Current version of EssentialPIM Pro is a public Beta. All active testers will be receiving the life long license for the Pro version. Beta version does not have any limitations.

Additional features in PRO version:

  • Editable Categories. To-Do and Schedule modules have common categories list. You can now add/remove, move up/down categories and custom colors can be assigned to each category!

  • Advanced To-Do. Hierarchical To-Do list. All to-dos can have sub to-do tasks.

  • Database sharing. Each database can be used simultaneously by several users, concurrent access is allowed.

  • Attachments. Users can now hold their files directly in EPIM database! You can either save links to the files, or files themselves! Each Note/Task/To-Do/Contact can have unlimited numbers of files attached/linked.

  • Assignees. Each To-Do/Task can have assignees, selected from Contacts module (or added customly)

  • Backup. That's a robust backup solution, keeping adjustable number of copies of the database and made in adjustable periods, on the fly.

  • Fields in Contacts now have editable length. Adjust the database the way you want it to!

For those who for any reason may want to switch down to EPIM Free version, we will be providing a converter to get your Pro database down to free one.

To start using EPIM Pro, join Beta team: join the Support Forum, then go to Usergroups (button on top of forum) -> Betatesters -> View, press Join Group button.

Development of a Free version will continue as planned- next version, 1.6 is due within 1 month.

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