAP/POP3 mail folders around
  • Added: Option to send unsent messages on exit
  • Added: Option to empty Deleted Items folder on exit in Mail
  • Added: Check for missing attachments when composing email messages
  • Added: New context menu for each email: "Move to Folder/Copy to Folder/Forward as Attachment"
  • Added: Correct processing of read request receipts in Mail
  • Added: Automatic signature replacement when changing message sender with the "From" mail field
  • Fixed: All known issues found since last version

   *Available in Pro version only

New in EssentialPIM 6.06 (Pro & Free)

Apr. 14, 2015

  • Improved: Synchronization with all Google services to make it faster, more secure and more efficient
  • Improved: Advanced search for To Dos
  • Improved: Quick search in Notes
  • Improved: Import of contacts from CSV files
  • Fixed: Week view with custom number of days in Calendar
  • Fixed: Signature not being shown correctly in Mail under certain circumstances
  • Fixed: Opening of attachments in Mail after restoring EssentialPIM from Windows system tray
  • Fixed: Couple of issues related to synchronization with Android EPIM
  • Fixed: Some problems with Chinese encoding in Mail
  • Fixed: All other minor issues found since last version

New in EssentialPIM 6.05 (Pro & Free)

Feb. 4, 2015

  • Improved: Overall optimization of the program
  • Fixed: Some text encoding issues in Mail
  • Fixed: AV error in Notes when browsing through search results
  • Fixed: Status for the Deleted Items folder in Mail
  • Fixed: "Invalid argument to date encode" error when attempting to drag and drop To Dos into Calendar
  • Fixed: All other minor issues

New in EssentialPIM 6.04 (Pro & Free)

Jan. 20, 2015

  • Improved: Font selection for HTML messages in Mail
  • Improved: Pasting of images into email messages
  • Fixed: Synchronization of contact fields and recurring tasks with Android EPIM
  • Fixed: Couple of glitches with address fields in Contacts
  • Fixed: Incorrect time for some tasks showing in EPIM Today
  • Fixed: Extra space when hitting Enter in email
  • Fixed: All other small issues found since last version

New in EssentialPIM 6.03 (Pro & Free)

Dec. 17, 2014

  • Added: Ability to reorder Address subfields in Contacts
  • Improved: Synchronization performance with CalDAV and CardDAV servers
  • Improved: Sync with Google services
  • Improved: Support of all Contact fields in CardDAV sync
  • Fixed: Access violation error message in Mail module
  • Fixed: Some issues with Toodledo sync
  • Fixed: Show in Calendar feature for To Do items
  • Fixed: Export of Contacts into vCard (*.vcf) files
  • Fixed: Setting up custom statuses for items in Network edition
  • Fixed: All other known minor issues

New in EssentialPIM 6.02 (Pro & Free)

Nov. 20, 2014

  • Added: Ability to indicate exit code for international phone numbers when using dial-up feature
  • Improved: Stability with EPIM Cloud synchronization
  • Fixed: Error with Google Calendar synchronization. Please note that you need to either create a new sync for Google Calendar or enter the OAuth code in Google synchronization options. This is due to changes in Google Calendar API
  • Fixed: Sorting of contacts when printing Labels or Envelopes
  • Fixed: Couple of other minor bugs

New in EssentialPIM 6.01 (Pro & Free)

Nov. 12, 2014

  • Added: Ability to reorder and hide address subfields in Contacts
  • Improved: EPIM Cloud synchronization performance and stability
  • Improved: Speed and accuracy of message filtering in Mail
  • Fixed: Access Violation error in Mail after Microsoft’s KB3003057 update
  • Fixed: All other known minor issues

New in EssentialPIM 6.0 (Pro & Free)

Oct. 14, 2014

  • Added: New "Week Agenda" view in calendar*
  • Added: Quick filter bar in mail
  • Added: "By Due Date" sorting property for to dos in all views
  • Added: Auto-typing passwords into web forms*
  • Added: Dial-up for telephone numbers in contacts (requires a modem)*
  • Added: Option to automatically delete completed to dos
  • Added: Common proxy settings throughout the program. Authenticated proxy servers are also supported now
  • Added: Chinese lunar calendar
  • Added: Saving and applying search templates (queries) in advanced search*
  • Added: Rich text formatting of note titles*
  • Added: Ability to adjust number of weeks for Month view*
  • Added: Option to show start/end appointment time in all calendar views
  • Added: "Add as Sibling" option for new to dos*
  • Added: "List of origin" for to dos in Consolidated view is now editable*
  • Added: Feature to create to dos or appointments from selected text in notes*
  • Added: Printing option "Each leaf on a separate page" for notes*
  • Added: Option to clear clipboard after adjustable timeout in passwords
  • Added: Ability to show any columns and sort by columns in advanced search results*
  • Added: Advanced filtering options of email messages for each of the mail columns
  • Added: Option to move values up and down in drop-down list fields in contacts*
  • Added: Option to turn off word wrapping in notes
  • Added: New optional date format MMM, dd*
  • Improved: EPIM Cloud synchronization
  • Improved: Appointment templates can now store recurrence patterns along with start time and duration*
  • Improved: To do templates now save custom fields and recurrence patterns*
  • Improved: Insert hyperlink dialog (for database items)*
  • Improved: Dropbox feature in EssentialPIM now allows working with EPIM database files larger than 150 MB*
  • Improved: Display of appointments on time grid in calendar (including printing)
  • Improved: Display of multi-day appointments in all calendar views (including printing)
  • Improved: Handling of changes in recurring events (exceptions are no longer influenced)
  • Improved: Handling of wrong email addresses in contacts (in "Send Newsletter" as well)
  • Improved: Search in notes (hiding unnecessary data)
  • Improved: Display of contact addresses
  • Improved: Ways of adding new groups in contacts*
  • Improved: Searching over custom fields in advanced search
  • Fixed: Numerous issues found since last version

   *Available in Pro version only

New in EssentialPIM 5.82 (Pro & Free)

Jul. 2, 2014

  • Improved: Integration with EPIM Cloud
  • Fixed: Search in Attachments Manager
  • Fixed: Printout for paper organizers (A5 paper size)
  • Fixed: Some minor issues related to EPIM databases opened from Dropbox
  • Fixed: Error for certain types of templates when creating Labels and Envelopes
  • Fixed: Inconsistency with email signatures under certain rare conditions
  • Fixed: Newsletter being sent out using several mail accounts simultaneously
  • Fixed: All other small issues found since last version

New in EssentialPIM 5.81 (Pro & Free)

May 6, 2014

  • Improved: More streamlined experience for the OpenPGP features
  • Improved: Password protection of the older EPIM database files
  • Improved: Some UI inconsistencies in options
  • Fixed: Couple of glitches with STARTTLS connection security for SMTP servers
  • Fixed: Some synchronization issues with EPIM Cloud
  • Fixed: Problems with Chinese hieroglyphs under certain circumstances
  • Fixed: All other smaller issues found since last version

New in EssentialPIM 5.8 (Pro & Free)

Apr. 16, 2014

  • Added: EPIM Cloud. No longer you need to worry about carrying your EssentialPIM data on a USB flash drive or synchronizing between different computers. EPIM Cloud service is free to try for 30 days and will keep your data securely synchronized between any number of PCs. Check it also at
  • Added: PGP support. Now you can encrypt/decrypt all your email correspondence in automatic mode*
  • Added: Read- only status for any item*
  • Added: Quick print feature (right-click on any item)
  • Added: Search on To Do custom fields in advanced search*
  • Added: Option to automatically generate passwords for new password entries*
  • Added: Password generator remembers last settings
  • Added: Extended calendar printing options*
  • Improved: Scaling up of UI when using custom sizing options in Windows
  • Improved: Advanced search*
  • Fixed: Numerous minor issues

   *Available in Pro version only

New in EssentialPIM 5.57 (Pro & Free)

Sep. 10, 2013

  • Added: Ability to insert the current date and time into any item
  • Added: Option to quickly disable/enable all shortcuts
  • Improved: EssentialPIM main window handling on systems with two or more monitors
  • Improved: Handling of recurring to dos
  • Improved: Compatibility with some rare SMTP mail servers
  • Improved: Handling of email attachments
  • Fixed: EPIM still running in the background after existing the program in some cases
  • Fixed: Google sync not always working upon exiting EssentialPIM
  • Fixed: Some Android sync related issues
  • Fixed: Birthday reminders being shown with incorrect dates
  • Fixed: Removal of contact groups under regular users in EPIM Network
  • Fixed: Reminder custom sounds for appointments and to dos not always working
  • Fixed: Other small issues since last update

New in EssentialPIM 5.56 (Pro & Free)

Jul. 11, 2013

  • Improved: Handling of email synchronization with Gmail accounts
  • Fixed: Couple of bugs related to synchronization with Android version of EssentialPIM
  • Fixed: Wrong line brakes and Unicode related issues in CalDAV sync
  • Fixed: Label printing
  • Fixed: Manual sorting in To Do
  • Fixed: Numbered lists formatting in Notes
  • Fixed: Other small fixes and optimization

New in EssentialPIM 5.55 (Pro & Free)

