Problems sometimes with recurring events

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Problems sometimes with recurring events

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First of all I want to express my enthusiasm, that there was no response at all by support on my thread as to huge time gaps between updates and non-fixing of issues ...

Now ... from time to time there also seem to be a problem when doing a 2-way-sync WinEPIM/AEPIM, as to recurring events. Sometimes there suddenly is a duplicate of such an event on either side. Deleting sync-data on WinEPIM side doesnot seem to help. Also one of those pair of events doesnot show recurring data, when tabbing on that event (overview of event data). So one has the impression, it is a non-recurring-event. However, when going to edit mode of series, recurring data is there. Deleting the event and re-creating it, will show everything in overview as well.
Everything I mention comes out of my experience. I'm not an expert. Feel free to try anything I suggest ... but always at your own risk.
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Re: Problems sometimes with recurring events

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Please do not duplicate your requests: viewtopic.php?t=36721.
Will be closing this one.
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