Ways to use more than one Tree

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Ways to use more than one Tree

Post by VictorParkerPIM »

I found a use for adding more Trees, like Tree1 Tree2 Tree3
Tree1 is the main tree then add tree2 and name it Folders and name tree3 Hyperlinks and go from there.
In Folders make a hyperlink to each folder you want quick access to, using the hyperlink as the note name.
When using the hyperlink as the note name you can access it with a single left mouse click.
I have not found any mention of this in the FORUM, so I hope some users can make use of this.
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Re: Ways to use more than one Tree

Post by a8907433 »

Hello Victor!
That sounds interesting! Can you post some screenshots or a video how this should working?
And- shouldn´t this not be the task of the anchors? I think, when having a tree or leaf with anchors in it....... instead of clicking on the anchor symbol- than this would exactly perform this- reaching each note with one single click.....?

> sugestion for AstonSoft!!!
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