Task behaviour when moved to tab that is set to Private status

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Task behaviour when moved to tab that is set to Private status

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To reproduce:
  • In AEPIM, create some tasks
  • Sync AEPIM/WEPIM over wifi: new tasks appear in WEPIM, which is correct
  • Create a new task tab in WEPIM and set it to Private status
  • In WEPIM, move the new tasks to the new task tab. They are now no longer in the original task tab in WEPIM, which is correct.
  • Sync AEPIM/WEPIM over wifi:
    1. In AEPIM the new tasks remain on the original task tab, while in WEPIM the new tasks are on the new task tab. So data on both sides is different after sync over wifi, which is not good.
    2. Since in WEPIM the new tasks are removed from the original task tab, I would expect them to disappear from the original tab in AEPIM as well. Since the tasks are moved to a Private task tab in WEPIM, I would expect them not to appear in a new tab in AEPIM: so most logical would be for the tasks to no longer appear in AEPIM, as if they were deleted.
Currently all my tasks are synced between AEPIM/WEPIM. I was hoping to use the above workflow in order to differentiate the tasks I currently have into:
  • Some tasks that appear both in AEPIM and WEPIM. I would leave these tasks as they are in WEPIM.
  • Some tasks that are only in WEPIM and not in AEPIM. I would move these tasks to a Private task tab, hoping that they would disappear in AEPIM after a wifi sync.
This workflow would allow to efficiently move tasks between Private/Puplic task tabs in WEPIM, depending on what tasks you want to be focussing on at any given moment - so that after a wifi sync AEPIM only contains the tasks you want to focus on.

Can you reproduce the above? Any chance you can fix this behaviour?
If not, what other workflow can be used to:
  • Have all tasks in WEPIM ...
  • ... and have only tasks you currently want to focus on in AEPIM?
Thanks in advance.
Kind regards.
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