Jun. 12, 2013

  • Added: Ability to have additional properties in Templates ("Custom message" and "Run program" from the advanced Reminder settings)
  • Improved: Synchronizations with Outlook, CalDAV and CardDAV services
  • Improved: Some parts of UI for large fonts in Windows
  • Fixed: Calculation of duration for To Dos without due dates
  • Fixed: Issue with selecting files in Attachments Manager
  • Fixed: Other small issues and performance problems

New in EssentialPIM 5.54 (Pro & Free)

May 10, 2013

  • Improved: Performance of the reminders window
  • Improved: Synchronization of appointment reminders with Android version of EPIM
  • Fixed: Duplicate items appearing in some rare cases in Google Drive and Google Tasks sync
  • Fixed: Couple of issues with OneMediaHub synchronization
  • Fixed: Issue with mail rules for fully downloaded messages on IMAP accounts
  • Fixed: Several minor problems with CalDAV and CardDAV synchronizations
  • Fixed: All other minor issues found since previous version

New in EssentialPIM 5.53 (Pro & Free)

Apr. 17, 2013

  • Improved: Minor tweaks in Outlook and Google synchronizations
  • Improved: UI handling in Mail module on Win XP
  • Improved: Handling of tables in mail
  • Improved: Contacts sync with Android devices
  • Fixed: Contact and Password groups sync with iOS devices
  • Fixed: Issue with Envelope templates not being processed correctly
  • Fixed: Import of password entries from Roboform
  • Fixed: Reverted to the previous default notes expanding behavior
  • Fixed: Lots of other minor issues partly thanks to the sent in error log files

New in EssentialPIM 5.52 (Pro & Free)

Mar. 21, 2013

  • Fixed: List index out of bounds error when EPIM started up with Windows
  • Fixed: All Unicode related issues for all modules
  • Fixed: Inability to attach files to email messages
  • Fixed: Couple of errors related to Android and Google synchronizations
  • Fixed: Several other minor bugs

New in EssentialPIM 5.51 (Pro & Free)

Mar. 8, 2013

  • Improved: Import of vCard files
  • Fixed: Unicode related issues (tag "div" not found error)
  • Fixed: Some problems in synchronizations with OneMediaHub, Memotoo, Google Contacts and iCloud services
  • Fixed: The file is already opened error when working with Dropbox
  • Fixed: First day of week in Week view not being shown correctly
  • Fixed: All other known minor issues

New in EssentialPIM 5.5 (Pro & Free)

Feb. 26, 2013

  • Added: Native Dropbox support
  • Added: Synchronization with Apple iCloud online service
  • Added: CardDAV synchronization
  • Improved: CalDAV support
  • Improved: Synchronization as with EssentialPIM for Android as with EssentialPIM for iOS
  • Fixed: All known issues since last version

New in EssentialPIM 5.03 (Pro & Free)

Aug. 24, 2012

  • Added: Automatic text color inversion for dark categories
  • Improved: The way categories are being shown (due to popular demand)
  • Improved: Android and iOS synchronizations
  • Fixed: Error restoring EssentialPIM from the notification area (system tray)
  • Fixed: Some inconsistencies in synchronization with Toodledo service
  • Fixed: All other issues and omissions since last version

New in EssentialPIM 5.02 (Pro & Free)

Aug. 1, 2012

  • Improved: Synchronization with EssentialPIM for Android
  • Improved: Moving of notes within a tree with the manual sorting feature turned on
  • Improved: Synchronization of contact groups with Google Contacts
  • Fixed: Table properties in Notes
  • Fixed: The number of simultaneously connected users for EssentialPIM Pro Network
  • Fixed: Issues related to removal of email accounts
  • Fixed: All other minor issues and omissions

New in EssentialPIM 5.01 (Pro & Free)

Jul. 17, 2012

  • Improved: Robustness of Android and iOS synchronizations
  • Improved: Synchronization with Outlook
  • Improved: Spell check for words with apostrophes
  • Fixed: Couple of issues related to database conversion from the previous versions of EssentialPIM
  • Fixed: Synchronization with Google on program exit
  • Fixed: Some minor issues with message rules in Mail
  • Fixed: Problems with the Repeat Password field in Passwords
  • Fixed: All other known minor omissions

New in EssentialPIM 5.0 (Pro & Free)

Jul. 9, 2012

  • Added: EssentialPIM counterpart for Android! It provides synchronization between Windows and Android EPIM over Wi-Fi, as well as additional modules. Following data is synchronized: Calendar, Contacts, To Dos, Notes and Passwords (first 2 with internal Android apps). EssentialPIM for Android is available from Google Play Store and also as a direct APK file download
  • Added: EssentialPIM counterpart for iPhone/iPad! It provides synchronization between Windows and iOS EPIM over Wi-Fi, as well as additional modules. Following data is synchronized: Calendar, Contacts, To Dos and Passwords (first 2 with internal iOS apps). EssentialPIM for iOS is available via AdHoc distribution so far (pending submission to App Store). To get it, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your device UDID (How to find iPhone/iPad UDID). Later you you will be able to get it from App Store
  • Added: Most windows are independent now from the main program window (you can open several dialogs)
  • Added: Templates for to dos and appointments*
  • Added: Ability to mark email messages with stars
  • Added: Support for multiple SMTP servers
  • Added: Ability to set up an unlimited number of identities in Mail
  • Added: One-way synchronization with Outlook (in addition to already existing two-way sync)*
  • Added: Option to either remove or leave items during one-way synchronization with Outlook, Google, CalDAV and other online services*
  • Added: Letters bar in Contacts
  • Improved: Unified status icons
   *Available in Pro version

New in EssentialPIM 4.54 (Pro & Free)

Feb. 7, 2012

  • Added: Export of notes field in CSV format for appointments
  • Improved: Advanced Search when searching for passwords
  • Improved: Search in Notes when a note is opened in its own dialog window
  • Fixed: Import of email messages
  • Fixed: Disappearing notes in To Do
  • Fixed: Some issues with data filtering in To Do
  • Fixed: Copy-paste of Unicode contacts
  • Fixed: Couple of AV error messages
  • Fixed: Many other minor omissions

New in EssentialPIM 4.53 (Pro & Free)

Jan. 16, 2012

  • Improved: Some UI tweaks for enlarged system fonts/DPI
  • Improved: Visual representation of multi-day tasks in Calendar (month view) on crowded days
  • Fixed: The "Database file needs consistency check" error message after system restart
  • Fixed: AV error when restoring EssentialPIM from the system tray
  • Fixed: Synchronization of recurring appointments with WinMobile devices
  • Fixed: Sorting of to dos in To Do bar in Calendar
  • Fixed: Text formatting for Google Docs synchronization
  • Fixed: Couple of issues related to Google Calendar synchronization
  • Fixed: All other omissions found since last version

New in EssentialPIM 4.52 (Pro & Free)

Dec. 23, 2011

  • Fixed: Synchronization with Google Contacts
  • Fixed: Synchronization of recurring events with Google Calendar
  • Fixed: Advanced Search
  • Fixed: Printing of appointments
  • Fixed: Message duplicates on IMAP accounts
  • Fixed: Restoring items from Trash
  • Fixed: Many other minor issues found since last version

New in EssentialPIM 4.51 (Pro & Free)

Dec. 1, 2011

  • Added: Showing of BCC addresses for outgoing email messages
  • Improved: Interface to better suit new fonts
  • Fixed: Import/export for LinkedIn
  • Fixed: Import of email messages from Outlook
  • Fixed: Some Google Tasks synchronization issues
  • Fixed: Printing in Calendar
  • Fixed: Other minor bugs and inconsistencies since last version

New in EssentialPIM 4.5 (Pro & Free)

Nov. 23, 2011

  • Added: Synchronization with Google Tasks (To Do module) and Google Docs (Notes module)*
  • Added: Attachment manager* (Tools-> Attachments Manager)
  • Added: Custom fields for To Do module (add as many fields as you want!)*
  • Added: To Do custom filters (use "Filter" command in Actions menu on the left and see what happens to To Do columns)*
  • Added: One-way synchronizations for all Online services!
  • Added: Option how to synchronize First/Last or Last/First names (Tools-> Options-> Synchronization)
  • Added: Various Passwords module improvements
  • Added: Compress command for each IMAP folder
  • Added: Email now can be received through proxy server
  • Added: Plaxo import and LinkedIn import and export
  • Added: Unicode support for attachments
  • Added: Passwords printing
  • Improved: New font for EssentialPIM overall interface
  • Improved: Attachments toolbar
  • Improved: Speed of opening EPIM Today and Mail
  • Improved: Mail module handling of multiple encodings
  • Improved: Printouts for organizers
   *Available in Pro version

New in EssentialPIM 4.24 (Pro & Free)

Jul. 29, 2011

  • Added: Folders synchronization for Toodledo
  • Improved: Selection of recipients for email messages (double click on a recipient to add)
  • Improved: Search speed in Notes
  • Fixed: Floating point division by zero error message when composing HTML email messages
  • Fixed: Issue with database optimization
  • Fixed: Backup restore feature
  • Fixed: Export of contacts in Unicode
  • Fixed: Couple of issues with user rights in Network edition
  • Fixed: Reminders for cloned appointments
  • Fixed: Automatic removal of outdated backups in Free version
  • Fixed: Printing of all day appointments in Month view
  • Fixed: Transaction not active error message under certain conditions during Google Synchronization
  • Fixed: EssentialPIM.exe process still running after closing Free version
  • Fixed: All other minor issues

