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Re: "EPIMs of the Net"

Post by fernman »

I'm knocked out by a fairly new bit of freeware called Backup Folder Sync which makes mirrors of your files, and seems to be little known yet.

At the start it presents you with a tree of the folders on your hard drives, and you simply right-click to add the ones you want to back up: documents, photos, EPIM etc. You save the "job", select a destination, and click on Backup to start it.

The first time you use it, the backup takes as long as any other, which in my case was just over an hour for my desktop pc and about half an hour for my netbook. The files are now mirror copies wherever you decided to have them put.

But the real beauty of Backup Folder Sync is that it does incremental backups. The next time you run the same "job" it will only copy any new or changed files, and it will delete any that you have deleted. Consequently my next backup of the pc took about 4 minutes and the netbook about 20 seconds. It was so quick I couldn't believe it, so I opened my external hard drive where the copies were stored, and opened a few files that I'd modified the previous day; I also checked for some newly addeed photos and a couple I'd removed, and sure enough everything was up to date.
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Re: "EPIMs of the Net"

Post by PaulAl »

Of all that I've used is still the most suitable for processing photos, besides if you've used it before, you can download the latest version of the update. And enjoy simple image editing tools. In general, more information here
Download? -Nice!- :arrow: Go use and edit)
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Post by kk »

I love PhotoFiltre. I use it all the time as my "go to" photo editing program. :D

yokozuna wrote: Tue Mar 01, 2005 4:25 pm Winfried, do you edit graphic files? If so, I have some good programs for you.

1. PhotoFiltre http://photofiltre.free.fr/frames_en.htm can easily replace Photoshop Elements, or PhotoExplorer. The program has an important advantage over Adobe programs - it is better optimized for AMD processors (Adobe prefers Intel). I think that most computers in Poland are based on AMD, and the percentage of AMD users in Germany is even higher (because of FAB30 in Dresden, so the costs of the CPU can be lower).
2 & 3. if you take digital pictures you will need Opanda IEXIF, as well as PhotoFilter, the first one will enable manipulating tags, the other one replaces costly filters just by clicking buttons. It emulates them, and I am amazed by the quality of emulation. Both can be found here: http://www.opanda.com
4. HP Image Zone http://www.hp.com/united-states/ize/download.html is good for two things - printing your files (you do not need a HP printer) and sharing your pictures online. Quite funny thing, the program is a rebadged version of Kodak EasyShare http://www.kodak.com/eknec/PageQuerier. ... cale=en_US HP software is better for non Americans because Kodak will accept your e-mail address (needed for login) but not allow for downloading the program. If you are American the Kodak site bahaves in the way you should expect from it. If you are not it will spam your account instead only :cry: HP IZ 1.1 equals to KES 3.0. Kodak released a new version of KES a month ago (v.4.0) which will be identical with HP IZ 1.5 expected in late March.
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Re: "EPIMs of the Net"

Post by ecsaltz »

A recent review of Personal Information Managers ("PIM") at the software review site WindowsReport:

https://windowsreport.com/information-o ... -software/

Note which PIM was rated Number One, but more importantly, the reasons why.

I have been using EssentialPIM - daily - since 2008.
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Re: "EPIMs of the Net"

Post by Frank-H »

re: "my favorite 1-click freeware utility..." a) no link, b) seems a spam attempt, "from a one post" member... Mr. "Spice Agent", LOL
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Re: "EPIMs of the Net"

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Yep, that was yet another spam attempt :)
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