sync over Dropbox?

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sync over Dropbox?

Post by derek@damar »


I was hoping to use Epim to manage our company database - there are only three of us that would need access, but it has to be shared. I've tried setting up a database using my office PC running windows 10, saving the database in Dropbox, then opening the database on my laptop running windows 10, but the database opens blank - entries I add on the laptop dont appear on the PC and vice versa.

I currently have a single licence, do I need one licence per machine?

Is this kind of problem particular to dropbox? Would I get a better result with the Epim cloud?

Whats the difference with the Epim cloud service - does that support incremental saves, or do all the cloud services require a full upload/download of the database every time it is opened to stay current?

I had a look for these kind of topics in the forums but everything I could find was from years back - any help would be much appreciated.

Derek %-)
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Re: sync over Dropbox?

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The difference between dropbox and EPIM Cloud is: In dropbox you backup your whole database (this I was told via email), with EPIM Cloud you can sync data incremental. Now I use EPIM Cloud for my desktop and tablet- and it works fine! EPIM Cloud is good for synchronizing your database on different devices- but it is rather bad if you want to use your data with your browser over internet.
And for your case- three people working with the database (at the same time?), you need the network/bussines licence. And, I think you need a license for each person.

For 20$/year I would give EPIM Cloud a try. You could try this with one single EPIM license, as far as I know, two device/person is no problem.
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Re: sync over Dropbox?

Post by Max »

Above is correct. I would only add- 1 Pro license can be used on up to 2 computers that belong to you.
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