Summary of issues with calendar widget 2x2

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Summary of issues with calendar widget 2x2

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As several issues have come up during some months now, and I am not quite sure which I have described already, here comes what I have seen so far.
1) After restart of my Galaxy Tab S4/Android 10, widget shows "empty list". I have to open AEPIM to main menu, to get content in widget. Until then widget reacts as if not there (slide upwards at its place produces all apps list from Android
2) Tabbing on 'today' icon in widget doesnot show any reaction. I have to scroll downwards to the end of list, in order to be able to get reaction from today icon.
3) Tabbing on an item doesnot open it. I have to open AEPIM to main menu, which will produce the open item I tabbed on before.
4) Widget doesnot show correct date at all times. I.e. it's 3 o'clock in the morning and it shows date from day before in head bar. If I remember right, I have to open AEPIM to get it right.
May be there is more, but that's what I remember just now
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Re: Summary of issues with calendar widget 2x2

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Thanks for the list. Not all the points are reproducible on our side, although will make some modifications in the code to likely take care of the issues.
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