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9.1.1 Freezes 2 of 4 Mail Accts

Posted: Sat Jul 04, 2020 1:10 pm
by CraigS26
EDIT: 7/6 a.m. -- 9.1.1 is Now working (I made No changes) and I will update it if reverts back to Hotmail Freezes.

I sent OK-looking Mail logs to Support (No Error Logs) but am posting in case others have an issue with 9.1.1 and it Helps Anton/Max, etc to troubleshoot.
9.1 produced maybe one Freeze per WEEK = No issue.
Now, My Hotmail and Gmail IMAP accts Freeze after one-clk in the Mail module Every Time; I opened multi-Sent emails in Two Other AT&T IMAP accts = No (apparent) Issues;
Contacts, Tasks, etc Modules seem to work OK;
An email to Sppt started via 9.1.1 Contacts saved address but ultimately Froze - and I had to close EPIM with Task Mgr when last opened (Mail NOT accessed) because of Not Responding.
So 9.1.1 is a mess for me; Pls post IF you have issues.