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Hi guys,

I recently downloaded EPIM - and like the most of us here probably my main objective is to synchronize data (in my case: just the agenda, no tasks/contacts/whatever) between my desktop, my phone and my tablet - and vice versa of course. And I am facing some problems with that….

First of all, let me give you the details on the versions/hardware/software used:
My Desktop: EssentialPIM Pro 8.02, OS Windows 10 Home Edition, 64 bit
My Phone: Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Android version 6.0.1
My Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1,

I have several appointments in my agenda (exported from Outlook as a .pst-file, and subsequently imported in EPIM as an Outlook-agenda), with several categories, and I am trying to synchronize those appointments to my Google Calender. I have set up an 'Google synchronization' in EPIM, choosing the appropriate Google Calender, with a limited range of 3 months in the past and 6 months in the future, a 2-way-sync, with the box 'make separate calenders in Google for every EPIM categorie' ticked.

However, whenever I choose this sync, the synchronization seems to start, but after a few moments I get a message 'Google EldHTTPProtocolException' - and nothing is synced to Google Calender, that stays just empty. So no idea if synchonization between Google Calender and my phone/tablet will function - until now there is nothing to sync in Google Calender :roll: .

Any suggestions what I'm doing wrong? And even better: any suggestions how to solve this :) ?

A PDF with some screenshots is enclosed.

Hope to hear from you!

Kind regards,

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Re: EldHTTPProtocolException?

Post by Max »

thank you for the detailed description. In order to troubleshoot, we will need an extended mail log- here is how to get it:
enable extended logging in Tools-> Options-> Synchronization, perform the mail synchronization (make sure error re-appears) and then get log for faulty synchronization using Tools-> Options-> Synchronization-> Browse and send it to epimsupport@... describing the problem and with a link to this forum topic. That will help us fix it.
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