We are proud to announce the immediate availability of the new major update of EssentialPIM. EPIM 11.2 offers numerous new features and improvements.

Translation of email messages

Translate Emails

Whenever you receive an email message in a language you don’t understand, EssentialPIM is here to help. It will automatically detect the message language and offer you to instantly translate it into a target language of your choice.

Flag email messages to remind you to follow up with them

Follow Up

A new productivity feature will allow you to flag your email messages so that you do not forget to follow up with them later. You will be able to select custom due dates, choose from a number of different flags (i.e. Follow Up, Review, FYI, etc.) and set reminders.

Support of multiple accounts for tasks

Tasks Lists

Division of tasks into different accounts will allow you to choose which tasks lists to synchronize with which online services. Very convenient if you need to split tasks from your work account (i.e. Office 365) with locally stored personal tasks, for instance.

Customize buttons on the main toolbar

Customize Toolbar

If you feel like you don’t need some of the default buttons on the toolbar or you don’t like the order or you simply don’t want labels to be shown, right-click on the toolbar and make it look the way you personally prefer.

Ability to set up default reminders for calendars

Default Reminders

The default reminder can now be set up as for all the calendars in Options as for the individual calendars in their properties. Now when a new event is created, it’s going to have the default reminder attribute assigned to it.

Automatically assign categories to certain emails through message rules

Message Rules Category

Categorize your email messages easily and automatically by setting up specific conditions for the incoming or outgoing messages that would trigger a mail rule to assign selected categories to emails.

More precise weather forecast from local weather providers (USA and Germany)

Local Weather Providers

If you live in the USA or Germany and would like to get more precise forecasts from the local weather provider, it’s now possible. You can enable usage of weather forecast data from local service providers with top priority.

Option to not strikethrough completed appointments and tasks

Strikethrough Completed

Some users prefer seeing their completed tasks and/or appointments more clearly, without the strikethrough line. If you’re one of them, make sure to enable this feature in Tools->Options->Calendar/Tasks.

More detailed list of changes is available on the Version History page.

EssentialPIM will offer you to update automatically within the next couple of days, as this is a staged update. The new version is also instantly available from the Download page.

And we would like to thank our Beta testers community for helping us to shape up the release!