[Error] 11.0 RC1 2nd Monitor

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[Error] 11.0 RC1 2nd Monitor

Post by Texter »

when turning on / off my second monitor EPIM gives me an error Message.
Occurs when EPIM is running in the backround.

Exception log with detailed tech info. Generated on 27.06.2022 02:58.
You may send it to the application vendor, helping him to understand what had happened.
Application title: Epim-Datenbank.epim - EssentialPIM Pro Portable
Application file: D:\Epim 10\EssentialPIM.exe
Application: EssentialPIM Pro Portable 11.0 RC1 20.06.2022
Exception class: EAccessViolation
Exception message: Access violation at address 0155A656 in module 'EssentialPIM.exe'. Read of address 00000000.
Exception address: 0155A656
Main thread ID = 77148
Exception thread ID = 77148
Object Logs:
02:58:15.819 AppMinimize OK
02:58:15.775 DBSave OK
02:58:15.769 DBSave
02:58:15.769 AppMinimize
02:58:14.849 AppRestore OK
02:58:14.836 SetViewMode OK
02:58:14.622 SetViewMode 1
02:58:14.611 AppRestore
02:58:12.200 AppMinimize OK
02:58:12.142 DBSave OK
02:58:12.134 DBSave
02:58:12.134 AppMinimize
02:49:58.649 AppRestore OK
02:49:58.626 SetViewMode OK
02:49:58.233 SetViewMode 1
02:49:58.218 AppRestore
23:39:21.001 AppMinimize OK
23:39:20.886 DBSave OK
23:39:20.872 DBSave
23:39:20.872 AppMinimize
Active Controls:
02:58:15.180 MainForm FormPan TBXToolbar2 TopPan TopTB AddTBI
02:52:33.357 MainForm FormPan FormPan2 TasksForm TablePan DayViewDP
02:49:58.817 MainForm FormPan TBXToolbar2 TopPan TopTB AddTBI
00:20:45.812 StickForm TabsTC Panel1 RichViewEdit
23:39:17.394 MainForm FormPan FormPan2 TasksForm TablePan DayViewDP
23:39:15.307 TaskDialog PageControl1 TaskTS TextMem RichViewEdit
23:39:13.297 TaskDialog Panel1 CategoryCB
23:39:11.809 TaskDialog PageControl1 TaskTS TextMem RichViewEdit
23:39:08.298 TaskDialog Panel1 EndTimeDTP
23:39:07.806 TaskDialog Panel1 EndDateDTP
Exception stack
Stack list, generated 27.06.2022 02:58
(01159656) [0155A656]
(00236819) [00637819]
(000D4404) [004D5404]
(002376E0) [006386E0]
(01258A7C) [01659A7C]
(015A0197) [019A1197]
(015A0253) [019A1253]
(015A0B34) [019A1B34]
(015B3A64) [019B4A64]
Memory: 16134; free 5494
Display: 1920x1080 pixels, 32 bpp, 96 PPI
Updates: 1
Last update: 27.06.2022
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*including RC`s
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Re: [Error] 11.0 RC1 2nd Monitor

Post by gjbth »

I have a four monitor system and I have tried switching on/off each monitor in turn and I cannot reproduce this error. Though I am using the installed version and it seems that you have the portable version.
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Re: [Error] 11.0 RC1 2nd Monitor

Post by admin »

Same here, unable to reproduce the problem. Please check if it's a database-dependent one. I.e. will it happen with the new DB?
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