Long before there was a module for passwords or mail and before there were features like tags and hyperlinking and synchronization, users were creative about making EssentialPIM their one place to manage personal information.

They fled other apps for EPIM.

To say fled is not too strong. They were eager to migrate to EPIM because of frustration with their other apps or the complexity of having multiple tools. The capabilities of EssentialPIM in versions even before 2.0 attracted them.

Their experiences may give you ideas how EPIM, which at version 9.3 is far more advanced than then, can replace apps you are using and streamline your digital life. Here are two of their stories from the support forum.

EPIM became her Customer Relations Manager

Sharlene had been using ACT!, a system for customer relationship management (CRM), for years when an upgrade trashed her computer. She lost days trying to straighten out her computer and to recover her contact and calendar information. The proprietary format of ACT! files complicated the recovery. "Needless to say," she says, "this left me dead in the water for importing my extremely important files."

She continues, "The crash made me angry enough to search for a 'better way.' I found EPIM and was elated that the files are so much smaller, the install didn't terrify me and the ability to import databases to get rolling faster is truly amazing."

Before the crash, Sharlene had fortunately printed her contact list to PDF and discovered that by converting it to a text file, she could import it into EPIM.

As for retrieving her information, Sharlene adds, "When I found that I could export my files in several different formats and open them no matter where I had access to a computer, this made EPIM a no-brainer. I am folding this program into my consulting work as it's better than sliced bread no matter what you do for a living ... or hobby."

(The importance of versatile file formats was a reason I also settled on EPIM for storing my notes. Read more here.)

EPIM did the work of three apps

Another EPIM user who goes by Lightrock had passwords in KeePass and sensitive data in Private Disk Light (PDL) and decided to consolidate these into EPIM.

"With PDL I had to start it, find the secure file, enter a password, then go to My Computer and open the drive containing my files. There had to be a quicker way."

He replaced Private Disk Light by creating a My Documents folder in Notes where he attaches sensitive documents as a backup to his home computer. When possible, he stores content from his documents in notes because "I've always been amazed at how much of the original formatting is retained when copying and pasting a Word or Excel document. This saves me from having to attach all documents."

Also using the EPIM Notes module, Lightrock moved his 40 most-used passwords into a Passwords folder. "So by simply creating a Passwords folder and a My Documents folder, I no longer need to run anything except for EPIM."

He reminds anyone who moves sensitive information to EPIM, "Be sure to password-protect your database!"

How has EPIM simplified your life?

Sharlene found EssentalPIM a capable solution for customer relationship management and Lightrock reduced three apps to one, all before EPIM reached version 2.0. Imagine what they could do with the capabilities of version 9.3.

How about you? Has EPIM helped you streamline your digital life? Leave a comment and tell us how. We'd love to hear.

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