EPIM in Linux Mint!!!!

Please post your suggestions, bug reports, ideas regarding synchronization here
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EPIM in Linux Mint!!!!

Post by ironmathyu5 »

I am running Linux Mint 15 Cinnamon [Olivia] 32-BIT and the latest Wine. I have installed my beloved EssentialPIM but it does not connect to the Internet and cannot therefore retrieve emails. Also, it does not see my computer's USB ports.

Has anyone managed to get this to work in Linux?

Why are we using Linux and why do we need local sync? Here is the answer to that: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=14990

I live in a developed country and my city is one of the best global destinations for both tourism and business. Even though coverage maps show that we have LTE or at least 3.5G, do not believe that. Having broadband functionality is sometimes a real challenge. We need EPIM and we need it on Linux.

I really do hope that someone can guide me in how to sync my Android phone with my Linux laptop.
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Re: EPIM in Linux Mint!!!!

Post by MetalDrop »

Sounds like you are having Firewall configuration issues.

EPIM mostly needs access to the following ports:
DNS: 53
POP3: 110
SMTP: 25, 587, 465
IMAP: 143
Android sync I believe is: 21114
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Re: EPIM in Linux Mint!!!!

Post by Max »

To add to MetalDrop's message, you might also need to set up port forwarding.
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