Bug since ~8.0: too long active link in internal links to an item

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Bug since ~8.0: too long active link in internal links to an item

Post by Trinitylab »


Win 8.1 and 10, x64, newest EPIM Pro Biz Net.

The problem persists since around 8.0, maybe a little bit earlier, but I am not sure, simply do not have time to describe all the bugs after each update.
Now it's time for the next.
See two screensaves, how cursor behaves:

1. correct, this is an old event, moved to another dates, the cursor in an event title area works like always, properly - changes into active "hand" when I hover directly over an active link to be clicked then:
EPIM_active link correct.png
EPIM_active link correct.png (2.09 KiB) Viewed 406 times

2. wrong, all the new events created after certain update which I do not recall, have it. Simply an active link takes almost all free space of an event title area in a calendar, and makes it much harder to catch an event and open or move it. Instead of opening an event, quite often, a click opens an item to which a link links :) which is in our case typically a contact record:
EPIM_problem_active link too long.png
EPIM_problem_active link too long.png (1.75 KiB) Viewed 406 times
Please fix it, and make it working like before, that only hovering over the exact link changes a cursor and so on.
Unfortunately, I do not know why, a cursor was not screensaved in the above pics.

EPIM Pro Business Network always newest
Win 8.1 Pro 64x, C2D 2x3GHz, 16 GB RAM or Win 10 Pro, i7, 16 GB RAM.
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