New in EssentialPIM 4.23 (Pro & Free)

Jul. 11, 2011

  • Improved: Synchronization with Google, Yahoo! and Toodledo
  • Improved: Export/Import features
  • Improved: Automatic database checking and fixing mechanisms
  • Improved: Database closing procedures on computer shut downs on Windows 7
  • Fixed: Incorrect sorting of reminders in some cases
  • Fixed: AV error in EPIM Today when making appointments completed
  • Fixed: To Do pane sorting issues
  • Fixed: Minor issue with Gmail IMAP accounts
  • Fixed: Some database backup related issues
  • Fixed: Working with to dos with Italian regional settings
  • Fixed: Couple of other known bugs to improve performance, stability and security

New in EssentialPIM 4.22 (Pro & Free)

Jun. 15, 2011

  • Improved: Faster opening and less RAM consumption for medium and large database files
  • Improved: Some UI optimizations for large fonts in Windows
  • Fixed: Couple of issues related to editing read-only events in network databases
  • Fixed: Various bugs since last version

New in EssentialPIM 4.21 (Pro & Free)

May. 27, 2011

  • Improved: User experience when working with to dos in To Do bar in Calendar
  • Improved: Speed of opening database files that became slow when first opened with EssentialPIM 4.2
  • Improved: Integrity of content loading (pictures, styles) for email messages
  • Improved: Speed of processing message rules in Mail
  • Fixed: Some errors related to database conversions from previous versions of EssentialPIM
  • Fixed: Inability to set email messages as unread
  • Fixed: Problem with auto tooltip not working when trying to enter second recipient for email messages
  • Fixed: Mixed shortcuts for copying user names and passwords into clipboard
  • Fixed: Incorrect week numbers in Month and Week views
  • Fixed: Issues with conflict resolution dialog window dusting synchronizations
  • Fixed: View of all day appointments longer than 7 days in Week view
  • Fixed: AV error message during synchronization with Toodledo online service

New in EssentialPIM 4.2 (Pro & Free)

May. 18, 2011

  • Added: "Consolidated" view for To Do module (new view is also available in EPIM Today and Schedule)*
  • Added: Week numbers on left-side calendar
  • Added: Recurrence rule for To Dos (Workdays)
  • Added: New view for attachments (Large icons, Small icons, Details)
  • Added: Ability to use the "Send to->Mail recipient" context menu in Windows
  • Added: Option to remember set date in Schedule Table view (set up in Options)
  • Added: Sorting possibilities for attachments (Right-click-> Name, Date, Size)
  • Added: Shortcuts for Password module (Copy User Name and Copy Password, can be changed in Options-> Shortcuts menu)
  • Added: Possibility to open EML files directly from EssentialPIM
  • Added: Possibility to use own date and time formats (Options)*
  • Improved: Reminder window (multiple selection and other improvements)
  • Improved: Repositioned go-forward and go-back arrows on the left for Calendar
  • Improved: Synchronization with online services (Google Calendar/Contacts, SyncML, etc.)
   *Applies to EssentialPIM Pro only

New in EssentialPIM 4.02 (Pro & Free)

Jan. 31, 2011

  • Added: Ability to search to dos by assignees in Global Search
  • Improved: Words wrapping for to dos in EPIM Today and in To Do bar in Calendar
  • Improved: Tabs and spaces are now being correctly shown for appointments and to dos
  • Improved: Import of iCal files
  • Improved: Handling of birthday reminders
  • Improved: UI when using large fonts in Windows
  • Improved: Undo/Redo feature for to dos
  • Fixed: Synchronization with Mobical and Memotoo SyncML services
  • Fixed: Issues related to incorrect mapping of fields in Contacts and Passwords modules
  • Fixed: Synchronization with Google Calendar through proxy servers
  • Fixed: Copy-paste and drag&drop features for selected to dos
  • Fixed: Shft+F3 keyboard shortcut to change case in Notes module
  • Fixed: Some issues with Gmail when using IMAP
  • Fixed: Synchronization of notes in contacts with Outlook
  • Fixed: Problem with selecting recipients for mail messages for Chinese, Japanese, and other character-based languages
  • Fixed: Default font for email messages in EssentialPIM Free

New in EssentialPIM 4.01 (Pro & Free)

Jan. 4, 2011

  • Improved: Cloud synchronization performance
  • Improved: Words wrapping for To Dos in EPIM Today
  • Improved: Right-click options for images in email messages
  • Improved: Contacts module loading speed
  • Fixed: Quick search in Contacts
  • Fixed: Password fields order in the lower window
  • Fixed: Cross-database links in between EPIM items
  • Fixed: Inconsistencies with plain text email messages
  • Fixed: Hide completed appointments option for the table view
  • Fixed: AV error when deleting certain type of fields in Contacts
  • Fixed: Notes RTF/TXT Unicode import
  • Fixed: AV error in Notes during quick search
  • Fixed: Attachment icon in Passwords module
  • Fixed: WinMobile synchronization AV error

New in EssentialPIM 4.0 (Pro & Free)

Dec. 20, 2010

  • Added: New module - Password manager
  • Added: New synchronizations - Yahoo (calendar, to do and contacts), MobiCal, GooSync, AOLSync, CalDAV (any calendar service that supports CalDAV), SyncML (used to synchronize calendar, contacts, to dos and notes)*
  • Added: Unlimited number of synchronizations, that run in background and automatically on startup/exit
  • Added: New powerful feature - Advanced search. Search on multiple criteria and in all modules at the same time (Tools-> Advanced Search)*
  • Added: Undo/Redo functions
  • Added: New options in Calendar (show only work hours, auto scale)
  • Improved: Module selection bar
  • Fixed: All known issues since last version
   *Applies to EssentialPIM Pro only

New in EssentialPIM 3.74 (Pro & Free)

Oct. 5, 2010

  • Added: Add as Child and Add as Sibling shortcuts in Notes
  • Fixed: Problem with email messages showing AVG signatures
  • Fixed: Disappearing ampersand (&) when editing appointments
  • Fixed: Issues with automatic sorting in Notes
  • Fixed: Two-columns sorting in To Do
  • Fixed: Incorrect printing of filtered to dos
  • Fixed: Assignee field in To Do when only company name is used
  • Fixed: Printing issues with colored to do backgrounds in EPIM Today
  • Fixed: TAB key behavior for tables in Notes
  • Fixed: "Is not a valid integer value" error when opening a database
  • Fixed: Issues with editing hyperlinks directly from the table in Contacts
  • Fixed: IMAP errors with mail servers
  • Fixed: Disappearing scroll bar in Free version for To Do section in EPIM Today
  • Fixed: All known issues related to using EssentialPIM on localized Asian Windows versions
  • Fixed: "DB is not open" error during editing of contacts in the lower pane
  • Fixed: "Access is denied" error if opening certain types of email attachments in Windows 7

New in EssentialPIM 3.73 (Pro & Free)

Sep. 14, 2010

  • Fixed: Mixed Classic and Wide views in Mail
  • Fixed: Access Violation error in Free version when typing appointments directly in Calendar
  • Fixed: Multiple problems with Notes tab in Contacts
  • Fixed: Some HTML email formatting issues
  • Fixed: Problem with Reminders not correctly remembering their settings if set for monthly recurring appointments
  • Fixed: Inability to use mouse wheel in EPIM Today
  • Fixed: Group membership issue for some contacts under certain conditions
  • Fixed: EssentialPIM correct starting position on systems with dual monitors
  • Fixed: SSL and HTTPD errors during synchronization with Google services

New in EssentialPIM 3.72 (Pro & Free)

Sep. 3, 2010

  • Added: "Hide completed" right click option for To Dos in EPIM Today
  • Added: "Save as Appointment" right click option for To Dos shown in To Do bar in Schedule
  • Added: Save confirmation message after editing contacts
  • Improved: Check spelling speed in email messages
  • Improved: Some interface changes for large fonts in Windows (120 DPI)
  • Fixed: Inability to synchronize with WM2003 (SE) using the default DLL file
  • Fixed: Error if pressing TAB during contact editing directly from table
  • Fixed: Some omissions with the Reminder window
  • Fixed: Color for upcoming appointments if printing from EPIM Today
  • Fixed: Incorrect progress bar behavior when sending certain types of email messages
  • Fixed: Dynamic SQL error when selecting recipients for newsletter
  • Fixed: Problem with contact pictures not being shown upon HTML export
  • Fixed: Removal of fields in Contacts now works as expected
  • Fixed: Problems with hiding of the Navigation panel
  • Fixed: Random moves of To Dos if marking them complete
  • Fixed: HALO related issues when sending out email messages
  • Fixed: Notes for contacts not being saved issue
  • Fixed: Issues when opening two or more documents attached to email messages with MS Office 2010
  • Fixed: Error when adding a new note if the search filter is being currently used
  • Fixed: Loosing of assignees when copy-pasting To Dos from one tab to another
  • Fixed: Mouse wheel scrolling issues in Notes
  • Fixed: Inability to copy Unicode text from Notes into Calendar/To Do/Mail modules
  • Fixed: Problems with check spelling in Mail module

