Duplicate Entries On Standard IOS Calendar

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Duplicate Entries On Standard IOS Calendar

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Second question on EPIM Pro accessing existing EPIM database on iPad air 2 and iPhone 8 (both on latest public release of IOS 11.3.1) generated on PC running WIndows 7.

I see I now have duplicate entries on the IOS calendar app, going back a year or so, but I assumed that the IOS calendar and that of the EPIM app are independent as seems to be the norm with sandboxed IOS apps. This is apparently not so for EPIM as I now find suggested in other posts here on problems associated with duplication.

Is there anyway to stop this duplication as I see my use of EPIM and the standard IOS calendar app continuing to be used independently?

Do you have any suggestions as to how I may be able to restore my independent IOS calendar as I now have rather a lot of unwanted duplicate entries to rectify or do I have to assume that it is going to be a long, long manual task?
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Re: Duplicate Entries On Standard IOS Calendar

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EPIM for iOS uses iOS' built-in calendar, thus you can not have Appointment in iOS EPIM and not have it in iOS Calendar.
EPIM for Windows synchronizes with iOS built-in calendar.
The cause of duplication is that in iOS Calendar you have duplicated items. There are multiple ways how it can happen, the most common one is when you synchornize iOS Calendar with some external services, which do it incorrectly and thus interfere with EPIM's synchronization.
Now you could do following:
- go to File-> Database Management and clear iOS/iPad synchronization
- perform the sync- you will get duplicates in Windows EPIM
- clear duplicates in Windows EPIM (you can use Archiver/DupeRemover) https://www.essentialpim.com/get-epim
- perform synchronization
It might clear duplicates from the iPad
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