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Post by Argenthos »

I was thinking of using EPIM as my client database it in my office but i don't know what is the best way to connect the services part.

I am a freelancer so i have a bunch of clients that i do a bunch of different jobs on random occasions. I need to keep track of my clients and the services they ask me to do. As each service is independent of the other, i want to record each service i make for each client.

I plan on placing my client info on Contacts and tasks for services.
One of the custom fields would be an IDClient on both contacts and tasks so i can filter all the jobs in Services(Tasks) for that specific client.
I don't want to search by name because i have clients with a very similar and others with the exact same name.

Does anyone has a better solution for organizing clients and services, i would very much like to know your opinions.
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Re: Clients/Services

Post by Jon »

It seems there are many ways to approach this. Tag and categories come to mind, but what I would do is link your task, calendar events and notes to your contacts.

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