One of the feature I like most from EPIM is the hierarchical structure it has, not only for notes but for tasks and contacts too, even mail messages can be sorted in a tree of folders. I have spend a lot of time searching for the best outliner on the web, till I found EPIM. It has much more of what I would wish from an outliner, combining custom tabs, word processing in RTF, embedded images, tables, search engine, links, etc., and a complete project manager, useful for CRM, with out any complex tools of other monster-sized programs. I almost can't belive that all these features can fit in a such small portable piece of software!

Alejandro Delgado
Alejandro Delgado
Monterrey, México

A simple, complete, always using the latest technologies, and its synchronization with the cloud is beastly, not missing anything, email, tasks, appointments, calendar, contacts, notes, passwords, synchronization, android, apple, cloud...

For daily use of a company is the perfect application, in our company we use it all, and in my case I have seven accounts within the program, with large amounts of documentation, and have never had any problems, is completely intuitive, and very configurable, plus it gives us the opportunity to network among all users EssentialPIM. Best portable version which means it can go anywhere from a USB flash drive, in Spain, Italy, Morocco and the United States runs smoothly, just plug in the pendrive and work!

Javier Antonio Nisa Avila
Javier Antonio Nisa Avila

EssentialPIM has been my primary goto calendar and note application for over 7 years and has never failed me. Being human I have of course tried other applications over the years, but they just didn't have the features or the support response to stack up.

There are features I would like to see and features I don't use, but as time has progressed I have found that some of the features I didn't use have become indispensable. I would therefore consider that your proactive direction.

Being one of your older users (74 years) I didn't really see a need to devote time to iOS or Android, but after being indoctrinated into that whole new world I have to admit you again proved how proactive the development staff really is.

Leighton (Lee) Stoddard
Retired network admin of 30+ years, USA

I was looking for a note taker only when I first found EssentialPIM. And it proved a very capable program for this purpose. I soon saw the benefits of the paid version. The ability to attach files to my notes, cross-linking of items, creating additional hierarchical trees & advanced search capabilities sealed the deal and I purchased.

I have now been using EssentialPIM for 4 years. In those years the program has advanced much and each update brings features that I find indispensable. It's now handles everything. My appointments, my emails, notes, calendar entries & to-do's, passwords and contacts. All indexed & instantly searchable.

I work for a bank and much of the information I record is confidential. But EssentialPIM's encryption and its ability to create numbered backups to any location I choose, means I feel safe in recording so much information without fear of loss or theft. It's the first program I open at the start of the day and the last closed at the end.

C. Scott
United Kingdom

EPIM is a light, easy to use, reliable program with an intuitive interface and intelligently fitted out with a balanced feature set. Principally I use the Calendar with its reminder feature, especially necessary, to keep me on track. The Notes module which is the most important for me, sports multiple trees, hyperlinks, attachments and colorful icons for organizing my music and film collection, all of my inventories and checklists, and much more. Of especial importance to me is the responsiveness of the development team to feedback on their forum, and that they actively update EPIM with new features!

Paul C

I admit it. I am addict to productivity tools and I like to experiment. Most of the software I have used turned out to be too complex, too simple, to difficult, too rigid, too buggy etc. There is only one productivity tool (beside pen and paper!) that has proven through the years to be priceless and worth: EssentialPIM.

What is so unique? It is simple but powerful. It is flexible, it adapts to your needs (and not the opposite), and could be portable. Whenever I am lost in my projects, tasks and duties, appointments, commitments, deadlines etc. I transfer all of them to EssentialPIM and I can achieve a strong feeling of control. One of the things that I like the most is that it gives a "physical" sensations to your appointments and deadlines presented in schedule. You can see the slots occupied by your duties and move, extend, reduce them just like you would do with sticky notes. This gives you a strong physical sensation of being in control.

EssentialPIM is really my best productivity secret.

M. Corrado

For quite a few years I seen EssentialPIM in various 'portable application' web sites. Yesterday morning, I decided to give it a try. I was instantly impressed, so much so that ten minutes after downloading the Pro version, I had purchased the licence key. EssentialPIM Pro is a great 'one stop shop' solution for my own personal information management needs. To have everything (diary, contacts, email, notes) under 'one roof' is so convenient, so practical and so efficient. EssentialPIM is now my most commonly used app and the benefit to me is well worth the cost of the product.