New in EssentialPIM 3.71 (Pro & Free)

Aug. 17, 2010

  • Improved: Rendering speed when switching to To Do or Notes modules
  • Improved: Loading time for Rich Text email messages
  • Fixed: "Transaction is not active" error when editing recurring appointments or contacts' birthdays
  • Fixed: "AV" error when emptying the Deleted Items folder in Mail
  • Fixed: Google Contacts synchronization issue
  • Fixed: Drag and Drop of to dos onto another tabs
  • Fixed: Random moves in the Tree view when editing To Dos directly from the list (single long click)
  • Fixed: Spell check in Mail using F7
  • Fixed: Some text formatting issues in Notes
  • Fixed: HALO related issue when sending email messages
  • Fixed: Issue with attachments not being added to forwarded messages in Mail
  • Fixed: Inability to see and add attachments for To Dos shown in Calendar
  • Fixed: "No permission for read/select access to TABLE CONTACTFIELDFULLVIEW" error in EssentialPIM Pro Network (log in as a user with administrative rights such as SYSDBA before first use)
  • Fixed: Issue with adding new appointments directly from the day/week/month/year views

New in EssentialPIM 3.7 (Pro & Free)

Aug. 6, 2010

  • Added: Ability to save any To Do as an appointment* (which will be independent of original To Do)
  • Added: Option to switch on/off the From/To date filters for Table view in Calendar
  • Added: New recurrence pattern: "...after completion date" for To Dos*
  • Added: New field types in Contacts: Yes/No, Drop-down list, Check box*
  • Added: "All" tab for Contacts (can be switched off in Options)
  • Added: You can now choose for a contact not to remember its last open tab (set up in Options)
  • Added: Ability to change case of selected text in Notes using Shift+F3 combination
  • Added: "Include headers" option when exporting Notes
  • Added: Options for selecting scope of printed Notes
  • Added: It is now possible to create an unlimited number of email accounts in the Free version
  • Improved: Google synchronization speed*
  • Improved: Assignee selection in all modules*
  • Improved: Schedule module is renamed to Calendar (Tasks are renamed to Appointments)
  • Improved: Unicode export from Contacts
  • Improved: More contact fields now synchronize with Outlook (Other, Business2, Company, Primary)*
  • Improved: Display of HTML email messages
   *Applies to EssentialPIM Pro only

New in EssentialPIM 3.54 (Pro & Free)

Jun. 10, 2010

  • Added: Synchronization support for WinMobile 2003 devices. Please see this topic in the Support Forum for more information
  • Added: Additional check for correctness of recurrence patterns for appointments and to dos
  • Added: Korean (EUC-KR) encoding for email messages
  • Improved: Reminders aren't being shown for completed appointments and to dos anymore
  • Improved: Handling of replies to rich text email messages
  • Fixed: TAB key behavior in Subject fields of to dos and appointments
  • Fixed: If only Due date is set for a to do, reminder automatically follows it when becomes enabled
  • Fixed: AV error when trying to write in Notes before even creating a first note
  • Fixed: Error when dragging and dropping POP3 account folders in Mail
  • Fixed: Some issues related to contacts losing their membership in groups
  • Fixed: A new mail icon still showing in the system tray after new mail has been already deleted from the Deleted Items folder
  • Fixed: Reminders stealing active window focus after dismissing them
  • Fixed: AV error in the Notes module after opening notes in new separate windows
  • Fixed: Right mouse click selection of appointments in day/week/month/year views
  • Fixed: Switch from hours to minutes for appointments and to dos using the ":" symbol on the keyboard
  • Fixed: Selection of incorrectly spelled words in email messages when right clicking on them
  • Fixed: Occasional problems with the right arrow at the left side of the search area in Schedule
  • Fixed: Unicode issues when printing form the Table View in Schedule
  • Fixed: Some problems related to importing of iCal files into Schedule

New in EssentialPIM 3.53 (Pro & Free)

May. 18, 2010

  • Improved: BCC field in Mail is now totally hidden from the recipients
  • Improved: selected text in Notes is now not being cleared after changing modules
  • Improved: CSV export of notes for To Dos
  • Fixed: hierarchy destruction when dragging and dropping To Dos
  • Fixed: some drag and drop issues in Notes
  • Fixed: due date changing back to default value for To Dos
  • Fixed: AV error for the Location field in Schedule
  • Fixed: inability to switch encodings under certain conditions in Mail
  • Fixed: AV error after pressing the ESC button if editing appointments directly in Schedule
  • Fixed: inability to Cut multiple appointments at once
  • Fixed: issues with birthday reminders in Contacts
  • Fixed: incorrect age for contacts in Schedule
  • Fixed: some issues related to recurring rules for appointments
  • Fixed: duplicates in Sent Items for certain IMAP accounts
  • Fixed: issue with self-setting of blue color for appointments
  • Fixed: the default mail client error for Win7
  • Fixed: AV error after disabling To Do module
  • Fixed: EPIM main window changing its size when clicking on the Mail module
  • Fixed: ";" character error in Schedule
  • Fixed: wrap of long links for plain text messages in Mail
  • Fixed: sending out additional messages from several mail accounts if using Global Folders
  • Fixed: slow response in Schedule after certain actions

New in EssentialPIM 3.52 (Pro & Free)

May. 3, 2010

  • Improved: Default selection behavior in the table views when marking items as complete or deleting them
  • Fixed: Error when replying on email messages with empty styles in headers
  • Fixed: List index out of bounds error when synchronizing with Google Contacts
  • Fixed: AV error when replying on some specific email messages
  • Fixed: Synchronization issues related to changed items on WinMobile devices
  • Fixed: Issue with To Dos getting bigger in Schedule under certain conditions
  • Fixed: Start and Due dates were incorrectly shown for some To Dos
  • Fixed: AV error when editing To Dos directly form the Table view
  • Fixed: Incorrect birthday dates in reminders
  • Fixed: Inability to access installed dictionaries on Portable edition with non-standard folder name
  • Fixed: Issue with email messages BCC field being shown in some mailers
  • Fixed: Incorrect default expires date for appointments
  • Fixed: Some problems when replying to email messages with inserted pictures

New in EssentialPIM 3.51 (Pro & Free)

Apr. 20, 2010

  • Improved: Font set for rich text is preserved when replying to plain text messages in HTML format
  • Improved: Handling or message pane when maximizing and minimizing EssentialPIM while being in Mail module
  • Improved: Handling of quoted text when replying to messages in HTML format
  • Fixed: Manage Folders option appearing in Mail module for non-IMAP accounts
  • Fixed: Mail composing format when pasting pictures into HTML messages
  • Fixed: Random movement between To Do tabs when assigning them the Private status
  • Fixed: Import of notes field for Contacts from Outlook into EssentialPIM
  • Fixed: Hidden text in Schedule for double byte languages (Japanese, Chinese, etc.)
  • Fixed: Some problems when organizing columns in Contacts
  • Fixed: AV error when linking to non-existing objects
  • Fixed: To Do list sorting and hierarchy issues when dragging and dropping items from one tab to another
  • Fixed: Inability to hide To Do bar in Schedule using mouse
  • Fixed: Copying and pasting of formatted text from one appointment to another
  • Fixed: Error when using a "<" sign in subject field as for appointments as for to dos
  • Fixed: AV error in Schedule when editing appointments on 64-bit systems
  • Fixed: Print preview error when printing labels

New in EssentialPIM 3.5 (Pro & Free)

Apr. 9, 2010

  • Added: Global cross linking*
  • Added: Rich text formatting for appointments, to dos and contacts*
  • Added: Synchronization with Google Contacts*
  • Added: Import of email messages from Outlook
  • Added: Support for Google Apps*
  • Added: Duration display for to dos (in status bar)
  • Added: 2-week view in Schedule*
  • Added: Possibility to insert Horizontal Line in Notes
  • Added: Automatic check for new versions
  • Improved: Search and Replace dialog in Notes
  • Fixed: WinMobile synchronization issues
  • Fixed: Issues with Unicode mail messages
  • Fixed: all other minor issues
   *Applies to EssentialPIM Pro only

New in EssentialPIM 3.23 (Pro & Free)

Feb. 3, 2010

  • Fixed: AV error on exit
  • Fixed: problem with vertical split line in Notes
  • Fixed: To Do column width not remembering its position in EPIM Today
  • Fixed: Redo action in Notes when dealing with bulleted lists
  • Fixed: AV error when synchronizing Notes with MS Outlook
  • Fixed: some database conversion errors
  • Fixed: inability to write text when creating labels or envelopes
  • Fixed: some errors related to printouts for paper Organizers
  • Fixed: AV error if there’s a conflict during synchronization with WinMobile devices

New in EssentialPIM 3.22 (Pro & Free)

