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We're excited to announce the release of EssentialPIM 12.0.4, which focuses on improving your email experience.

Key improvements in this update:

  • Message Preview: Enjoy consistent message previews without any interruptions.
  • Attachment Handling: Experience smoother opening of various file attachments directly from your emails.
  • Subject Line Stability: No more disappearing subject lines – they'll stay put where they belong.
  • General Enhancements: Benefit from additional bug fixes and performance optimizations.

Upgrade now to take advantage of these improvements and enjoy a more efficient email workflow!

We're excited to announce a new update for EssentialPIM that brings several improvements to help you manage your tasks, emails, and notes more efficiently. Here's what's new:

  • Gain more control over your inbox: A new option allows you to disable editing subject lines of email messages, preventing accidental or unwanted changes.
  • Import data with ease: Now you can select custom fields in Tasks when importing data from CSV files, ensuring your information is organized the way you need it.
  • Find what you need quickly: The quick search in Notes now functions as expected, allowing you to locate specific notes without disruption.
  • Enjoy a smoother experience: We've addressed error messages in Mail, fixed issues with message previews, and resolved an access violation error that occurred in Tasks under certain circumstances.
  • Enhanced accessibility, performance, and stability: The update also includes several minor bug fixes that further improve EssentialPIM's accessibility, performance, and overall stability.

We strongly encourage all EssentialPIM 12.0 users to upgrade to this latest version for improved stability and performance.

We're excited to announce the immediate release of EssentialPIM 12.0.2! This update brings a range of improvements to help you manage your tasks and communications more effectively.

Stay on top of your inbox with custom notification sounds for new mail! Experience faster loading and opening times in Mail and personalize your contacts with more control over displayed images. EssentialPIM 12.0.2 also includes fixes for reply buttons in Mail and various other experience optimizations.

You can view the full list of changes on the Version History page. We encourage all current EPIM users to update to this latest release for improved stability.

Upgrade today and experience the difference! Download the new version from the Download page or use the auto-update feature in EPIM (click on Help -> Check for Updates to see if the update has reached you).

We can't be certain, but shortcuts were likely among the first inventions.

Imagine the first hunter returning from his forage, meal in hand. "That was a good spot, but there must be a quicker way to get there," he thinks. And so begins the hunt for a shortcut.

We are no different with our software. We insist on any tool to help us work faster, be it shortcut keys, macros, quick-access toolbars, and the like.

EssentialPIM obliges. It has always had its share of shortcuts and quick action tools and has added more in the new release, version 12.0. For example, EPIM introduced the quick entry of Tasks in v11.5 and extended this feature to Notes in v11.7. Version 12 adds quick entry to the remaining modules: Calendar, Contacts, and Passwords.

And that's not all.

We are excited to announce the immediate release of EPIM 12.0.1! This update brings several improvements to EssentialPIM, making it easier to manage your contacts, tasks, and emails. We have also focused on fixing a number of issues found after the EPIM 12.0 release and enchansing the overall performance and responsiveness of the program.

For more details about the changes in this version, please visit the Version History page. To download the new version, visit the Download page or use the built-in auto-update feature (click on Help->Check for Updates).

Update now to experience improved productivity and a smoother EssentialPIM experience!

We're thrilled to announce the immediate availability of EssentialPIM 12.0! This release is packed with exciting new features and enhancements designed to streamline your workflow and boost your productivity.

Enhanced Contact Management:

  • Identify contacts at a glance: A new default view featuring initials or pictures makes finding the right contact a breeze.
    Identify contacts at a glance
  • Redesigned contact details: Gain a complete overview of your contacts with all the information you need in one place.

Andrew's company uses standard office software, but he prefers EPIM's tasks and notes because they are consolidated in one program, easy to cross-reference, and he can export notes as Word documents when he needs to collaborate.

He uses the corporate calendar and email to engage with his colleagues, and EssentialPIM to document and track his activity. However, Andrew's workload has grown and he needs help managing his work. He wants to know how EPIM can help.

EssentialPIM is not project management software, but it does have helpful tools.

Four minor releases of EssentialPIM have appeared since we looked at version 11.8. Most of these addressed defects and improved synchronization with various services, but three enhancements deserve a closer look.

1. Dates include the day of the week

EssentialPIM, by default, shows the abbreviated day of the week in certain fields such as the Start and Due time (Figure 1).

We're pleased to announce the release of EssentialPIM 11.8.4, now available for immediate download. This update prioritizes performance enhancements, addressing various synchronization issues and implementing numerous bug fixes and minor adjustments.

We encourage all users to upgrade to this latest version for an improved experience. For a detailed list of changes, visit our Version History page. To manually download and install EPIM 11.8.4, please visit the Download page.

Thank you for choosing EssentialPIM!

Marcella has collected recipes for years and now wants to organize them. They are scattered across index cards, cookbooks, loose-leaf notebooks, and bookmarked websites. She is convinced that gathering them in one place would help her plan meals and shop for groceries more efficiently.

She decided to use EssentialPIM because it stores a variety of information in different formats and makes cross-referencing easy. This post reviews what she has come up with, so far.

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