3 computers 1 login?

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3 computers 1 login?

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Hi, we've got 3 systems running EssentialPIM Pro Business. We went live about a month ago and everything is working fine but I have a question.

As I go thru and set everything up I've noticed that when I make a change on my system, like adding a field under the phone numbers for a contact that change wont show up on the other systems, everyone else must go in and make the change them self. I'am guessing this is because this type of a change is more of a personalization change so each person can show only the data they want to see. Anyway, is there a way to make these types of changes global because I want everyone to have the same layout. If not, would there be a problem if everyone logged into the database with the same login that way everything would be the same. I've tested on a test database and it appears to be working but I'am not sure if there may be any long term issues with everyone using the same login.

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Re: 3 computers 1 login?

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please read this topic: https://www.essentialpim.com/help/itemstatuses.htm
"Public Status makes the record available to all users (if that doesn't contradict with other users rights)"
When any user creates new item, make sure "Public" status is assigned. In this case other users will have access to all items.
Please do not use the same login on multiple computers- that will cause issues.
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