Jan. 20, 2010

  • Improved: Next and previous months are now being shown as small additional calendars when printing Schedule month view
  • Improved: Signatures are now available for mail accounts under Global Folders
  • Improved: Tooltips for all items when linking to them in Notes
  • Fixed: Problem with applying font styles to numbered lists in Notes
  • Fixed: Incorrect text indentation in Labels
  • Fixed: Custom columns order for groups in Contacts
  • Fixed: Multi-day to do events are now being correctly shown in Schedule
  • Fixed: Incorrect detection of Chinese and Russian email encodings
  • Fixed: Email account creation steps are now being correctly shown in wizard for all languages
  • Fixed: Default font color inconsistency when creating new or replying to existing email messages
  • Fixed: Import of some specific email messages
  • Fixed: Too many concurrent connections error when copying notes from one tree to another
  • Fixed: Selection of notes when switching between trees
  • Fixed: Lost of hierarchy structure in Notes when doing drag&drop
  • Fixed: Inability to make Reminder and Repeat columns visible in To Do for old database files
  • Fixed: Some database conversion problems when upgrading to new versions
  • Fixed: Problem with not responding threads for IMAP accounts
  • Fixed: Empty From: field if using Global Folders in Mail
  • Fixed: AV error when deleting recurring appointments from Table view in Schedule
  • Fixed: Empty headers for email messages after minimizing to system tray
  • Fixed: Inability to select leafs if using filter while linking to items in Notes
  • Fixed: British Pound sign (Ј) as incorrectly spelled in Notes and Mail modules
  • Fixed: Delayed refresh after dismissing reminders for To Dos
  • Fixed: Resizing of horizontally split window in Notes
  • Fixed: Export of notes to RTF format

New in EssentialPIM 3.21 (Pro & Free)

Dec. 30, 2009

  • Fixed: Error reading password property field
  • Fixed: AV error when typing directly into Schedule
  • Fixed: Dynamic SQL error when editing existing and/or creating new mail accounts
  • Fixed: Invalid data conversion error for some database files
  • Fixed: Adding new mail folders when logged in not as Administrator

New in EssentialPIM 3.2 (Pro & Free)

Dec. 28, 2009

  • Added: Lots of flexibility for the Network edition. Now you can define who sees what for every single user*
  • Added: Envelope printing*
  • Added: Label printing now has templates*
  • Added: To Dos can now appear in Schedule (Show in Schedule option)*
  • Added: Now you can drag tasks on a small calendar in EPIM main window
  • Added: Export of To Dos into CSV*
  • Added: Ability to drag&drop To Dos to other leafs*
  • Added: Copy format command in Notes
  • Added: Custom colors in Notes
  • Added: New search options in Notes
  • Added: Notes can be now automatically named by EssentialPIM
  • Added: Spell check for Mail
  • Added: Global folders for Mail
  • Added: Ability to run rules on already received Mail
  • Improved: EPIM Today module
  • Improved: Addressing window in Mail module
  • Improved: Filtering assignees when adding them*
  • Fixed: Mail decoding errors
  • Fixed: All other known errors and omissions since last version
   *Applies to EssentialPIM Pro only

New in EssentialPIM 3.12 (Pro & Free)

Oct. 9, 2009

  • Fixed: Signatures in HTML messages
  • Fixed: Schedule category filter
  • Fixed: Some forwarded messages crashed EPIM
  • Fixed: Pictures in the mail messages
  • Fixed: Chinese language in Mail module
  • Fixed: Displaying imported messages
  • Fixed: Reminder window
  • Fixed: Display of some HTML messages in EPIM
  • Fixed: Work with SMTP
  • Fixed: Deleting multiple tasks in Schedule table view
  • Fixed: Task selection in Day view
  • Fixed: Fill color in Notes
  • Fixed: Styles in Notes

New in EssentialPIM 3.11 (Pro & Free)

Sep. 29, 2009

  • Improved: start/due dates are now being shown in front of To Dos in EPIM Today
  • Improved: spell check for words with special character symbols in Notes
  • Improved: default print view for groups in Contacts
  • Fixed: EPIM behavior when clicking on email links
  • Fixed: error when clicking on File->Print Preview in Contacts
  • Fixed: collapsing of To Dos in EPIM Today when switching to other modules and back
  • Fixed: incorrect handling of embedded pictures in email messages
  • Fixed: contacts sorting when EPIM is restarted
  • Fixed: Ctrl+X shortcut when replying on email messages in plain text
  • Fixed: Send via Email link for items written in Chinese
  • Fixed: display of all-day completed appointments in EPIM Today
  • Fixed: AV error when switching To Do tabs in EPIM Today
  • Fixed: some label printing related omissions
  • Fixed: all other minor glitches and problems

New in EssentialPIM 3.1 (Pro & Free)

Sep. 18, 2009

  • Added: Label printing (creating labels from Contacts)*
  • Added: Spell Checker for Notes
  • Added: Adding user icons to Notes
  • Added: Drag and Drop Notes between leafs and trees*
  • Added: Linking to Leafs in Notes*
  • Added: Creating styles for Notes*
  • Added: Rich text Paste into Notes from Web (optional)
  • Added: Tabs for to dos in EPIM Today*
  • Improved: EPIM Today is now much faster
  • Improved: Mail logins/passwords are no longer depend on a computer
  • Fixed: Notes field printing for Contacts
  • Fixed: Lot of Chinese- specific issues (mail, calendar names)
  • Fixed: Synchronization of Outlook reminders*
  • Fixed: CSV Unicode import
  • Fixed: Lots of Mail encoding issues
  • Fixed: All other minor issues and problems
   *Applies to EssentialPIM Pro only

New in EssentialPIM 3.04 (Pro & Free)

Jul. 10, 2009

  • Added: Search on Assignee field in To Do
  • Fixed: Several mail threads issues
  • Fixed: Work on low screen resolutions
  • Fixed: Saving pictures in Contacts
  • Fixed: Freezing on mail check
  • Fixed: Default font setting in Mail now works for replies as well
  • Fixed: Default font setting in Notes
  • Fixed: Mail printing on right-click
  • Fixed: ?subject links
  • Fixed: Selecting mail recipients for some languages
  • Fixed: Main window size is now remembered
  • Fixed: New field creation in Contacts
  • Fixed: Some TAB issues in Contacts
  • Fixed: Network version "No permission for read/select access to TABLE ATTACHMENTS" error (open using SYSDBA for once)

New in EssentialPIM 3.03 (Pro & Free)

Jun. 24, 2009

  • Added: Unread mail is now shown for children folders when tree is collapsed
  • Fixed: Freezing on checking mail
  • Fixed: AV on start on some systems
  • Fixed: Connection reset by peer error for IMAP
  • Fixed: Checking mail window size
  • Fixed: Gmail default settings
  • Fixed: Selecting time in Schedule
  • Fixed: Some minor issues for Portable version
  • Fixed: Folders sorting in Mail module
  • Fixed: Reminders screen fullsize

New in EssentialPIM 3.02 (Pro & Free)

Jun. 1, 2009

  • Added: Default font can be setup for new Emails
  • Added: Now databases are automatically fixed (before fixing or upgrading database, a backup file *.epim.bak is made)
  • Added: If To Do subject is not filled in, it is taken from the body of the To Do
  • Added: Shortcuts for checking Mail
  • Fixed: "To" field in language files
  • Fixed: EPIM Today buttons on the left
  • Fixed: Deleting mail account on password-protected database
  • Fixed: Too long lines while saving message
  • Fixed: IMAP threads numerous fixes
  • Fixed: STRATO mail provider problem
  • Fixed: Sound on mail check

New in EssentialPIM 3.01 (Pro & Free)

May. 22, 2009

  • Added: Option to create a new mail message from File->New
  • Improved: more space for some dialog windows in order to better fit translations in
  • Fixed: Problem with columns not being shown in Mail module for some databases initially created in the previous version of EssentialPIM
  • Fixed: Moving fields up/down under the Business tab in Contacts
  • Fixed: Incorrect behavior when clicking on Apply in Options after selecting modules to be hidden/visible
  • Fixed: A small glitch with time selection for appointments in Schedule
  • Fixed: No more Registry entries for the Portable edition
  • Fixed: Showing/hiding of private appointments in Schedule via Ctrl+L shortcut

New in EssentialPIM 3.0 (Pro & Free)

May. 20, 2009

  • Added: Mail module (supports POP3, IMAP)
  • Added: Tabs in To Do module*
  • Added: Color coding of To Do's and Appointments in Table views according to their categories
  • Added: New Print reports for paper organizers- for Classic and A5 sizes
  • Added: Option to turn off/hide modules you don't need
  • Added: New columns for To Do and Schedule table views: "Created", "Completed"
  • Added: Unicode support for CSV files
  • Improved: Mass Mail is now renamed to "Newsletter" and works with built in mailer*
  • Improved: Time selection for appointments
  • Improved: Search bar for all modules
  • Fixed: Adding folders as attachments error*
  • Fixed: Inability to see text and colors on tabs in Notes on Vista x64*
  • Fixed: All known glitches related to EPIM Today
  • Fixed: Some incorrectly working patterns for recurring appointments
  • Fixed: WinMobile synchronization errors*
  • Fixed: All known errors with vCard files import
   *Applies to EssentialPIM Pro only

New in EssentialPIM 2.81 (Pro & Free)

Oct. 29, 2008

  • Added: Unicode support for Outlook categories
  • Fixed: MAPI error during synchronization with Outlook*
  • Fixed: incorrect behavior when switching tabs in Notes*
  • Fixed: couple of small omissions in Notes
   *Applies to EssentialPIM Pro only

