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EPIM 11.0.4 is here! In this release we added a new option that would allow you to choose which calendar to sync with Android EPIM if you’re still using direct synchronization over Wi-Fi. There were also improvements made for EPIM Cloud, Google Calendar and iCloud synchronizations. Better stabily of EssentialPIM Pro Business edition is also among changes. Various other isssues were fixed. If you wish to see the detailed list of changes, please look them up form the Version History page.

The new version will rach you automatically in about a day or download it manually from the downloads page.

What's new:

  • Fixed inability to add shortcuts for the AEPIM modules to home screen
  • Fixed crash when starting the app in landscape mode (for tablets, mostly)
  • Several other stability improvements

You will get the new version from the Google Play store (once it becomes available for you in about a day) or if you wish to download and install the APK file manually, fell free do that that from the Android EPIM page.

We announce the immediate release of the Pro and Free versions of EssentialPIM 11.0.2. This release introduces availability of additional spell-checking dictionaries, makes sure changes with visibility of calendars are now reflected on the sidebar calendars, improves synchronization with EPIM Cloud and other online services and among other things takes care of the known issues. See the detailed list of changes on the Version History page.

The new version is available either through the Download page or via EPIM’s automatic update option.

We are proud to announce the availability of the new major release of EssentialPIM. The new version is packed with highly anticipated features and design updates you will certainly enjoy.

Support for multiple calendars

Support for multiple calendars

Create and have access to multiple calendars so you can keep track of different types of events easier than ever before (by overlaying the calendars one over another).

Development of EssentialPIM v11.0 is solid enough that its release candidate is now available.

Two significant features include multiple calendars and a sidebar that you can control in each module. This sidebar supports several other changes that alter EPIM's appearance throughout the program.

We'll introduce these two features here and review more details in a future post. As this is a release candidate, you are invited to try its new features sooner than you might otherwise.

A reader of our last post asked to know more about how I use tasks in EssentialPIM to track my work hours for posting in my company's timekeeping system. Let me give some details.

I am a systems consultant assigned to several projects simultaneously, each with a time code (T-code) for charging expenses. I have to track the hours I spend on each and log my time at the end of each week in Workday, my company's timekeeping system.

Tasks is the module I use most during my workday and at the end of the day I filter them to record my hours in our timekeeping system.

I have noticed the yellow Customized View Bar that pops up but haven't paid it much attention, even though I've used EssentialPIM for years. For this post, I wanted to take a look at this feature to learn how it works and maybe improve my productivity.

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