We are proud to announce the immediate availability of the new major release version of EssentialPIM Free and EssentialPIM Pro 8.6. Version 8.6 offers quite a lot of new features and improvements, some of them are:

  • Global "search and replace" feature in Advanced Search*
    You can now search for and replace any text in any EssentialPIM item from a single dialog. Should be very convenient if information you're going to change is spread over the database in different EPIM modules.
  • Export notes into multiple individual files in one operation*
    Not only you're able to do so now but there's also ability to choose file naming templates for easy indexing.
  • Dialer in contacts has been completely revamped to be compatible with VoIP apps*
    We're moving away from the Windows built in dial-up manager, you will be able to use any app for making VoIP calls from contacts.
  • Auto checking of hyperlinks for broken ones within EPIM database*
    EssentialPIM will highlight in red broken on non-existent links to other items so that you can quickly spot them.
  • Business version offers extended information about items and users that have access to them*
    This information is available in the Properties window (right click on any item) and in the special column in all table views in all modules. You will also be able to quickly change access rights from the Properties window.
  • Import tasks and appointments from CSV files
    With ability to choose which fields are going to be imported into EssentialPIM.
  • Display of additional recurrence info for appointments and tasks
    You will be able to see this information when editing recurring appointments or tasks.
  • Finding the right folder in mail is now easier
    Main account folders are now shown in bold. If you collapse a set of folders and there's folders with unread messages, this is now going to be indicated by a special badge.
  • Additional months column in the Year view in calendar
    Should be easier to navigate through the year view when there's an additional months column on the right.
  • A single installer for the Desktop and Portable versions
    Download the executable file, run it and simply choose which version you'd like to be installed.

*Only in EssentialPIM Pro

The detailed list of all the changes can be seen on the Version History page.

To upgrade to the latest version, please click on Help->Check for Updates from within EssentialPIM or download the new version manually from the Get EPIM page.

Update to EssentialPIM Pro 8.6 is free for you if your regular EssenitalPIM Pro license with 1-year of free updates was acquired after the October 1-st of 2018. To renew the license, please visit the Pricing page. If you own a lifetime license, this and all the future updates are included in it.

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