Pro vs. Free Version

Check out the main differences between the two versions of EssentialPIM.


Feature PRO FREE
Support for all six of EPIM's interconnected modules: Mail, Calendar, Tasks, Notes, Contacts, and Passwords Yes Yes
Support for dark and light themes Yes Yes
Synchronization with Android / iOS Yes Yes
Offered in Desktop install and Portable editions Yes Yes
Advanced printout options Yes Yes
Global search to perform searches of any complexity Yes Yes
Advanced backup options (including backup to popular cloud storage services like Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox) Yes Yes
Check spelling and grammar Yes Yes
Versatile import/export capabilities (csv, html, pdf, ics, vcf, rtf, eml, xml and many other widely used file formats) Yes Yes
Change order of the modules or hide unused ones Yes Yes
Customizable shortcuts (hotkeys) Yes Yes
Global Sidebar for managing tasks and calendars Yes Yes
Emoji support Yes Yes
Integration with online services (Google, iCloud, Outlook 365, ownCloud, Nextcloud, etc.) Yes No
Multi-user access to database (Business Edition) Yes No
Internal cross-linking and related items Yes No
EPIM database stored in Dropbox (native integration) Yes No
Colorful tags and ability to assign individual shortcuts to them Yes No
Tags explorer Yes No
Storing of attachments or simply linking to files on the disk Yes No
Powerful attachments manager Yes No
Secure advanced encryption (AES 256-bit, Blowfish 448-bit) Yes No
Password-protect any type of data in any module Yes No
Offline mode to suppress all incoming and outgoing connections Yes No
Ability to make any item read-only to prevent accidental changes Yes No
Version history to restore previous versions of items Yes No
Sending any type of an item via email Yes No
Set items private to hide from the screen or exclude from printout, export or synchronization Yes No
Rich text formatting anywhere Yes No
Custom date and time formats to use throughout the program Yes No


Feature PRO FREE
Unlimited number of email accounts Yes Yes
Adaptive spam filtering Yes Yes
Message Rules Yes Yes
Unified inbox that combines emails from multiple accounts Yes Yes
Email templates and signatures Yes Yes
Quick reply (no need to open messages in a separate window) Yes Yes
Support for multiple identities per account Yes Yes
Option to auto delete old email messages for selected folders Yes Yes
Categories for better email management Yes Yes
Translate email messages to your preferred language Yes No
PGP encryption to protect privacy of your emails Yes No
Microsoft Exchange support Yes No
Mail threading that automatically groups related emails into conversations Yes No
Convert any email to task, appointment or note Yes No
Create and insert text snippets into emails Yes No
Schedule messages to be sent later at a specific time Yes No
Archive folder with customizable policies Yes No
Flag emails for follow-up reminders Yes No


Feature PRO FREE
Color-coded, easy to read day, week, week agenda, month, year and list calendar views Yes Yes
Task bar in calendar Yes Yes
Additional, customizable views that can show a user-setup number of days, weeks, months Yes No
Advanced search and filtering mechanisms Yes No
Templates for appointments Yes No
Multiple reminders (email, pop up, etc.) Yes No
Weather in calendar Yes No
Subscription to iCal calendars Yes No
Quicky adjust dates and times of multiple appointments at a time Yes No


Feature PRO FREE
Grouping of tasks by start, due dates Yes Yes
Smart Lists that automatically categorize your tasks based on importance, flags, and completion status Yes Yes
Hierarchical structure and unlimited number of tasks lists Yes No
Assignees Yes No
Show tasks in calendar Yes No
Ability to create different types of custom fields (text, date, drop-down, yes/no, etc.) Yes No
Advanced search and filtering mechanisms Yes No
Templates for tasks Yes No
Multiple reminders (email, pop up, etc.) Yes No
Floating tasks that keep moving day by day until they’re completed Yes No
Quicky adjust dates for multiple tasks at a time Yes No
Kanban board Yes No


Feature PRO FREE
Tree-like multilevel structure, unlimited number of folders and notes Yes Yes
Insert pictures, tables or any formatted text Yes Yes
Insert anchors (bookmarks) in text and browse to them from another place Yes Yes
Advanced Insert Symbol dialog Yes Yes
Multiple tabs for note trees and single notes Yes No
Place your notes as stickies on desktop (Sticky Notes) Yes No
Group sticky notes with ease through a simple drag-and-drop Yes No
Create and manage styles for faster text formatting Yes No
Rich text formatting including background color for note titles Yes No
Create appointments or tasks straight from notes Yes No
Rulers and line numbers Yes No


Feature PRO FREE
Wide selection of fields - adding a new data field is a snap Yes Yes
Powerful, fast search and sort features Yes Yes
Adjustable views with a letter bar Yes Yes
Unlimited number of contact groups. Each contact may belong to several groups. Yes No
Print, sort and export by groups Yes No
Create and send out an email newsletter to all or just selected contacts Yes No
Design and print labels and envelopes Yes No
Dial your contacts straight from their cards Yes No
Filter out contacts by defined values Yes No
See emails related to a particular contact Yes No


Feature PRO FREE
Strong encryption Yes Yes
Password generator Yes Yes
Fetch icons from web addresses and assign them to entries Yes No
Tree-like group structure Yes No
Custom text and masked fields Yes No
Auto-type your passwords on the web Yes No

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30-day fully functional free trial version, after which you may decide to continue using the Pro version or switch to the Free license.


Free Download

30-day fully functional free trial version, after which you may decide to continue using the Pro version or switch to the Free license.

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