How To: Synchronize EPIM with Widows Mobile 2003/2003SE

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How To: Synchronize EPIM with Widows Mobile 2003/2003SE

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Here’s a step by step instruction about how to make your pocket device running on Windows Mobile 2003/2003SE operating system to synchronize with the latest EssentialPIM Pro versions.
  • 1. Please make sure you have EssentialPIM Pro 3.54 or newer version
    2. Go to the directory where EssentialPIM Pro is installed and delete PPCSync.dll file
    3. Download PPCSync.dll attached to this post
    4. Connect your device to your computer and copy the downloaded PPCSync.dll file into the Windows directory on your device (allow to overwrite if file already exists)
    5. Start EssentialPIM Pro and choose File->Synchronization->Windows Mobile
That should do it. Please post replies to this post if something is not working out or you have any questions.
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