New in EssentialPIM 2.8 (Pro & Free)

Oct. 17, 2008

  • Added: now you can select what categories to show in EPIM Today
  • Added: category of Tasks and To Dos displayed in EPIM Today
  • Added: ability to make Task completed straight in Today module
  • Added: feature to scroll through days, weeks, months and years using new arrows in Schedule
  • Added: new right-click option to select categories for Schedule, To Do modules*
  • Added: Expand/Collapse option for To Dos, Notes*
  • Added: search bar for Notes
  • Added: now possible to enter birthday without a year
  • Added: hide completed appointments option for EPIM Today
  • Added: ability to hide Search Bar
  • Improved: search function for To Do module
  • Improved: it is not possible to automatically exclude empty fields for printing
  • Improved: EPIM now remembers tabs last open for each contact
  • Improved: deleting items from Trash is now much faster
  • Improved: additional File->New menu that allows to create new items
  • Fixed: some Windows mobile synchronization problems*
  • Fixed: CSV contacts export (Unicode)
  • Fixed: To Do display logic*
  • Fixed: saving of appointments if closing using the X button
  • Fixed: some language file related issues
  • Fixed: empty Trash on Exit option
   *Applies to EssentialPIM Pro only

New in EssentialPIM 2.72 Pro

Aug. 13, 2008

  • Fixed: bug with categories in Schedule and To Do disappearing after certain actions

New in EssentialPIM 2.71 (Pro & Free)

Aug. 8, 2008

  • Improved: work with categories and their removal process*
  • Fixed: problem with setting up a password on some databases created with previous EPIM versions
  • Fixed: iCal importing issues with non UTF-8 characters
  • Fixed: issues with manual sorting of root To Dos*
  • Fixed: Unicode exporting problem in Contacts related to TXT files
  • Fixed: some problems with deletion of sticky notes*
  • Fixed: dates, which are now being shown in EPIM Today and Schedule modules
  • Fixed: removal of birthday appointments if selected not to create birthday events in Schedule when working with contacts
  • Fixed: "0 years old" message in Schedule for contacts
  • Fixed: error with import from CSV files if a contact had quotes in the last field
   *Applies to EssentialPIM Pro only

New in EssentialPIM 2.7 (Pro & Free)

Jul. 2, 2008

  • Added: interlinking between items (available in Notes module so far)*
  • Added: To Do bar in Schedule module
  • Added: recurring To Dos*
  • Added: Hide completed events option in Schedule
  • Improved: reminder and repeat icons
  • Improved: additional way to select what categories to show
  • Improved: some parts of the interface
  • Fixed: problems with Google synchronization through proxy*
  • Fixed: priority flags for Palm synchronization*
  • Fixed: "Alt" key interface problem on Vista
  • Fixed: copy-paste of To Do items
  • Fixed: recurring events options in Schedule
  • Fixed: import of vCard files
  • Fixed: some category view glitches in To Do
  • Fixed: TAB key now works fine in Notes
  • Fixed: CTRL+T shortcut now functions
  • Fixed: contacts printing (notes field)
  • Fixed: synchronization of tasks with MS Outlook if living in GMT -6 time zone*
  • Fixed: showing of negative years for birthdays
  • Fixed: export of contacts to Outlook Express
   *Available in EssentialPIM Pro only

New in EssentialPIM 2.52 (Pro & Free)

May. 3, 2008

  • Fixed database migration issues
  • Fixed Google synchronization issues
  • Fixed Windows Mobile synchronization issues
  • Fixed sticky notes roll-up/down glitches
  • Fixed U3 version uninstall issues on Windows Vista
  • Fixed Assignees window for To Do
  • Fixed Unicode names for leafs in Stickies
  • Fixed backup window focus
  • Fixed problems with copy-paste from Excel into Stickies
  • Fixed Notes sorting upon certain conditions
  • Fixed sorting in Trash

New in EssentialPIM 2.51 (Pro & Free)

Apr. 14, 2008

  • Fixed some 2.2 -> 2.5 database migration errors
  • Fixed print preview in Notes
  • Fixed Schedule print preview minor bugs

New in EssentialPIM 2.5 (Pro & Free)

Apr. 11, 2008

  • Added long awaited synchronization with Windows Mobile 5.0/6.x powered Smartphones and Pockeck PCs*
  • Added full 2-way synchronization with Google Calendar*
  • Added sticky notes feature. It is now possible to have any notes "glued" to a Desktop*
  • Added option to print selected events in Table view for Schedule
  • Added ability to create new items with double click in all table views for all modules
  • Added option to preserve individual settings for groups in Contacts*
  • Added dependency of categories in Outlook and Windows Mobile devices with contact groups in EPIM*
  • Improved visibility of the location field for appointments, which is now being displayed in all Schedule views
  • Improved "location" field data handling for appointments and tasks
  • Improved color scheme in some places
  • Fixed all problems with displaying tasks in the month view in Schedule
  • Fixed option to exclude private items from synchronization with Palm devices*
  • Fixed some problems when working with EPIM on systems with 2 monitors
  • Fixed some minor issues with contacts import from Outlook Express
  • Fixed "password protect" option for the Network edition*
  • Fixed shortcuts for To Do module (Move In, Out, Down, Up)*
  • Fixed highlight of emails in Contacts module
  • Fixed problems with links not being recognized automatically in Notes
  • Fixed Cut/Paste action in Notes for trees
  • Fixed recurrence bugs with import from Outlook
  • Fixed bug when dealing with Australia daylight saving time
   *Applies to EssentialPIM Pro only

New in EssentialPIM 2.2 (Pro & Free)

Dec. 22, 2007

  • Added option to print selected text in Notes module
  • Added "Do not print headers" feature for Notes
  • Added new view for attachments in Attachments tab*
  • Added ability to manually be re-arrange To Do’s on screen*
  • Improved backup procedure, when files are now being restored into originalname_restored.epim
  • Improved situation when database is password protected and is locked, no reminders will pop up now
  • Improved subject and notes for Tasks, that are now always shown (subjects in bold) when used on screen and in print
  • Fixed unicode in Day and Week print views
   *Available in EssentialPIM Pro edition only

New in EssentialPIM 2.13 (Pro & Free)

Nov. 15, 2007

  • Added switching to a certain day from within EPIM Today
  • Added feature to erase EPIM Sync/Palm synchronization information
  • Improved EPIM in the system tray occupies less memory now
  • Fixed cannot attach to services manager error
  • Fixed synchronization issues with databases created in 2.x
  • Fixed "business address" synchronization in Outlook
  • Fixed repeating events synchronization issues in Outlook
  • Fixed 1550 items limit on some functions
  • Fixed CSV import into contacts
  • Fixed month view Preview errors
  • Fixed PalmSync for U3 devices
  • Fixed synchronization of categories for To Do's in Palm
  • Fixed hide multiple completed To Do's mechanism
  • Fixed Win+D show desktop command on EPIM
  • Fixed renaming of Notes from within the main screen
  • Fixed various Access violation errors

New in EssentialPIM 2.12 (Pro & Free)

Oct. 25, 2007

  • Improved printing of To Dos
  • Fixed Unicode languages in EPIM Today
  • Fixed Unicode languages in Print
  • Fixed error when setting 0:00 timing in Schedule
  • Fixed Portuguese Brazil language categories
  • Fixed Actions -> Empty trash, which now works
  • Fixed editing Contact info
  • Fixed remembering of sorting order of groups in Contacts
  • Fixed keyboard changing of groups in Contacts
  • Fixed icons selection dialog in Notes for Vista

New in EssentialPIM 2.11 (Pro & Free)

Oct. 12, 2007

  • Added insert date&time buttons into Notes module
  • Fixed transaction not active error
  • Fixed Schedule printing
  • Fixed search in Notes
  • Fixed vCard export/import
  • Fixed Week view print, which now has weekdays and days
  • Fixed To Do print, which now honors "Hide completed" filter
  • Fixed To Do export to HTML (assignees sorting)
  • Fixed Contacts birthdays category that is now remembered
  • Fixed automatic clean up of items in Trash
  • Fixed Contacts print that can now print pictures
  • Fixed Save As dialog minor issue
  • Fixed iCal import errors
  • Fixed some UI problems with large fonts
  • Fixed several issues with Contact birthdays

New in EssentialPIM 2.1 (Pro & Free)

Oct. 1, 2007

  • Added new printing engine
  • Added new features in Notes (extended work with paragraphs and tables)
  • Added new highlighting options for work time/work days in Schedule
  • Added automatically purge items in Trash option
  • Added ability to resize a contact's window
  • Improved EPIM Today view
  • Improved processing speed of large amounts of data when doing import, synchronization
  • Improved Palm synchronization options
  • Fixed categories custom colors, which are now remembered
  • Fixed focusing of reminder windows upon choosing the "Remind in..." command
  • Fixed some iCal import errors
  • Fixed small omission when doing a repetitive search in Notes
  • Fixed problems with copy-paste of repeating tasks
  • Fixed AV error when sorting groups in Contacts
  • Fixed reminder window now remembers its size
  • Fixed some Notes editing bugs
  • Fixed leaf management order in Notes

New in EssentialPIM 2.02 (Pro & Free)

