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Linden, New Jersey - September 28, 2005 EPIM Ltd. today released the highly anticipated version of its personal information manager, EssentialPIM 1.6. The core components of the PIM were reinforced by data protection, attachment support, multi-user access, and on-the-go backup. Whether it is an attachment in EssentialPIM database, backup file or multiple copies on the net, personal data is securely protected with a password and an industry standard encryption. Editable categories and unlimited length of data fields have added to the functionality of the new version. These new features make EssentialPIM a perfect choice for SOHO users.

Different applications generate scores of documents and memos directed to one end. Without data integration there is always a chance of overlooking some important clues and dates. EssentialPIM Pro v1.6 helps link these documents to items on a user's agenda. The program's database creates a single point of reference for contacts, tasks, notes, and to do lists. It bonds together notes and documents under separate tasks with the view on their relative progress and deadlines. It also marks the priority of each item and shows hierarchical relation between notes and documents. The program's powerful search engine saves time and delivers requested data in a blink. By scheduling separate bits of work, marking their priority, and linking them together one can dramatically increase the overall work efficiency.

A great scope for customization complements the program's extensive functionality. Visual presentation of scheduled tasks features different color code and viewing modes. To Do list reflects the status of each item and its priority. These and many other features were suggested by users to better meet their daily needs. Here are some testimonials to illustrate users' view of the program:

"In the past I would have bits of paper lying around all over the place.EssentialPIM was so good I never even tried looking for any alternative.... All in all, I would be lost without it." Terry Rogers, Portsmouth, UK.

"I like EPIM for the following reasons: It's small yet powerful. It has almost all the functionality I want from this type of software. It's extremely intuitive and easy to use, yet flexible to meet the needs of many different users." John Wales, UK.

Network support provided by EssentialPIM can also increase joint productivity of a team. Professional version of the program allows simultaneous access to documents in shared folders, personal assignments and performance tracks. This makes EssentialPIM Pro an effective management tool for both personal and team schedules.

EssentialPIM is available in the Desktop and Portable versions. The Portable edition allows moving data onto a flash drive or other removable media with all its settings so that no trace of personal information can be found in the host system. This feature provides a great benefit for users of desktops who wish to keep tasks, appointments, notes, and contacts at hand all the time.

EssentialPIM v1.6 Features at a Glance

  • Core components: Contacts, Schedule, To Do, and Note Outliner

  • Data export and import with support for HTML, RTF, CSV, and TXT formats

  • Complete import from MS Outlook or Outlook Express

  • Intuitive interface with multilingual support (20 languages)

  • Color coded scheduler with support for recurring tasks

  • Drag-and-drop rescheduling

  • Easy WYSIWYG printout

  • One click sort out

  • Fast and powerful search by subject, date, word or phrase

  • Tree, table and flat view in Outliner

  • Hyperlink document view from any component

  • Task assignment and performance track

  • Feature rich text processor for notes

  • Attachment storage in EPIM database or as a shortcut

  • Password protection and advanced AES (Rijndael) encryption

  • Backup on-the-go

Availability and Pricing
EssentialPIM v1.6 runs under Windows 95, 98, 2000, 2003, ME, XP platforms.

A fully-functional trial version of the program and freeware version with core functionality are available at http://www.essentialpim.com/?r=download

There are Free and Pro versions of EssentialPIM v1.6. Both versions are available in Desktop and Portable editions. Professional Desktop edition costs 29.95 USD, professional Portable edition is priced at 39.95 USD, though various discounts are offered.

About EPIM Ltd.
Dynamically developing company with headquarters in Linden, NJ, EPIM Ltd. concentrates its efforts on business applications for MS Windows environment. Our flagship products EssentialPIM and EZOutlookSync have won global recognition for their flexibility and extensive user support. Software under EPIM brand is successfully deployed in home and business systems to the benefit of hundreds thousand users.

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