Surge in use of cellphone data plan

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Surge in use of cellphone data plan

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For the first time in the few years I've been using EPIM and that cellphone provider, I noticed an odd surge in the data usage, to the point I almost used it up only halfway through the month.

I sync EPIM through USB tethering. Since Android says it's due to "Hotspot and tethering" in the Background, I was wondering if someone experienced the same thing?

FWIW, 1) Windows is set to not use a tethered phone to download updates, and 2) Windows EPIM is 12.0.1 and Android EPIM is 6.0.17.

Edit: Maybe it's some app on Windows that, for some reason, used the USB tethering connection to reach the Net instead of through the computer's Ethernet as normal. From now on, I'll remember to turn off USB tethering right after syncing EPIM.
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