Business Edition

EssentialPIM Pro Business is the perfect solution for small to medium workgroups. Set access rights and simultaneously work on calendars, contacts, tasks, notes and password entries, either across your local network, or via the Internet.

EssentialPIM Pro Business

The Business edition has all the features of EssentialPIM Pro but adds powerful network capabilities for workgroups.

You already have all the infrastructure needed to run EssentialPIM Pro Business - it does not require dedicated hardware. You already have the skills to install it – and our Quick Start guide (when working within the local network) and Quick Sync guide (when synchronizing data over the Internet) will have you up and running in ten minutes. You can even try EssentialPIM Pro Business for free for 30 days with no obligation.

Business Edition Features

EssentialPIM Pro Business runs on an industry standard open-source Firebird database, ensuring integrity, security and adherence to open standards. Key features include:

  • Easy sharing of calendars, contacts, tasks, password entries and notes.

  • Flexible hierarchy of user rights, including read-only, and eyes-only items.

  • Work on the road and sync with the EPIM server over the Internet, to make all changes instantly available to other users.

And So Much More!

  • Easy installation, usually taking less than 10 minutes for set up

  • No need for a dedicated server - the Business edition server can run on virtually any Windows, Linux or Mac OS X machine

  • All the features of EssentialPIM Pro are included in the Business Edition

  • Unlimited number of users

Work Collaboratively

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EPIM Pro Business EssentialPIM Pro Business is the solution for small to medium workgroups. Set access rights and simultaneously work on calendars, contacts, tasks, notes and password entries as via the local network as via Internet.

Bulk order discounts available:

  • 4 – 10 licenses -10%
  • 11+ licenses -20%
  • 20+ licenses Contact us and receive a special quote!

Pay once. After buying EssentialPIM Pro Business, you can use it forever.

With 1 year of free updates
With lifetime updates

EPIM Cloud Integration

EssentialPIM Pro Business seamlessly integrates with EPIM Cloud for transparent and secure backup and synchronization of your data.

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Clients & Testimonials

My use of EssentialPIM is entirely on my home network as I am retired. I worked for 37 years as a software engineer working on operating systems for large mainframes (ICL). I use EPIM all the time for scheduling all my day-to-day activities and reminders which I find incredibly useful. It also holds the principal record of all my contacts where it allows me to store all the information I need in one compact easily accessible location. And I use the Business version so that I can see my diary whether I am at my desk or around the house somewhere else using my laptop. It makes my life so much easier and although I have used a number of PIM applications in the past EPIM is by far the best in my opinion.

I have also recommended EPIM to many of my friends and they have all adopted it as their standard PIM package. I have never known it to let me down and I can only say the EPIM meets all my requirements and more. It is probably the most useful piece of software I have ever bought. And your support on the web is of very high quality with such rapid and helpful responses. I use the support forum to keep abreast of the problems others may be experiencing although I rarely have problems myself. An excellent product.

Bob Baldock
Dr. Bob Baldock

So we enjoy using your product. It's doing its job. And this is really a compliment. Often we have a lot of troubles with other tools and they are difficult to use, complex, ... But EssentialPIM is easy to use and no troubles now ( a few at the beginning ).

Dipl.Ing. Wilfried Zaremba
Schongau, Germany

The EssentialPIM Pro Business license we purchased is in use by a private school in Munich. They were looking for a solution to share their calendar and contacts between the secretaries and the director (and one teacher) without having to use Exchange. The school uses a Linux server and Windows clients.

The EPIM database (Firebird) is running on the Linux server and all clients can connect to it. The product works great. Minor problems we had, could always be solved with the help of the EPIM support.

Patrick Panke, d.bug GmbH
München, Germany

I do not speak and write a very good English but I am happy that your soft is very easy to use. We see fast what is necessary and we can give more details instinctively. The agenda is nice and very clear. The sharing is also easy between two persons on a network and the soft is very fast on my old PC. I do not regret my investment and I think that your tariff wisdom is the key to fight piracy.

Michel Suire

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