We are proud to announce the release of the new major version of EssentialPIM. The new version offers some new exiting features like the new Password manager module, new synchronization abilities with almost any online service available, new advanced search option, improved interface for Calendar and module selection bar and much, much more. The detailed list of changes is available in Version History.

Good news for those who always wanted to synchronize their EssentialPIM database files. We decided to make EPIM Synchronizer a freeware application starting from today!

Update to EssentialPIM Pro 4.0 is free for anyone who purchased EssentialPIM Pro or EssentialPIM Pro Network license after November 1-st, 2009. If you purchased your license earlier, there's an update option available that allows ordering another year of free updates for just $19.95.

The new versions of EssentialPIM, EPIM Synchronizer and EPIM Archiver/DupeRemover can be downloaded from the Download page.

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