We can't be certain, but shortcuts were likely among the first inventions.

Imagine the first hunter returning from his forage, meal in hand. "That was a good spot, but there must be a quicker way to get there," he thinks. And so begins the hunt for a shortcut.

We are no different with our software. We insist on any tool to help us work faster, be it shortcut keys, macros, quick-access toolbars, and the like.

EssentialPIM obliges. It has always had its share of shortcuts and quick action tools and has added more in the new release, version 12.0. For example, EPIM introduced the quick entry of Tasks in v11.5 and extended this feature to Notes in v11.7. Version 12 adds quick entry to the remaining modules: Calendar, Contacts, and Passwords.

And that's not all.

Tag Explorer redesigned

The Tag Explorer has four enhancements (Figure 1).

  1. Field labels have been removed for a cleaner look.
  2. Search and find have been combined. Previously, there were separate fields to search for tags and to find items. Now, there is one search field, and you select the scope—tags or items—through the drop-down.
  3. Clearing the search string has been reduced to one click on the 'x' in the right of the search field. Previously, you had to put the cursor in the search box and delete the string.
  4. Buttons to add, edit, or delete tags appear at the bottom of the dialog box and act the same as right-clicking on a tag to access the context menu.
Tag Explorer has been redesigned for a cleaner look and efficiency
Figure 1. Tag Explorer has been redesigned for a cleaner look and efficiency.

A refreshed look for Contacts

A new default view for Contacts features initials or pictures for easier identification (Figure 2). Comparing the new view to a prior version (Figure 3), you can see

  1. the icons for initials in both the list and details panels;
  2. the reorganized details section; and
  3. the new field for quickly adding a contact (which is available in all views).
A new layout Vertical View (People)
Figure 2. A new layout, View > Layout > Vertical View (People), has a modern look compared to the plainer view of prior versions (Figure 3).

The vertical view of contacts
Figure 3. The vertical view of contacts in a prior version.

Streamlined the Email Experience

In the Mail module, shortcuts for seven functions appear as quick actions on messages and the preview (Figure 4).

  • Quick actions—follow up, mark as favorite, mark as unread, or delete—appear when you hover your mouse over a message. These are available via View > Layout > Vertical View in Groups.
  • In the message preview window, there is quick access to reply to sender, reply to all, and forward.

The View menu also sports two new options for managing mail (Figure 5).

Quick action buttons in Mail
Figure 4. Four quick actions appear when your cursor hovers over a message (top). Three quick actions are in the message header in preview mode (bottom).

View menu in Mail
Figure 5. The View menu features two new options for previewing text in a message and toggling the display of the Quick Reply box.

Show Preview Text in Mail
Figure 6. Compare the effect of Show Preview Text when it is off (#1) and on (#2).

Adjustments in the Tasks module

We close with a look at two changes in the Tasks module.

  1. A drop-down field replaces the sliding scale for selecting a task's completion (Figure 7). This corresponds to a new option to have EPIM calculate the progress of a parent task based on the completion of its subtasks (Figure 8). Calculated percentages will often be amounts that a scale of 25% increments could not display accurately.
  2. The second new option for Tasks (Figure 8) allows each list to have its own filtering. For example, you may want to hide completed items in one list but display them in another. When the option is unchecked, selective filtering is active. Check this option to apply the same filtering to all lists.
The drop-down field vs. the sliding scale for selecting a task's completion
Figure 7. The drop-down field vs. the sliding scale for selecting a task's completion.

Two new options for Tasks
Figure 8. Two new options for Tasks, available through Tools > Options > Tasks.

With more quick actions, combined functions, and an updated design, version 12 helps EssentialPIM keep its edge for productivity.

Reviews & Comments

# Jeffrey DiMascio
I would appreciated getting more themes or skins for this Awesome products...
2024-06-13 15:25
# EPIM Team
This is something we have planned for implementation in future versions of EssentialPIM. Thanks!
2024-06-14 07:42

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