We are glad to announce the immediate availability of EssentialPIM Pro and EssentialPIM Free 7.5. This is one of the biggest updates we have ever done - there are a lot of new major features and significant improvements in all modules to help you become more productive. More details about new major features below.

  • Synchronization with Office 365/Outlook.com*
  • Secure password items synchronization with Google Drive (also works with Android EssentialPIM)
  • Offline mode, whereby EssentialPIM suppresses all attempts to use Internet and works autonomously (File-> Work offline)*
  • It is now possible to subscribe to online iCal calendars, pulling updates from the calendars automatically (use File-> Subscriptions menu)*
  • Request read receipt for all outgoing messages (see mail Identity window)
  • Major UI improvements for Sticky Notes
  • Properties of each item, showing when item was created and last changed (right-click on an item-> Properties)*
  • Export/import selected data into/to another EPIM database file
  • Canned responses - insert pre-saved frequently used pieces of text into email messages (New Mail->Insert-> Canned response)*
  • Feature to apply the column setup to different views (right-click on column names->Apply columns to)
  • Alt+ click on an item’s link to open it in a new window
  • A lot of other improvements and fixes in each module

*Only in EssentialPIM Pro

For the detailed list of changes, please visit the Version History page.

Update to the EssentialPIM Pro 7.5 version is free to anyone who purchased their regular licenses after May 22, 2016 or has a lifetime license. To renew your license, please visit the Pricing page.

The new version is available for download from the Get EPIM page.

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