Jul. 24, 2007

  • Improved some text captions to accommodate some languages
  • Fixed iCal all day tasks export
  • Fixed table view for all-day events
  • Fixed KeyNote files import
  • Fixed TreePad files import
  • Fixed WAB exporting errors
  • Fixed some problems with CSV importing
  • Fixed issues when moving month events by mouse
  • Fixed PPC Sync- birthdays
  • Fixed birthday reminders in Schedule
  • Fixed F2 editing in To Do
  • Fixed linking EPIM Today-> Contacts (groups issue)
  • Fixed small omissions with Outlook synchronization
  • Fixed hyperlinking of files in Notes
  • Fixed shift of selection to the next note upon note deletion

New in EssentialPIM 2.01 (Pro & Free)

Jul. 4, 2007

  • Improved calendar highlighting (for Windows Vista)
  • Fixed empty reminder windows
  • Fixed some issues with navigation in notes
  • Fixed database conversion from 1.x to 2.0, which preserves order of columns now in contacts and to do
  • Fixed hyperlinks not being correctly called for files in notes
  • Fixed HTML export. Unicode is handled correctly now
  • Fixed minor bug in search in notes
  • Fixed AV error when exporting contacts from encrypted database
  • Fixed split line in horizontal alignment of notes
  • Fixed broken default shortcuts in schedule
  • Fixed errors related to iCal export/import in schedule
  • Fixed minor recurrence bug in schedule

New in EssentialPIM 2.0 (Pro & Free)

Jun. 26, 2007

  • New database engine (Firebird. Open source and powerful. Advanced users can now easily access their database directly)
  • Complete new interface (you get more calendars, free!)
  • Extensive Network capabilities (access via LAN, internet, 4 levels of permissions, public, read-only items. EssentialPIM Pro Network version only)
  • Multiple sorting in Contacts (use Ctrl+ click to sort)
  • In Contacts and To Do's- direct editing in main view (without opening a new modal window)
  • To Do's trees can now collapse and expand*
  • PALM synchronization*
  • Much improved synchronization with Outlook*
   *Available in EssentialPIM Pro only

New in EssentialPIM 1.95 (Pro & Free)

Nov. 21, 2006

  • Added Unicode support for iCal export/import
  • Added DTSTAMP tag when exporting iCal files
  • Improved now contact groups in the membership window are being sorted the same way as in the group area*
  • Improved synchronization with EPIM Online*
  • Fixed bug when tasks got an hour difference if synchronized with Outlook or PPC with daylight savings time setting turned on*
  • Fixed bug with inability to search using Unicode characters in Notes
  • Fixed AV error message if dragging a group over a blank space in the group area*
  • Fixed error with incorrect sorting of notes if the Auto arrange option was not turned on
  • Fixed incorrect export of contacts having several lines in the notes tab to CSV files
  • Fixed some misspellings for Mass mail function*
  • Fixed Access Violation error if right clicking on Message area in Mass Mail*
  • Fixed incorrect representation of several days long tasks in EPIM Today
  • Fixed error with inactive Find Next button when searching Notes
   *Available in EssentialPIM Pro edition only

New in EssentialPIM 1.92 Pro

Oct. 17, 2006

  • Fixed AV in Contacts when sorting by Membership column

New in EssentialPIM 1.91 (Pro & Free)

Oct. 11, 2006

  • Added EPIM Online Beta (Pro Only)
  • Added Location field in PPC synchronization
  • Improved Options window is now larger to accommodate some languages
  • Fixed bug with 1.7 -> 1.9 database conversion
  • Fixed sorting by Location field in To Do
  • Fixed MAPI error when synchronizing Notes with Outlook
  • Fixed "Private" flag is now being honored upon CSV export in Contacts
  • Fixed Enter button opens an item in EPIM Free now
  • Fixed incorrect cursor movements by TAB button in Schedule table view

New in EssentialPIM 1.9 (Pro & Free)

Oct. 2, 2006

  • Added new module- Trash
  • Added Mass Mail feature (right-click on a Contact. Allows very flexible mailing to your contacts)*
  • Added ability to easily export any items to iPOD
  • Added "Private" checkbox for all elements (allows show/hide items in EPIM and their exclusion in export/synchronization)*
  • Added "Location" field for both To Do's and Tasks
  • Added "Clear the Database load history on exit" option
  • Improved 7 priorities instead of 3 in To Do's and Schedule modules
  • Improved better support for Unicode
  • Improved Ctrl+F shortcut in Notes now automatically places the selected text into the Text to find field
  • Improved Enter key is now equal to double-click on items
  • Improved all-day events in Tasks can now have priorities
  • Improved remembering of contact fields selected for printing
  • Improved priority icons for tasks are now being shown in EPIM Today
  • Improved Contacts module, which now uses unlimited fields' lengths
  • Fixed some bugs with advanced settings for To Do's and Tasks
  • Fixed problems with contacts' synchronization with Outlook
  • Fixed loosing focus of a reminder window
  • Fixed problem when EPIM couldn't be minimized if started with Windows
  • Fixed printout of tasks' times
   *Available in EssentialPIM Pro edition only

New in EssentialPIM 1.82 (Pro & Free)

Jul. 7, 2006

  • Large trees of Notes/To Do's are now displayed faster
  • Task repeating patterns fixed
  • To Do synchronization with Outlook bug fixed
  • Small error fixed related to Notes synchronization with Outlook
  • New Task in EPIM Free version has cursor in Subject field now
  • Alt+E shortcut in the Schedule module now belongs to one action only
  • *.ics files import fixed
  • Group frame in Contacts now saves its position
  • Contact/To Do lower frame now can always be dragged out
  • Large To Do/Contact items are fully previewed and printed now
  • New groups in Contacts shown immediately
  • Contact display of contacts belonging to multiple groups fixed

New in EssentialPIM 1.81 (Pro & Free)

Jun. 16, 2006

  • Mouse over in Schedule shows more information now
  • Default reminder time for new To Do changes with start or due times
  • Fixed handling of text/subject/body and display of it in Schedule
  • List index out of bounds in Reminder window fixed
  • EPIM Today display errors fixed
  • iCal import issues fixed
  • Global shortcuts fixed
  • To Do send via email small bug fixed
  • CSV import with double quotes error fixed
  • If task created straight from main view, the text now goes to subject
  • Fixed focus changes in Groups in Contacts
  • Fixed sorting of Groups in Contacts
  • 1200=Resolve Confilct changed to Resolve Conflict in language file

New in EssentialPIM 1.8 (Pro & Free)

Feb. 9, 2007

  • Added full Outlook synchronization*
  • Added TreePad format full import (*.hjt, including reconstruction of the document tree)
  • Added Google calendar import and export of WEB iCal format. You can easily import iCal calendar that's presented by Google. EPIM checks for duplicates and modifications and handles them correctly
  • Added global customizable shortcuts for all functions of the program
  • Added ability to utilize tabs in Notes module
  • Added additional encryption algorithms for the database*
  • Added customizable number of days in week view*
  • Added hierarchy and sorting in contact groups*
  • Added option to display and print selected categories only in Schedule and To Do modules*
  • Added additional options in reminder window
  • Added any event/item in EPIM can now be copy-pasted to any text editor (works for Tasks, To Do’s, Contacts and Notes)
  • Added "Subject" field for tasks- the one displayed in all views
  • Added ability to change Task or To Do category/completion/priority using right -click
  • Added "Save and New" button to make adding contacts faster
  • Added "Save as Task" option in To Do module now allows for task to be saved as all-day event
  • Added "Strikeout" option added to Notes editing
  • Added ability to use MP3 files as reminder sounds
  • Added option "Allow only 1 copy of EssentialPIM at a time"
  • Added ability to checking for invalid/outdated links in the database option added
  • Added possibility to import Notes into contacts upon importing from CSV
  • Added option not to add icons for beside notes
  • Added current time and date highlight in different views
  • Improved EPIM now asks for old password before applying new one
  • Improved extended import of RTF/TXT files
  • Improved semi-automatic import of CSV files in EPIM
  • Improved start and due dates in EPIM Today for To Do's
  • Improved expired To Do's are now red on EPIM Today
  • Improved File->Print dialog remake
  • Improved iCal duplicates and modifications are now handled correctly (one-way synchronization)
  • Fixed notes are now searched in the order they are shown
  • Fixed right and left pane moving/hiding
  • Fixed tab moving in Tasks, Contacts and To Do’s windows
  • Fixed iCal export taking note of exclusive tasks now
  • Fixed bug with dragging Notes within the Notes tree
  • Fixed task display in EPIM Today and in print dialogs
  • Fixed some PPC tasks synchronization issues*
  • Fixed contacts field length
  • Fixed various minor bugs
   *Available in EssentialPIM Pro edition only

New in EssentialPIM 1.71 Pro

Jan. 31, 2006

  • Added possibility to import multiple vCards if stored in one file
  • Added dual monitors support
  • Added Ctrl+ T shortcut for the Table view in Schedule
  • Added full version description in the About window
  • Improved printing of month calendars
  • Improved upgrade from the previous versions- user database files now open by default when the program starts
  • Improved reminder which does not remember "Run Program" parameter as default
  • Fixed PPC Sync multiple bugs (now works on Windows Mobile 2003 SE)
  • Fixed bug with drag and drop of folders in the Notes module
  • Fixed reminder shifting bug in the Schedule module
  • Fixed Notes sorting bug
  • Fixed multiple bugs with iCal imports
  • Fixed couple of minor bugs in Table view
  • Fixed some minor bugs in To Do
  • Fixed bug when sending items with attachments via e-mail using Outlook

