We are glad to announce the next major release of EssentialPIM 8.1! We added many new requested features into the new version, fixed all known issues and made some optimizations as to the core program’s functionality as to its synchronization abilities. Below is the list of most notable changes.


  • Database Management window shows more information about size of data stored
  • It is now possible to use bullets/numbered lists in notes field of any module
  • Improved filtering on tags
  • Offline mode is now a property of database, not EPIM instance
  • Copy-pasting tags now works better
  • More convenient filtering on date column by choosing data range
  • It is possible to send item by email straight from Advanced search
  • It is now possible to compose newsletters in HTML


  • It is now possible to select which Google calendars to synchronise with
  • Synchronization of shared Google calendars is fully supported, including read-only ones
  • When deleting categories, it is now possible to delete all appointments/tasks
  • Table view now has filter possibility
  • Birthday events have own category
  • It is now possible to change number of months shown in Year view
  • Tasks panel in Calendar can now have grid and alternate lines

EPIM Today

  • It is possible to filter appointments and tasks separately by categories


  • Now it is possible to quick-reply to email
  • Advanced notifications about new mail in Windows Action Center
  • New additional view in Mail
  • It is now possible to export mail into PDF*
  • Showing pictures inside emails (inline)
  • It is now possible to export/import mail rules*
  • It is possible to change subjects for mail messages


  • It is possible to change order of fields for groups in Contacts
  • During import of contacts, it is possible to omit duplicates

*Only in EssentialPIM Pro

Update to this version of EssentialPIM Pro is free for all the lifetime license holders and if you purchased a regular 1 year of updates license after October 1-st, 2017.

Both Free and Pro versions of EssentialPIM can be downloaded from the Get EPIM page.

In case you need to renew your license or switch to the Pro version from the Free one, please check out the Pricing page.

And we wish to thank our active community for its suggestions and feedback about the new features during the Beta testing phase. Thank you!

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