We would like to announce the release of EPIM 9.7.5. This is mostly a bug fix release, although we also included couple of new and improved features into it. Say, you will now be able to choose on which Leaf in Notes an attached (or linked) PDF file is going to be shown inline, quickly increase/decrease indents in Sticky Notes using shortcuts, use the convenient drag&drop feature for words and phrases in the Quick Reply box in Mail and fully utilize the recently announce specific date/time reminder feature for appointments.

We encourage all EPIM users to update to this release and experience stability and performance improvements. More detailed list of changes is on the Version History page. Update to EssentialPIM Pro 9.7.5 is free if you already have the 9.7 version installed (regardless of your regular license with 1 year of free updates expiration date).

Update should happen automatically. You can speed it up by clicking on Help->Check for Updates from the menu or by downloading and installing EPIM 9.7.5 from the Get EPIM page.

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