With EssentialPIM's Tasks module, you have a versatile and comprehensive tool to effectively manage your to-do lists. The module provides a flexible hierarchical structure that allows you to group tasks based their dates, ensuring better organization and prioritization. You can easily track the status of your tasks, assign different priorities and categories, and create subtasks for more granular project management. Whether you're managing personal tasks or working on complex projects, EssentialPIM's Tasks module empowers you to stay organized, streamline your workflow, and achieve your goals with ease.

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Kanban Board

A powerful visual tool designed to help you efficiently organize and prioritize your tasks. With its customizable columns and draggable cards, the Kanban board provides a clear overview of your workload, allowing you to easily track the progress of tasks and identify bottlenecks.

Floating Tasks

The Floating Tasks feature in EssentialPIM allows you to prioritize and manage your tasks more effectively. With this feature, you can mark specific tasks as floating, ensuring that they are automatically carried over to the next day until they are completed or deleted.


Assign an unlimited number of people to each task, enhancing collaboration and streamlining project management. By assigning tasks to team members, you can track their progress, monitor workloads, and evaluate project status more efficiently.

Show In Calendar

With the "Show in Calendar" feature in EssentialPIM, you can seamlessly combine your structured tasks with illustrative calendar views. This feature allows you to overlay your tasks onto the calendar, providing a visual representation of your task schedule and deadlines.


Templates provide a convenient way to create similar tasks with pre-populated data fields, saving you time and effort in task creation. By using templates, you can define a standardized structure and set of attributes for specific types of tasks that you frequently encounter.

Other Advanced Features to Boost Your Productivity

  • Add custom fields like text, date, yes/no, list, and checkboxes to your tasks

  • Effortlessly find and organize your tasks with advanced search and filtering mechanisms

  • Never miss a deadline or important task with multiple reminder options

  • Efficiently manage your tasks by grouping them based on their start and due dates

  • Easily organize and structure your tasks with hierarchical task lists

  • Smart Lists that automatically categorize your tasks based on importance, flags, and completion status

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