EMail for Android EPIM...!!

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EMail for Android EPIM...!!

Post by ironmathyu5 »

Here we go again.

With the announcement this week of the new Samsung Note 9 it should now be obvious to everyone that the PC as we have known it is DEAD!

The future of personal computing is with what today is called a "smart phone". The impediment of small storage space on a device as small as a phone is history now that the Note 9 is available with 512GB of memory PLUS a SD card slot! Simply amazing. Oh ya, 6 or 8 GB of RAM!!

The ONLY thing that is holding the progress of personal computing back is the lack of applications that will run on both the small screen and a larger external screen. With Dex now being incorporated into the Note 9 as well as two separate lap tops that provide nothing more than a screen and keyboard that a smart phone with the necessary USB C interface can plug into providing the "computer" are weeks away from shipping world wide it is time for everyone to realize that personal computing as we have known it is going away and the new wave is going to explode.

Well, it will only explode if the software developers get off their collective back sides and come to the party. Much like the spreadsheet launched the PC "revolution"...

Jim, who has but one thing holding him back - the lack of EMail in EPIM for Android!!!
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Re: EMail for Android EPIM...!!

Post by TumbleDoor »

My wager is that streaming platforms like Stadia will be what actually takes over the majority of the desktop space long before "powerful" phones ever get powerful enough to do it. It makes way more sense from a company and personal point of view to buy $50~500 hardware that can last decades because the actual hardware being used is in the cloud compared to spending oodles of money on a "powerful" phone that is going to be dead in 1/3rd or probably much less the time a desktop 1/3rd the price would have lasted them.

When I replaced my grand mothers computer she asked me: "This is going to last me at least 10 years right?" And I could quite easily say, "yes, pending any rare hardware failures." No way I could tell her that about a Samsung Note 9. Though based on the fact that a lot of Core2 computers from 2006 still make good daily systems for some people there's good odds that my grand mothers desktop will last her until 2033 or longer. Especially if streaming platforms replace desktops as then even in 2033 you may still be able to use a 2006 Core2 desktop as your main daily system. XD
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Re: EMail for Android EPIM...!!

Post by norsea »

I have made this very same post to this forum for years.

I too have been begging for he email module to be included with the Android version; same reasons you describe.

For reasons unknown to me the developers are more than resistant to doing this. It makes no sense!!!

I have a keyboard and a mouse that will let me work with three different devices. So, at the push of a button I can switch between a PC, an Android tablet and my phone. I have a screen that works with my phone so I can use it for just about everything; lack of email software with EPiM prevents me from doing away with MS Windows completely!

I have to run a separate email program on the phone/tablet and deal things this way which is a joke/shame all because EPIM does not have the email module in the Android version. It makes no sense!!!


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