EssentialPIM Features

The powerful, full-featured email client and organizer for Windows offers integration with all the major online services, portability (run it from a USB stick), client-server architecture support (Business edition) and Android and iOS versions.

Features Comparison

Free Version

EssentialPIM is the award-winning, absolutely free solution for all your productivity needs. Supported by a large community of users, it has been widely acknowledged as the most powerful, intuitive and customizable freeware organizer on the market.

  • Email
  • Calendar
  • Tasks
  • Notes
  • Contacts
  • Passwords
  • Portable Version
  • Sync With Android and iPhone

Pro Version

EssentialPIM Pro offers an ultra-customizable set of advanced features to control all your emails, appointments, to do lists, notes, contacts and passwords. Being an affordable replacement for Outlook, EssentialPIM Pro is one smart and speedy app to meet your everyday organizing needs.

All the Free version features are also available in the Pro, plus:

  • Integration With Cloud Services
  • Multi-user Access to Data
  • Sticky Notes
  • Tags
  • Storing of Attachments
  • Offline Mode
  • Version History
  • Advanced Search and Filtering
  • Templates
  • Comprehensive Auto Backup

Free Download

30-day fully functional free trial version, after which you may decide to continue using Pro version or switch to the Free license.

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Features Descriptions

  • Email, Calendars, Tasks, Notes, Contacts and Passwords

    EssentialPIM has evolved over many years to be a flexible, yet very intuitive application that gets you started within minutes. Portable version and extensive import, export and synchronization features make sure you are the real boss of your data.

    EssentialPIM for mobile platforms (Android and iOS) allows you to keep and manage all of your PC version EssentialPIM data on the go. It also offers seamless synchronization of all data with the devices.

  • Fully portable

    The Portable edition of EssentialPIM can work straight from your USB flash drive or any other portable device. All your settings and data are stored on the removable media in a dedicated folder, without any traces on the host system. Data files can also be strongly encrypted to prevent access to the data in case of media loss/theft.

  • Open source database. Data is always yours.

    EssentialPIM uses an open source Firebird database engine. This means that all the data is yours. No proprietary formats, no lock in. You can even write plugins and applications to work with your data however you like.

  • Additional apps for your EPIM data management needs

    There is more to EssentialPIM than just managing your information. We also offer free tools to take care of your database: EPIM Synchronizer to synchronize multiple databases between each other and EPIM Archiver/DupRemover to archive old items and to remove duplicate entries from the database.

  • Popular cloud services. Integrated.

    Easy to set up integration features with all popular cloud services including Google, Outlook for Microsoft 365, iCloud, ownCloud, Nextcloud, Toodledo, EPIM Cloud and many others. Native Dropbox support is also included.

  • Multiple languages. Olá, Ciao, Hallo!

    If your native language is not English, no problem! It’s likely EssentialPIM has you covered. Some of the most popular supported languages are German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, French, Polish, Spanish, and Chinese.

  • Multi-user database access

    Need to collaboratively work with others? You can do that with EssentialPIM Pro Business. Assign access rights and let everyone share their calendar, contacts, to do lists, notes and even password entries with other members of the workgroup.

  • Thought-out usability

    For years now, we have been listening to our users and progressively working on our User Interface (UI), always enhancing, always making things easier for you to accomplish. The current offering is a polished, intuitive interface that allows a new user to get started right away, while providing advanced users with all sorts of options, preferences, customizations and shortcuts as they explore the program.

  • Printing. Same data, multiple printouts.

    Group, limit, hide and add data - all that is possible with flexible and easy printout reports. Any data in EssentialPIM can be printed in multiple layouts.

About Security

  • Locking

    All your data can be securely encrypted using industrial-grade algorithms such as AES-256, Blowfish-448 and others. EssentialPIM provides automatic database encryption on timer or on certain actions to ensure data security when left unattended.

  • Extra Security

    Your data is protected using industry-standard 256-bit SSL protocol (same as in online banking) during synchronizations with online cloud services. Before sending your data, it is encrypted "for service eyes only" and sent via HTTPS protocol.

33 Ways EssentialPIM Helps You Manage Your Life

  • EPIM Today

    • Provides a full overview of upcoming tasks that need to be done, in a simple, color-coded layout. Data from all modules is collected here to give a short- and long-term perspective.
    • Extensive settings to adjust the view, like showing certain data or limiting data to certain period so you can see your day just the way you want.
  • Mail

    • Integration with Contacts and other EssentialPIM modules for productive work.
    • Signatures, mail rules, tags, printing - everything you would expect from a mature email client.
    • Full PGP encryption support to protect your privacy.
    • A unified inbox feature to manage all your incoming mail from one location.
    • Versatile filtering tools to sort, find and filter emails.
    • Spelling and grammar checks; ability to change the dictionary's language.
  • Calendar

    • Color-coded, easy-to-read day, week, week agenda, month, year, list schedules.
    • Customized categories and "fast search" make sure data is organized your way.
    • Templates allow you to insert new items quickly and with quality control.
    • Extensive synchronization, printout and export capabilities that let you flawlessly handle your schedule data.
    • Tasks sidebar to provide a great overview of things to do.
  • Tasks

    • Flexible structure that organizes tasks into multiple trees, with subtrees and leaves.
    • Different task views including List, Plain and Consolidated options.
    • Customizable layout with a help of templates.
    • Advanced search and filtering mechanisms.
    • Powerful printout features will allow you to print the way you want it.
    • Kanban board for visual management of tasks with "To Do", "In Progress" and "Completed" columns.
  • Notes

    • Flat or tree-like multilevel data structure, or any combination you want.
    • Multiple views and a quick search allows you to locate your data in no time.
    • Insert photos, drawings, pictures of any format, tables, with full-featured text formatting capabilities.
    • Add anchors into text for quick reference from other places inside EPIM.
  • Contacts

    • Multi-level groups and powerful search & filter capabilities.
    • Unlimited custom fields allow you to store virtually any type of data with your contacts.
    • Create a newsletter, print labels and envelopes.
    • Extensive printout and export features.
    • Ability to dial phone numbers straight from a contact card.
  • Passwords

    • A convenient way to store all your passwords and other sensitive data.
    • Fetch icons for password entries directly from the web sites.
    • Built-in password generator helps you to create unique and secure passwords.
    • Auto-typing passwords into web forms with a single click.
  • Trash

    • Never accidentally lose anything stored in EPIM.
    • Data from Trash can be easily restored at any moment.

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