EPIM portable does not recognize itself

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EPIM portable does not recognize itself

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This is a fact I notice from the beginnig, but never minded up to now:
I use EPIM in the portable version, no mailprogram installed on my Windows. Sometime EPIM gets an error and then I could click "send error message to EPIM" and if I do that....... of course nothing. There is no application installed for this kind of action (because I use EPIM portable). Then I could copy & paste the error message in a new email to EPIM support.....

But WHY?
Why does EPIM need an installed mailprogram if EPIM itself could send an error-message? Why is EPIM portable so dependent on Windowsfunctions if itself has the capability to do this?

Many versions ago (V6??) I could EPIM tell the sound it should play if a new mail comes in- now EPIM tries to call what it is set in Windows, but this doesn´t work.....

I would pay extra for "portable" if this would afford more work on the portable versions......
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Re: EPIM portable does not recognize itself

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EPIM utilizes system-wide common calls to handle mail-related requests. As the portable version is designed not to leave traces in the system, these calls may remain unknown to the system, leading to the situation you described. While this issue primarily affects error notifications, we do not view it as significant.

Regarding the new mail sound, we will investigate this option further.
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