Dear users of EssentialPIM and visitors to our website- today we decided to announce our new product- EZOutlookSync. In a nutshell, this is an add-on product for MS Outlook (2000/2003), making synchronizations between several PST files possible and hassle- free.

A bit of background: current versions of MS Outlook do not allow to synchronize several offline storage files (*.PST). Some people use more than 1 computer, each having its own copy of MS Outlook. To keep data synchronized, you need to use MS Exchange server, which is not always possible. Now using *.PST files is much more convenient, now that you can synchronize between them.

What is the licensing policy for EZOutlookSync?
Beta versions are free and fully functional. Our testers will receive a life-time license for the program.
All others after evaluations will have to pay USD 39.95/copy.

It may seem goofy for the company who makes own PIM to develop an add-on product for somebody else's PIM tool. But we believe that those who, for some reason still have to use MS Outlook (e.g. corporate standards), do deserve their right for convenient work in favorite PIM.

Does this mean we are giving up on EssentialPIM?
In no way. It means we are extending our product line, without losing focus on EssentialPIM.

Those of our visitors, who still use MS Outlook without an Exchange server- please feel free to download a free beta version from!

Best wishes,
EPim Team

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