We're excited to announce the release of EssentialPIM 11.6.6. This version enables you to set the date for events and tasks to the day you right-click on in the Today module, making it easier to schedule and manage your daily activities. It also improves quick searching (Ctrl+Q) by hiding lists in Notes and Tasks that have no found items, ensuring smoother navigation and faster access to relevant information. Additionally, rearranging columns is now a breeze. By right-clicking on a column and selecting Customize, you can easily personalize the layout of your data, making it more convenient to organize and view.

For a complete list of all the changes in EPIM 11.6.6, including additional features and bug fixes, please refer to the Version History page.

Upgrade to EPIM 11.6.6 now and discover the enhanced features and improved performance that will boost your productivity and streamline your workflow.

We value your feedback and suggestions, so please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any comments or questions. Stay organized, efficient, and in control with EssentialPIM!

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