Custom Hotkeys to move mail/items

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Custom Hotkeys to move mail/items

Post by wuzzle »

Hi there,

since I want to sort my recent incoming mail into an online archive rather than a local one, I use a folder in my email account.

For this to be filled I want to press a button rather than "right click -> move to folder -> folder name -> left click" each time.
It may be a far stretched feature request to set up a single folder for a custom hotkey, but I thought I would ask here.

Another option would be to have the regular archive option (with it's hotkey) to be able to also sync to the server.

A third option would be to have an option for Rules to be applied to folders so I could write a rule for the archive folder to also copy the mail over to another folder as well.

In general I think adding a custom hotkey combination to move mails/notes/tasks would be a great addition for nearly any workflow that needs any of these elements to be moved to other sections regularly.

The same goes for the "convert to" option btw. If I want to convert a mail into a task or note it would be awesome if I could assign a hotkey for that to make it a bit faster.
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Re: Custom Hotkeys to move mail/items

Post by admin »

Thanks for the suggestions, noted.
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