We would like to announce the immediate availability of EssentialPIM Pro and EssentialPIM Free 6.0. What’s new:


  • Improved hyperlinking dialog (for database items)*
  • Proxy server settings improved, authentication support added
  • Improved synchronization with EPIM Cloud
  • EPIM database file in Dropbox feature can now handle files larger than 150 MB*
  • New optional date format MMM, dd*


  • New view "Week Agenda"*
  • Adjustable number of weeks for Month view*
  • Option to show start/end appointment times in all views
  • Templates can now store recurrence patterns along with start time and duration*
  • Added Chinese lunar calendar
  • Improved appointment display on time grid (including printing)
  • Improved display of multi-day appointments in all views (including printing)
  • Exceptions are no longer influenced upon changing recurring events

To Do

  • Automatically delete completed to dos
  • "By Due Date" sorting property in all views
  • "Add as Sibling" option for new to dos*
  • Templates now save custom fields and recurrence patterns*
  • "List of origin" in Consolidated view is now editable*


  • Rich text formatting of note titles*
  • Ability to create to dos or appointments from selected text*
  • Improved search results (hiding unnecessary data)
  • Added printing option "Each leaf on a separate page"*


  • Added Dial-up for telephone numbers (requires a modem)*
  • Option to move values up/down in drop-down list*
  • Better handling of wrong email addresses (in "Send Newsletter" as well)


  • New quick filter bar
  • Additional advanced filters for each of the mail columns


  • Option to clear clipboard after adjustable timeout
  • Auto-typing passwords into web forms*
  • Improved ways of adding new groups*

Advanced Search

  • Added saving and applying search templates (queries)*
  • Search over custom fields now included*
  • Display any columns and sort by columns in search results*

*Available in Pro version only

More detailed list of changes is on the Version History page.

Update to EssentialPIM Pro 6.0 is free for anyone who purchased regular "1 year of free updates" license after October 1, 2013 (click on Help->About to see if you are eligible). For users with lifetime licenses, this is a free update as well as all the future ones. EssentialPIM Free is free in any case, although with less number of existing and newly added features.

If you wish to update your license or get a new one, please visit the Buy page.

New versions can be downloaded from the Get EPIM page.

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