10.0.2 breaks TypingAid

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10.0.2 breaks TypingAid

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Not technically EPIM's issue, but maybe there's an easy fix since I think it's related to a simple scaling issue. (a hidden input not being scaled to match.)

Starting with 10.0.2 broke TypyingAid which is an ancient but very useful program that lets you use auto complete anywhere (,except EPIM now as it's the only program I've ever seen break support for it).


I attached two videos one of 10 and one of an older version.

As you can see in the older version the suggested text always shows up near the courser like it should, but in version 10 it's way out of sync and changes around.

Based on my playing around, it's like there's two windows stacked on top of each other, and the bottom window that acts as the real text input is a different size than one one that sits on top of it that renders the text.

So I'm thinking this could be an easy enough fix, by simply scaling the hidden input window behind the rendering window to match the size of the rendering window.

I've also noticed that dictionary programs are having issues pulling text from 10.0.2 and think it could be caused by this as well. Whatever it is that's rendering the text is not lined up with the real text area when the system DPI isn't 100% and it causes the dictionary programs to try and pull from the wrong places as everything seems to see this hidden input as the actual input and what's being shown on screen is just a rendering on top of it.
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Re: 10.0.2 breaks TypingAid

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Will have a look at this, thanks for the detailed info.
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