Graham Goater
Cambridge, UK

I use EPIM all the time for scheduling all my day-to-day activities. It also holds the principal record of all my contacts. And I use the network version so that I can see my diary whether I am at my desk or around the house somewhere else using my laptop. It makes my life so much easier and although I have used a number of PIM applications in the past EPIM is by far the best in my opinion. I have also recommended EPIM to many of my friends and they have all adopted it as their standard PIM package. An excellent product.

Dr Bob Baldock

I downloaded EPIM from Snapfiles, and I have been using it for a few days now. I just wanted to thank you for creating a near-perfect piece of software. It is a pleasure to use, and I have let many family members and friends know about it.

Darryl Edington
Eagle Point, Oregon, USA

I just have to take a moment to tell you how very pleased I am with portable EPIM Pro! It is simple and quick enough to actually use but still has all the necessary features. Moving between computers is a nuisance. Thanks to EPIM Pro I can now have all my important bits of info at hand wherever I am. I also like the color scheme. It is light-hearted and energetic which makes it very attractive to work with. Thanks for a perfect piece of software!

Charlotte Holmquist

First of all, I just want to tell you that a while back, I made a list of features for the "perfect PIM" and I've been watching your program for a while now and decided to register this version (while at the same time, dropping the use of another paid for PIM) because it meets every criteria on my list!!

Michael LaPoint

I just couldn't help contacting you to tell you how happy I am with your organizer. I have to admit that I am really bad at giving positive feedback, but this time I had to!! Brilliant, it was the perfect solution I'd been looking for, for a while.....just the right size and cool colors too! Thank you.

Helga Maria Albertsdottir

I have been looking for a good PIM for quite some time to replace an old version of Online Agent. Although I didn't need the Real Estate version, the Free EssentialPIM is EXACTLY what I have been looking for. If I would and could have written a PIM for myself it would be exactly like EssentialPIM. It works GREAT and has all of the features that I have been looking for. It's actually better than the expensive version of Online Agent and many other Free and Trial PIM's.

Chuck Collier

I run a busy secretarial service, I am also a Rotarian, I belong to a business networking organisation and I'm an active member in my local Twinning Association and local Green Party. So this gives you an idea of how busy I am. EssentialPIM keeps me organised, I know when my appointments are, where I am supposed to be, who I am meeting, what I need to do, and also have all my contacts in one place. A great, simple to use, but extremely powerful little program. Well done to all those who design and program it.

Ashley Price, APA Secretarial
Lewes, Sussex, UK

I have searched and tried many products to include Microsoft Notes and all the Outlook upgrades and utilities for over a year now. EssentialPIM Pro Portable has meet all my requirements keeping ALL of my PIM data synchronized correctly between my Notebook (Outlook 2003) and my Pocket PC (Outlook Pocket PC) and allows me to keep my updated info with me on any PC I use from my Portable Drive. Thank you for the great product, keep up the Portable Applications and great products!

David Sickmeier, Airspace Management
Contractor, Supporting PM UAS

I tried the free version of this program for almost a full year and I had a couple of questions, which your support department answered timely, despite the fact that I was using the 'free' version and because of this and ease of use of the program, I decided to purchase your program. Also since I only needed to purchase the desktop version for my machine and had the ability to put the portable version on my notebook to allow for synchronization when I was traveling, without having to purchase this second program this is an excellent bargain. Thanks folks.

Jay Bach

I have been using Outlook for years on my desktop and in the last 3 years I have been using a portable version of thunderbird for my flash drive. The latest build of Thunderbird, constantly kept crashing etc, so I was looking for an alternative that would not crash all the time (#1) and (#2) that I would not have to load a bunch of plugins into to get feature rich content that I was used with Outlook. I took the plunge and tried the portable EPIM that was free, and was so pleased with it, struck by the speed, synchronization, layout, that I immediately purchased a licensed copy. I wanted to write and let you know that your product has been a great blessing to me in being portable with my work, my church, and personal correspondence and personal information management. Kudos to you for such a great product, quick support (#3) and for willing to address me personally. That says a lot about your company.

Derek R. Iannelli-Smith

I finally have a PIM I can be comfortable with. I use it every day. I don't like to just make "to do" lists, I like to organize and think things out. I can do that easily with your software.

Steve M.