New in EssentialPIM 1.71 Free

Mar. 13, 2006

  • Added possibility to import multiple vCards if stored in one file
  • Added dual monitors support
  • Added Ctrl+ T shortcut for the Table view in Schedule
  • Added full version description in the About window
  • Improved printing of month calendars
  • Improved upgrade from the previous versions- user database files now open by default when the program starts
  • Improved reminder which does not remember "Run Program" parameter as default
  • Fixed bug with drag and drop of folders in the Notes module
  • Fixed reminder shifting bug in the Schedule module
  • Fixed Notes sorting bug
  • Fixed multiple bugs with iCal imports
  • Fixed couple of minor bugs in Table view
  • Fixed some minor bugs in To Do
  • Fixed bug when sending items with attachments via e-mail using Outlook

New in EssentialPIM 1.7 Pro

Jan. 13, 2006

  • Added full Pocket PC Sync with Windows Mobile ("PPC edition" only)
  • Added full iCal export/import support with definable categories (iCal calendars:
  • Added full vCard export/import support
  • Added schedule search- searches on any field and can be limited by date range
  • Added new schedule view- Table. Allows to work on appointments in batches
  • Added notes now allow inserting of links to files as well
  • Added new category (Holiday), mainly for iCal imports/exports
  • Added notes tree horizontal positioning (option)
  • Added contacts copy-paste (allows to pre-populate contacts easily)
  • Added automatic encryption of database after idle time (option)
  • Added calendar can be scrolled using arrows
  • Added reminder can start programs now
  • Fixed all known errors and omissions

New in EssentialPIM 1.7 Free

Jan. 13, 2006

  • Added full iCal export/import support with definable categories (iCal calendars:
  • Added full vCard export/import support
  • Added schedule search- searches on any field and can be limited by date range
  • Added new schedule view- Table. Allows to work on appointments in batches
  • Added notes now allow inserting of links to files as well
  • Added new category (Holiday), mainly for iCal imports/exports
  • Added notes tree horizontal positioning (option)
  • Added contacts copy-paste (allows to pre-populate contacts easily)
  • Added automatic encryption of database after idle time (option)
  • Added calendar can be scrolled using arrows
  • Added reminder can start programs now
  • Fixed all known errors and omissions

New in EssentialPIM 1.6 Pro

Sep. 28, 2005

  • Added Groups/Categories into Contacts
  • Added import from multiple RTF and TXT files
  • Added feature to change icons in Notes tree, pre-setup range
  • Added "Database Management" new window with essential information about
  • Added feature to add date/time into Note name
  • Added new "Add Note" dialog window
  • Added option to show Contacts without grid lines
  • Added "Send via e-mail" function for each module
  • Added color schedule printing
  • Reminders are now with "No sound" by default
  • Added "Hide Clock" function
  • Added feature to set up Default font for Notes module
  • Picture in Contacts can be exported now
  • Added Undo/Redo buttons to Notes
  • Tools-> Options now remembers last used tab
  • Changed To Do priorities flags to more readable on black and white printout
  • Added new To Do priorities flags
  • Noticeable database speed increase

New in EssentialPIM 1.6 Free

Sep. 28, 2005

  • Added import from multiple RTF and TXT files
  • Added feature to change icons in Notes tree, pre-setup range
  • Added "Database Management" new window with essential information about
  • Added feature to add date/time into Note name
  • Added new "Add Note" dialog window
  • Added option to show Contacts without grid lines
  • Reminders are now with "No sound" by default
  • Added "Hide Clock" function
  • Added feature to set up Default font for Notes module
  • Picture in Contacts can be exported now
  • Added Undo/Redo buttons to Notes
  • Tools-> Options now remembers last used tab
  • Changed To Do priorities flags to more readable on black and white printout
  • Added new To Do priorities flags
  • Noticeable database speed increase

New in EssentialPIM 1.5 Pro

Jul. 6, 2005

First public release

New in EssentialPIM 1.5.3 Free

Jul. 6, 2005

  • No birthdays section in EPIM Today shown if there is no any birthdays
  • CSV Import significant speed increase
  • Internet Explorer process for print preview purposes now started only when Print function is initialized
  • Faster Schedule module display
  • Languages sorted alphabetically
  • Contact Fields Re-Ordering bug fixed
  • CSV import errors fixed
  • EseentialPIM now remembers the latest used module when minimizing in the system tray
  • The Country field length is increased in the Contacts module
  • Fixed AV errors upon exiting EssentialPIM while having a couple of notes, to dos selected
  • Incorrect representation of Exclusive tasks error fixed
  • Disappearing reminder icon in the Tasks module fixed
  • Improved test database
  • All notes bugs fixed

New in EssentialPIM 1.5.2 Free

May. 9, 2005

  • Migration from 1.0 to 1.5 error fixed now
  • Quote symbols now shown on EPIM Today
  • Fixed incorrect interpretation of Unicode symbols in some dialogs

New in EssentialPIM 1.5.1 Free

May. 3, 2005

  • Much more advanced To-Do list with full functionality, as per request of many users
  • "EPIM Today" first page
  • "Compress" function for the database
  • More categories in Tasks and To-Do modules
  • More localizations (Portuegese, Estonian, etc)
  • Code signing certificate
  • Fixed all known bugs and errors

New in EssentialPIM 1.0 Free

Feb. 28, 2005

  • To-Do add task fixed
  • Copy-paste tasks works in Schedules
  • MS Outlook Notes now import in full
  • Closed module windows now save their position
  • Birthday display fixed
  • "Date is less than the minimum of..." fixed
  • Arrows and PgUp/Down work as expected in views

New in EssentialPIM 1.0 RC1 Free

Feb. 21, 2005

New features

  • PageUp button now is functional
  • Time Schedule setting is now remembered
  • Ins key is functional in Schedules


  • Languages are now in alphabetic order


  • "Expirations" checkbox in Schedules fixed
  • "Completion" status fixed
  • Week schedule fixed
  • Task re-occurrences are fixed
  • Multi-language search in Notes works now

New in EssentialPIM 1.0 Beta 5 Free

Feb. 9, 2005

New features

  • AM/PM schedule
  • Open database name on the top
  • EPIM now asks for interface language on startup
  • Option to split the task from recurring series
  • The highlight toolbar button to quickly highlight selection with last used color in Notes


  • Contact age in Schedule now recalculates according to active year
  • Clock no longer annoys with seconds


  • ntdll.dll access violation error
  • Birth year can now be any, no limitations
  • Last contact deletion error
  • Outlook calendar import
  • CSV import error
  • Contact picture disappearance
  • Repeat of monthly tasks
  • Hyperlink can now be assigned with different colors in Notes

New in EssentialPIM 1.0 Beta 4b Free

Feb. 1, 2005

  • New interface languages added (Deutsch, Greek)
  • Optimization of database indexing and design performed
  • The speed of showing contacts improved by 20 to 30 percent
  • Fixed errors with the Search function in the Contacts module
  • Atempt to fix ntdll.dll error

New in EssentialPIM 1.0 Beta 4 Free

Jan. 27, 2005

New features

  • Contacts can now be printed in any order, exactly as they are sorted on the screen
  • Contacts print out/export can be now limited to certain fields
  • Every contact can now hold a Photo/Picture
  • Additional fields in contact details can now be added from pre-set list
  • Tasks re-occurrence on much more advanced level can be now set up
  • Schedules can now start on Sunday (according to system settings)


  • Notes search interface
  • Contacts main window


  • Notes export to Outlook
  • Tasks import from Outlook
  • Sorted contacts remember positions after restart now
  • Buttons are now made larger to improve localized versions
  • Direct Task entry fixed
  • Rewriting database causes no errors
  • Interface draws correctly at restart now

New in EssentialPIM 1.0 Beta 3 Free

Jan. 4, 2005

  • Search and replace function added in Notes
  • New backup function for better protection from unwanted actions and accidents
  • Improved color selection dialogs for Notes
  • Added ability to set background color for a note
  • Some errors with tables in Notes module were fixed
  • Fixed some bugs in Contacts module with incorrect fields representation
  • Added scroll bar for notes in Contacts module
  • Fixed contacts deletion bug
  • Added ability to quickly create a New Task and/or a New Note and/or a New Contact when right clicking on the EPIM icon in the system tray

New in EssentialPIM 1.0 Beta 2 Free

Apr. 11, 2005

  • all known errors fixed (re-occurring, long tasks, start-up and print preview error)
  • extended language support- languages can now be switched on the fly and default language automatically selected
  • auto save function (all data is saved every xx minutes, setup by user)
  • hyperlinks in Contacts- can now send email or visit homepage form within the contacts window
  • data fields in contacts can now be moved and dragged up/down
  • extended hyperlinks support in notes- hyperlinks are now automatically recognized and can be assigned shorter names
  • all buttons now have tooltips

New in EssentialPIM 1.0 Beta Free

Dec. 7, 2004

First public release