Some improvements for the application

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Some improvements for the application

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After working for a few days with your great application, I wanted to propose some improvements that I consider interesting:

1- I think this change would not be very difficult to implement. It is about being able to add 2 new columns in the task view, one that indicates how many days have passed since the scheduled start date of the task, and another that indicates how many days are left for the scheduled finish date of the task.

In this way, the user can quickly see the status of the task to see if it is going on time or the task is going to go out on time.

2- Another feature that seems very interesting to me: right now, when a task is created, there is an option called float that what it does is that if the task does not finish on time, it is automatically lengthened each day that passes, so it resizes automatically. This option is great, but it lacks one thing: the option that the following tasks are also resized based on this change, there should be another option in the task configuration that allows a "float" at the beginning, in such a way that if the current task is not finished and starts to take days by the "float" option, that the next task will move automatically or be resized so as not to overlap with it.

I go even further and something that would definitely improve the application. That in the configuration options of the task a reference to another task can be established, for example as it is done right now with a parent task, and that it can be indicated that this task cannot start until the parent task has finished, moving, as I have indicated, automatically in the calendar based on it, in such a way that if the parent task does not finish and overlaps with it, that it moves forward (reducing or not the number of days of the task based on whether it has the "float" property set or not).

In addition, it could also be interesting to mark in the task if it allows overlapping with others or not, and based on this, modify it, either by moving the days of the task if it has the beginning and end configured as dynamic, or by reducing its days if some of these are fixed. And it could be done that if a task is marked as fixed by the beginning and end and another task overlaps, an alarm or some indication on the calendar would go off, by means of some color, some label or some message.

I don't know if you have understood correctly what I mean...

3- I think it would also be a good idea if the task preview panel is enabled, which is shown at the bottom, when the calendar is being viewed, in such a way that when we click on a task it would be shown in this panel the content of the task, in the same way that it is now done from the task view. In this way the user can see the content of the task without having to double click on it to open it, and thus can easily switch from one task to another in the calendar.

4- Another change that I think would not cost much to make and that I think would also be quite useful, is that there is an option in the menu that opens when you click with the right mouse button on a calendar task so that it automatically redirects to the task in the task view (that is, the task list would open and the task would be selected in it).

5- I think it would also be a good idea if in the calendar the days of the task that have already passed are marked in some way on the task bar, for example by putting a strikethrough on the bar on these days or changing it to the same color but lighter. In this way, the user could see in a clearer way in the calendar how many days have already been consumed from the task and how many days are still pending.

6- In the notes section, I would add that the notes can be manually assigned to a specific date, that this be shown in each note of the tree on the left, and that it can be sorted and filtered by notes based on this date (for example, with a date range). In addition, I would also add that, optionally, these notes are shown on the calendar, either with another bar or with some kind of label that identifies them. In this way, the user could quickly see which days have a note and see its content. Also, in this way, the notes could be used as a kind of diary, which would increase the functionality of the application.

7- Finally, I know that it would be a long-term improvement, but I think it would be an important improvement for the application that would undoubtedly improve it a lot and also increase its value. I would ask that an option be also implemented in the application in the left panel to be able to see the tasks with Gantt charts (and that the tasks can also be managed and modified from there by modifying the charts, of course), I think this option would be very useful to be able to manage tasks over time, I think it would complement the application very well and turn it into a real time manager.

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Re: Some improvements for the application

Post by wuzzle »

I fulheartedly concur with all these proposed changes/additions.
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