Today we are announcing EssentialPIM Free and Pro 2.0 Release Candidates. It is pretty stable version that has been in testing for 2 month, so we expect no problems installing it. Still, please backup your database manually before installing 2.0.

Your 1.x key should work fine on this version.

New features in Pro and Free versions:

  • New database engine (Firebird. Open source and powerful. Advanced users can now easily access their database directly)
  • Complete new interface (you get more calendars, free!)
  • Extensive Network capabilities (access via LAN, internet, 4 levels of permissions, public, read-only items. Network version only)
  • Multiple sorting in Contacts (use Ctrl+ click to sort)
  • In Contacts and To Do's- direct editing in main view (without opening a new modal window)
  • To Do's trees can now collapse and expand (Pro only)
  • PALM synchronization (Pro only)
  • Much improved synchronization with Outlook (Pro only)

EssentialPIM 2.0 RC2 can be downloaded from the Download section on the web site.

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