EssentialPIM's Contacts module is a comprehensive contact management system that helps you efficiently manage and organize your contacts. With features like multi-level groups, advanced search and filtering options, and the ability to browse related email correspondence, you can easily find and manage your contacts. The module also supports synchronization with popular services such as Google, iCloud, Outlook for Microsoft 365, Android, and iOS, ensuring seamless data consistency across platforms. Whether for personal or professional use, EssentialPIM's Contacts module provides the tools you need to streamline your contact management workflow.

EssentialPIM Contacts


Advanced Filters in Contacts

Take full control of your contact management. With EPIM's flexible filtering tools, you can easily filter your contacts based on multiple criteria to find the specific information you need.

See Emails Related to a Contact

Gain a comprehensive view of your communication history with a specific contact. When viewing a contact's profile, you can access a dedicated view that displays all correspondence associated with that particular contact.

Contact Groups

Сategorize your contacts based on specific criteria such as interests, location, or industry. These groups can be utilized for various purposes, including sending group emails or newsletters, printing mailing labels and envelopes.

Send out Newsletters to Contacts

Reach out to your contacts with customized newsletters. Easily create and personalize newsletters with dynamic fields, allowing you to tailor your message to each recipient.

Design and Print Labels and Envelopes

Create professional-looking labels and envelopes with ease. Design customized postal addresses, choose from various templates, and print them in bulk or individually.

Other Advanced Features to Boost Your Productivity

  • Take advantage of powerful and fast search and sort features

  • Experience the convenience of adjustable contact views with the letter bar

  • A wide range of data types for custom fields (date, list, checkbox, yes/no, etc.)

  • Conveniently dial contacts directly from their contact cards

Contacts are integrated and synchronized with:

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