This is the first public appearance for absolutely new EssentialPIM 3.0. This is not a final release, yet. Therefore, please make sure to backup your existing database first, prior opening it with this new version.

The new major features of EPIM 3.0 include:

  • Mail module
  • Mass Mail is now renamed to "Newsletter" and works with built in mailer
  • Tabs in To Do module
  • New Print reports for paper organizers- for Classic and A5 sizes- for most printouts
  • To Do now color-codes tasks according to selected category
  • You can "switch off"/hide modules
  • Time selection component in Schedule and To Do
  • New columns in To Do and Schedule table views: "Created", "Completed"
  • Search bar in Schedule (all views)
  • Search bar in all modules improved

Download links are available from the Download section of our web site.

We appreciate you let know about any problems you might encounter with this new release of EssentialPIM either by posting a message in the Support Forum or by sending us an e-mail to

Note 1!: EssentialPIM 3.0 RC 3 is compatible with databases created with EPIM 2.x. However, as the database format has been changed for EPIM 3.0, you will not be able to open EPIM 3.0 RC 3 databases with EPIM 2.x versions.

Note2!: We consider EssentialPIM 3.0 ReleaseCandidate 3 as a Beta version, which means it is most likely less stable than the latest release of the 2.81 series.

Note3!: This version will install itself into a different folder (by default) in order not to interfere with the latest stable version of EssentialPIM you might have installed on your computer.

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