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Search & Replace

Posted: Sat Jun 06, 2020 9:06 pm
by a8907433
EPIM portable pro 9.0

Notes Module: From an an App on my phone I exported my financial data as xls, opened with Excel, marked and copied all fields, pastetd it into a note. Now I have a big (table??- I´m not able to make table lines visible in "table properties), >400 rows. Now I want to make "Miete" (German for "rent") more visible, for example bold & red. It occurs approx. 40 times in 400 rows. So, how to do it fast?
manual..... :-(
search > next: When typing "Miete" in the field in the upper right corner, I block EPIM for a long time, it is searching all the database it seems....
CTRL F, Find & replace: this works, but I have to do from "Miete" to bext "Miete", click bold and color....

It would be much easyer and faster, if "Search % replace" would be able to find "Miete" and replace it with "Miete"