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We are pleased to inform you about the availability of the new EPIM version 11.2.4. In this release we focused on improving synchronizations with various online services (including Google Calendar, iCloud, EPIM Cloud), fixing issues found since the last version and implementing various improvements here and there to ensure seamless use of the update. Full version history is availble on the Version History page.

As the new version is rolling out in batches, please allow a couple of days till it reaches you. If you wish to get it sooner, please do so from the Downloads page.

We announce the immediate availability of the Pro and Free versions of EPIM 11.2.3. In this release we brought back the Consolidated view for tasks, added a new tasks sorting option “As in Tasks Module” for Sidebars and Today for those who like to use complex sorting criteria, fixed many known issues since the previous version and improved stability and performance of the program.

The detailed list of changes is available from the Version History page.

EssentialPIM will offer you to update itself automatically within the next couple of days, although the new version is also available from the Download page.

What's new:

  • Improved notifications for devices running Android 11 or newer
  • Improved synchronization of categories with Windows version of EPIM
  • Fixed issue with recurring events suddenly changing their start times
  • Couple of bug fixes and other minor improvements

Please allow couple of days till the new version reaches you through the Google Play Store as it’s being rolled out in stages. Or download now from the Android EPIM page.

We announce the immediate availability of EPIM 11.2.1. This release focuses on bug fixes, improved stability and makes your synchronization experience with various online services including EPIM Cloud even smoother. See the detailed list of changes on the Version History page.

We encourage all EssentialPIM 11.2 users to upgrade to this version.

The new version is rolling out in stages, but you can also get it from the Download page.

We are proud to announce the immediate availability of the new major update of EssentialPIM. EPIM 11.2 offers numerous new features and improvements.

Translation of email messages

Translate Emails

Whenever you receive an email message in a language you don’t understand, EssentialPIM is here to help. It will automatically detect the message language and offer you to instantly translate it into a target language of your choice.

One year ends and a new one begins, which gets us in the mood to consider how EssentialPIM has changed in the last twelve months and what is ahead.

Windows EPIM began in 2022 at version 10.0.2, announced the major release of 11.0 in July, and is now at version 11.1.11. Meanwhile, the Android app started at v5.8.7 and is now at v6.0.9.

Let's review some major changes in 2022 and see what may be in the plans.

Your personal organizer is as good as your last backup. If you delete or corrupt your information and can't recover it, panic sets in.

A backup saved my career as a programmer. It wasn't for my personal organizer but an online mainframe database that served our field offices across the United States. I hadn't been programming long and was on call for the New Year's holiday when our data center alerted me about a problem with our system. I drove to the office, logged in, and began troubleshooting. When I executed what I thought was the fix, I deleted the database.

What's new:

  • Speedier synchronization with EPIM Cloud
  • Sorting order of categories will now be correctly synchronized with WinEPIM
  • Fixed inability to add contact photos from the camera app on Android 11+
  • Fixed duplication of events on the calendar’s widget
  • More bug fixes and performance improvements based on your feedback

The new version should become available for you through the Google Play store in couple of days. Direct download of the APK file is also possible from the app’s page.

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