Introducing the new updates for both Android and Windows versions of EPIM. Even though the changes might seem minor, they are very important ones in terms of performance and stability of the apps for both platforms. We encourage everyone to update to the latest releases.

Here’s what’s new in Windows EssentialPIM 11.1.10:

  • Fixed an issue with new mail not being displayed for some Gmail accounts
  • Several other stability improvements and bug fixes

Changes in Android EPIM 6.0.8 include:

  • Improved synchronization with EPIM Cloud
  • Fixed some known issues

The new versions are delivered in stages, and you should get notification asking you to update not later than in 2-3 days (if not already). As always if you don’t wish to wait, feel free to get the latest versions of Windows EPIM and Android EPIM directly from our web site.

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