Sensible ! suggestions for future versions

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Sensible ! suggestions for future versions

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I have owned EPIM Prof. Lifetime for years. And about every year I complain about the same thing. Such people get on your nerves, I know, but - there are running mails about all sorts of new things that almost never interest me. That which I would find nice and would give me pleasure as a user is nothing..... What I've been waking up to here gets on my nerves so much that I wouldn't use or recommend EPIM - which I otherwise think is great - in 1000 years because of the calendar. I do realize that some people - like me - make themselves unpopular with it :-) So now for 2022.
1st calendar: Why does not always appear in the month view with 3 weeks the current week ABOVE? Always. Always. Always.
2nd calendar: What about the stupid blue box? I have a mouse and eyes.
3rd calendar: What's with the weird frame? The header is perfectly adequate.
1. inbox: Why can't I edit or rename the mail subject? If you automatically get a lot of mails with the same subject every day, but you only need a few of them, you could describe them exactly there.
Viele Grüße, Hartmut

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Re: Sensible ! suggestions for future versions

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Please do not duplicate your posts:
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