Suggestion for task optimization, To be a project management

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Suggestion for task optimization, To be a project management

Post by yryryr »

Suggestion for optimizing the system:

Actually now the system is good for task management, but not for project management. I think with a few small changes it will be able to become an effective project management system (since it already includes the features required for this).

1. Possibility to place the tabs in 'Tasks' on the side and not below the tasks.
2. Then there will also be an option for developers to add a 'sub-tabs' option
(After these two points, the view will be like the Windows Explorer view, and other project management software).
3. Option to display a number of tasks that need to be performed.
4. Option to save documents in the software (when adding a document) under 'Folder' with its first name, or alternatively under a specific tag (will allow to create a kind of 'library' for each project and task).
5. Option for a folder on the computer in which the documents will be saved in the order created by the user, in point 4.
6. Main screen option where all the tasks to be performed will be displayed.

In practice, the proposal will mean that the system can be used for project management
While now it is not so useful for that.

Another request, to support the display and text of RTL, including a more convenient display option of Hebrew.

Thank you very much, I really enjoy using the software!
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Re: Suggestion for task optimization, To be a project management

Post by Hannahol »

Your suggestion to transition the system towards more effective project management is incredibly relevant, even after three years. It's commendable how you recognize the potential for small changes to yield significant improvements. As the landscape of project management evolves, exploring ways to optimize systems for better efficiency remains crucial.
If you're still seeking insights on this journey, consider delving into resources like ... rp-success. Their wealth of information and expertise can offer valuable guidance on finding the right solutions to enhance project management capabilities.
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