Wiping calendar clean for new download

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Wiping calendar clean for new download

Post by EdB »

I'm using EPIM as a backup for my Google calendar. When I download the latest version, I notice that often items are duplicated, so that if I have a meeting on Tues at 3, say, I now have 2 meetings Tues at 3 that are identical.

What I'd like to do is purge the EPIM calendar and add a fresh download. I can't seem to figure out how to do it without wiping out my ToDos and Contacts.

Is there a way to delete all content in the EPIM calendar so I can reload it fresh?

Thanks, and thanks for a wonderful product. I've been looking for exactly this type of program for a long time!

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Post by Max »

Easiest would be to go to Schedule Table view if you are using Pro version , select largest range and delete all items.
You can also start a new database. Also you can use EPIM Sync to synchronize data from old database (2 full synchronization in trial are included)
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